Database of Downloadable Safety and Quality Tools & Resources

Becker's Operating Room Clinical Quality & Infection Control finds and is provided with a wide range of downloadable tools and resources designed to help healthcare providers improve the quality of care they can provide to their patients and ensure a safe working environment for their staff members.

We have organized the tools and resources by category and placed links to reports which include free, downloadable and adaptable tools you can use in your organization.

If you still do not find a tool or resource you had hoped would be here, please email your request to If you would like to share a downloadable tool, either one developed by your organization or one you know is available on the web, please contact We will be adding several new tools and resources weekly, so visit this page regularly.

Note: Tools provided for download are for educational purposes only. Please review your facility's policies, accreditation standards, and state and federal agency requirements before adapting and using these resources in your organization.


Catheter-Associated Infection Prevention
Clostridium Difficile Prevention
Emergency Drills & Response
Environmental Cleaning
Error Prevention
Flu Prevention
Hand Hygiene
      Hand Hygiene- Education
      Hand Hygiene- Posters
Infection Control/Prevention (General)
Medication Reconciliation/Safety
OSHA/Sharps Safety
Patient Education
Patient Falls
Patient Handoffs
Patient Safety Culture
Patient Satisfaction
Quality Reporting
Safe Injections
Sterile Processing
Surgical/OR Fires     
Surgical Safety
      Surgical Safety- Checklists
      Surgical Site Infection/Wound Care
Waste Management


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Anesthesia Awareness Policy
'Anesthesia, Your Anesthesiologist and You' Brochure From NAPA
Coloring & Activity Book for Children About Anesthesia and Surgery
Conscious Sedation Brochure From AANA
'Herbal Products and Your Anesthetic' Brochure

Moderate Sedation Study Aid Poster From VA
Patient-Controlled Analgesia Pump Safety Checklist

Pre-Procedure Evaluation Template for Procedures Requiring Moderate Sedation
Safe Site Recommendations for Anesthesia From Minnesota Hospital Association
Waste Anesthetic Gases Educational Brochure From NIOSH
'What If Your Child Needs Anesthesia?' Brochure From NAPA


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Catheter-Associated Infection Prevention

2 CAUTI Prevention Toolkits
CAUTI Infection Prevention Toolkit
CDC Checklist for CLABSI Prevention
CDC's Validation Toolkit for CLABSIs in ICUs

Central Line Insertion Care Team Checklist Developed by Johns Hopkins Medicine
CLABSI Toolkit
FAQs About CAUTIs Poster
Stop CAUTI Implementation Guide
Patient Safety Tool: Tools for Reducing CLABSI





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Clostridium Difficile Prevention

6 Steps to C. Difficile Prevention Poster
AHRQ Antimicrobial Stewardship Toolkit for C. Diff

APIC's Guide to C. Diff Infection Prevention

C. Diff Infection Patient Education Brochure
Clorox's Norovirus and C. Difficile Prevention Toolkits
Clostridium Difficile Environmental Cleaning Checklist
Clostridium Difficile FAQs Poster
Clostridium Difficile Patient Information Sheet
Environmental Audit Tool for Management of C. Diff

Testing for C. Diff Video


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Emergency Drills & Response

AHA Chemical and Bioterrorism Preparedness Checklist

Ambulatory Care Infection Prevention During Disasters
Crash Cart Supply Checklist
Emergency Preparedness Assessment Tool From NJHA
Hospital Decontamination Self-Assessment
Hospital Emergency Response Checklist From WHO
Infection Control Checklist When Reopening After Extensive Water and Wind Damage
Information Systems Downtime Drill
IOM's Crisis Standards of Care Toolkit

Job Action Cards for Radiological Incident From Gundersen Lutheran Health System

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Environmental Cleaning

Cleaning and Disinfecting Education and Recognition Toolkit

Dialysis Station Routine Disinfection Checklist
Environmental Cleaning Checklist Audit Tool
Environmental Checklist for Monitoring Terminal Cleaning From CDC
Environmental Cleaning Evaluation Worksheet From CDC
Environmental Infection Prevention Toolkit

Environmental Services High-Touch Training Before & After Diagrams
Environmental Services Infection Prevention Poster

General Area Cleaning Checklist
OR/Procedure Room Cleaning Checklist
Sample ASC Environmental Cleaning Policy and Procedure

Sample Environmental Cleaning Schedule for Ambulatory Surgery Centers


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Error Prevention

20 Tips to Help Prevent Medical Errors
Adverse Event Management Checklist 
Error-Prone Abbreviations Poster
Joint Commission's 'Do Not Use' List of Abbreviations 
Serious Event Response Toolkit 
Toolkit to Prevent Mislabeled Blood Specimens 

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Flu Prevention

7 Flu and Infection Prevention Safety Videos From the Department of Veterans Affairs
8 Seasonal Flu Buttons and Stickers From the Department of Veterans Affairs
10 Influenza Posters From the Department of Veterans Affairs
Flu Vaccination Myths & Facts Sheet

'Get the Flu Vaccine, Not the Flu' Poster From CMS
Healthcare Personnel Immunization Toolkit
Hospital Pandemic Influenza Planning Checklist From CDC
Patient's and Parent's Guide to Influenza Prevention Flyer

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Hand Hygiene 

  Hand Hygiene -Education

3 Hand Hygiene Videos
Adaptable Hand Hygiene Practices Slide Presentation

Additional Hand Hygiene Monitoring Tool
ASC Quality Collaboration Sample Hand Hygiene Policy/Procedure

ASC Quality Collaboration's Hand Hygiene Self-Assessment Tool

'C. the DIFFerence Handwashing Can Make' Brochure
CAPS Video on Hand Hygiene's Effect on Patient Lives

CDC Hand Hygiene Video
CDC's Interactive Hand Hygiene Education

'Clean Hands Save Lives' Flyer From APIC
Excel Log for Computing Alcohol Product Use

Glove Use Information Brochure
Hand Hygiene and Glove Use Monitoring Form
Hand Hygiene Brochure for Patients From CDC

'Hand Hygiene for Healthcare Workers' Brochure
Hand Hygiene/Glove Use Observation Tool
Hand Hygiene Knowledge Assessment Questionnaire
Hand Hygiene Monitoring Tool
Hand Hygiene Observation Form From GOJO
Hand Hygiene Observation Form From Johns Hopkins Medicine
Hand Hygiene Observation Record
Hand Hygiene Promotional Materials Placement Guide
Hand Hygiene Questionnaire for Staff
Hand Hygiene Recognition Program
'Hand Hygiene Saves Lives' Patient Admission Video
Hand Hygiene Surveillance Instrument

Hand Hygiene Training Course From CDC
Hand Hygiene Why, How and When Brochure

Indiana Health Department's Hand Hygiene Observation Tool
iPhone Hand Hygiene Compliance Monitoring Tool
"It's OK to Ask" Hand Hygiene Buttons

Novant Health Hand Hygiene Marketing Kit
Patient Observation of Healthcare Worker Hand Hygiene Tool

'Patient's Guide to Hand Hygiene' Flyer
PowerPoint Presentation for Hand Hygiene Education
Sample Hospital Hand Hygiene Policies
Surgery Center Hand Washing Flier for Patients
Two Hand Hygiene Videos
Two Johns Hopkins Hand Hygiene Observation Tools


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  Hand Hygiene- Posters  

2 Simple Handwashing Posters
10 Hand Hygiene Posters for Clinical Staff From the Department of Veteran Affairs 
10 Patient Safety Tools on Hand Hygiene: Global Handwashing Day
'Clean Hands Save Lives' Poster From CDC
'Effective Disinfection: It's in Your Hands' Poster

GOJO's Hand Hygiene Posters
'Hand Hygiene: How's Your Technique' Posters

Hand Hygiene Poster Collection from Johns Hopkins

Hand Hygiene Poster from the Minnesota Department of Health

Hand Hygiene Posters & Screen Saver From CDC 

Hand Hygiene Screen Savers and Poster From 'High Five for Healthy New Hampshire'

Handwashing Poster for Kids 
Handwashing Reminder Door Sign

Handwashing Statistics Poster

'How It Works: Cleaning Hands with Waterless Hand Sanitizer' Poster 
'How to Handrub/Handwash'
Poster From WHO 
'I'm a Fan of Handwashing' Restroom Sign
'Love the Glove' HAI Prevention Poster and Brochure

'My 5 Moments for Hand Hygiene' Poster

'Practice Hand Hygiene After Removing Gloves' Poster


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Infection Control/Prevention (General)

2 Antimicrobial Stewardship Proposal Samples
3 Resources for Dialysis Infection Prevention
4 Sample Surgery Center Infection Control Tools
Adult Treatment Guidelines for Upper Respiratory Tract Infections

AHA's Antimicrobial Stewardship Program Toolkit
Ambulatory Surgery Center Infection Prevention & Control Toolkit

APIC's Guide to Infection Prevention in Emergency Services
ASC Infection Control Practice Assessment
ASC Quality Collaboration's Infection Prevention Toolkits for Surgery Centers
Carbapenem-Resistant Enterobacteriaceae Prevention Toolkit

CDC's CRE Prevention Toolkit

Communicable Diseases and Control Measures Chart
Computer-Based, Video-Simulation Training Program on Infection Control Practices From HHS
'Cover Your Cough' Poster & Flyer
IHI Severe Sepsis Bundles
Infection Control Assessment Tool for Hospitals
Infection Control Environmental Review Form
Infection Control Information Sheet and Education Checklist for Physicians
Infection Control Program Cleaning Checklists
Infection Control Program Flow Chart
Infection Control Risk Assessment
Infection Prevention Checklist for Outpatient Settings From CDC
Infection Prevention Education for ASCs

Interactive Infection Risk Assessment Worksheet
Kaiser Permanente's Infection Control "Plus" Measures
Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Resources
National Collaborative Manual
Nevada Public Health Foundation's 'Infection Control in ASCs'
NICE Updated Infection Control Guideline

Oregon Patient Safety Commission's Infection Prevention Program Annual Goals Evaluation Tool
PA Patient Safety Authority's Norovirus Preparedness Tool

Personalized Hospital Infection Prevention Poster

Quality Infection Control Toolkits From the North Carolina Center for Hospital Quality and Patient Safety
Sample Infection Control Competency Quiz and Staff Questions 
Sample Infection Control Risk Assessment for Ambulatory Surgery Centers
Sample Isolation Policy
Scrub the Hub Posters
Severe Sepsis Audit Tool

Toolkit for ICU Safety
Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia Prevention Guide

Video Training on Infection Control Practices
'Your Patient has Respiratory Symptoms - So What?' Brochure


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Medication Reconciliation/Safety

10 Tips to Prevent Accidental Medicine Overdose
10 Tools for Addressing Medication Errors
AHRQ Pamphlet for Reducing Medication Errors
AHRQ Toolkit to Enhance Medication Safety Through ED Pharmacist

Amerinet Safe Handling of Hazardous Drugs Toolkit
Antibiotic Regimen Selection for Surgery Pocket Card

Anticoagulation Adverse Drug Event Gap Analysis

Audio Slideshow on Telephone/Verbal Orders
CDC's Checklist for Core Elements of Antibiotic Stewardship Programs
'Check Your Medicines"' Checklist Poster
'Do Not Crush' List (Oral Dosage Forms That Should Not be Crushed)
'Drug Interactions: What You Should Know' Brochure
ECRI Medication Safety Solutions Kit
FDA and ISMP Lists of Look-Alike Drug Names With Recommended Tall Man Letters
Get Smart Posters for Appropriate Antibiotics Administration
Guide to Reducing Adverse Drug Events

How to Create an Accurate Medication List
Improving Inpatient Medication Reconciliation
ISMP Medication Safety Self-Assessment
ISMP's List of Error-Prone Abbreviations, Symbols and Dose Designations 
Medical Error Education Video for Patients From AHRQ
Medication Error Reduction Scorecards
Medication Disposal Guide
Medication History/Discharge Order/Patient Instructions Form From Kearney County Health Services
Medication Reconciliation Form
Medication Risks Poster
Medication Safety Best Practices Guide for Ambulatory Care Use
Medication Safety Checklist From AMA
Medication Safety Checklist From National Council on Patient Information and Education

Medication Safety Reconciliation Toolkit
Medication Safety Toolkit for High-Risk Medicare Beneficiaries
Medications at Transitions and Clinical Handoffs Toolkit for Medication Reconciliation
Sample Anticoagulant Risk Analysis

Sample Policy on Telephone/Verbal Orders
SCIP 'Stop Antibiotics' Poster
Spanish Language Medication Tracking Tool
Table of Standard Concentrations of Neonatal Drug Infusions
'The More We Know, the More We Can Help' Medication Brochure


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6 Colorectal Cancer Screening Posters
6 Fact Sheets Developed by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement
10 Patient Safety Checklists
ABCDE Bundle for Critically Ill Patients
ACGME Pathways to Excellence
Additions to ASC Approved Procedures List Policy
AHA Leadership Forum's Guide to Team-Based Care

AHRQ Toolkit to Use Quality Indicators
AHRQ's Starter Set for Ambulatory Care Quality Measures
Assessment of Medical Device Selections

Bed Rail Entrapment Poster
'Champion of Infection Prevention' Kit From APIC
Chronic Disease Self-Management Program Toolkit
Code of Conduct for ASCs
Communication Strategies for ICU Patients Unable to Speak
CUSP Quality Improvement Spread Module
Dialysis Checklists and Audit Tools
Evaluation Form for Phlebotomy Safety Devices

HAI Prevention Program Roadmap
Home Healthcare Blueprint for Excellence
Hospital Work Plan Template
Hospitalist Self-Assessment Guide
IHI Global Trigger Tool

Improving Diagnostic Testing
'Is Your Patient Suicidal?' Poster
Language Services Toolkit
Leadership Guide to Implement Safe Practices
Medical Chart Peer Review Evaluation Form
New York State's Quality Improvement Plan Template
National Quality Stakeholder Toolkit
Nutrition Toolkit for Healthcare Providers
Obstructive Sleep Apnea Preoperative Screening Tool
Patient Flow Worksheet for Surgery Centers
Patient-Specific Daily Goals Survey
PDI's Healthcare Reform Champions Kit
Point-of-Care Devices Toolkit

Preventive Services Patient Data Collection Form
Private Performance Feedback Reporting Guide

Professional Conduct Toolkit
Provider Toolkit to Improve Hypertension Control

Provider Tools to Care for Diverse Populations
Quality Improvement Activities for Governance
Quality Im
provement Savings Tracker Worksheet
Security Risk Analysis for EHR
'Strategies to Improve Monitor Alarm Safety' Poster
'The Anesthesia Experience During Labor & Delivery' Brochure From NAPA
Tip Card & Poster for Nurses Using Social Media
Toolkit for Colored Wristbands
Treating Obstructive Sleep Apnea Toolkit From AAAHC
Understanding the Science of Safety Module
VA's Root Cause Analysis Guide
Vascular Access Device Slides & Quiz
VNAA Blueprint for Excellence
VTE Prevention Guide
Warming Cabinet Temperature Checklist

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10 Common Questions and Answers About MRSA
APIC's MRSA Elimination Guide
'FAQs About MRSA' Poster From CDC
Free MRSA Posters and Brochures
'Helpful Reminders About MRSA Infection' Brochure
MRSA Evaluation and Treatment Guide
MRSA Infection Prevention How-To Guide
MRSA Policy
MRSA Prevention Patient Education
Universal ICU Decolonization for MRSA Reduction

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OSHA/Sharps Safety

4 STOP STICKS Prevention Posters From CDC
Baseline Assessment Worksheet for Sharps Injury Prevention Program
Bloodborne Pathogen Program Assessment
Bloodborne Pathogens Toolkit

Bloodborne Pathogens Training Video

CDC Form for Employee Exposure to Blood/Body Fluids
CDC Sharps Safety Posters
CDC's List of Certified Equipment

Checklist for Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Prevention
Checklist for Sharps Injury Prevention
Display Board of Sharps Devices
'DOs and DON'Ts of Proper Sharps Disposal' Poster Standards Employee Checklist
Evaluation Form for Safety Needle/Syringe
'Exposure to Blood: What Healthcare Personnel Need to Know' Brochure
Fact Sheet on Proper Handling of Contaminated Sharps
Guide for Selecting, Using Personal Protective Equipment in Healthcare
Inventory List of Sharps Devices
'Needlestick Injuries – A Nurse's Story' Video
Needlestick Injury Prevention Assessment Tool
Needlestick Injury Response Poster
Needlestick Prevention Educational Brochure

NIOSH Guide to Needlestick/Sharps Injury Prevention
OSHA Respiratory Protection Video
Personal Protective Equipment Education and Competency Tools
Personal Protective Equipment Posters
Preventing Needlestick Injuries Checklist
Preventing Needlestick Injuries Toolkit

Sample Form for Performing a Simple Root Cause Analysis of a Sharps Injury or Near Miss Event
Sample Worksheet for Estimating the Annual and Average Cost of Needlesticks and Other Sharps-Related Injuries
Sequence for Donning and Removing Personal Protective Equipment Poster

Sharps Safety Educational Brochure
Sharps Safety 'Passing and Loading' Poster
Sharps Safety 'Reporting = Prevention' Poster
Survey of Device Use for Sharps Injury Prevention Program
Use Sharps With Safety Features Poster
'What are Bloodborne Pathogens' Presentation
Workplace Violence Toolkit From the Emergency Nurses Association

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Patient Education

2 Patient Education Fliers on Preoperative Bathing 
5 Steps to Safer Healthcare

'6 Ways to a Safer Hospital Stay' Poster

AHRQ's Questions Card and Questions Builder

AMA 'Weigh What Matters' App
Checklist for Health Literacy Materials

Clinical Teach-Back Cards

Colorectal Cancer Screening Fact Sheet From CDC

Consumer Healthcare Tips in Spanish

'Having Surgery? What You Need to Know' Brochure From AHRQ

Health Literacy Universal Precautions Toolkit

Healthcare Literacy Assessment

Home Healthcare Medical Devices Checklist

Infection Prevention Cafeteria Tray Liners

Infection Prevention Wallet Card, Brochure & Posters From the WAVE Campaign

Iowa Health System's Teach-Back Toolkit

Language to Use in Public Reporting About Ambulatory Care

Medicare Preventive Services Brochure Newsletter
Memory and Dementia Brochure

Template for Announcing Public Reports on Quality
Patient List of Questions for Medical Appointments

PowerPoint Education on Plain Language

'Preventing Infections in the Hospital: What You Can Do' Brochure

Speak Up Posters in English and Spanish From The Joint Commission

'Speak Up: What You Should Know About Stroke' Brochure

Toolkit for Making Written Material Clear and Effective From CMS

Tools for Enhancing Safety for Patients With Limited English

Universal Patient Compact

What Patients Can Do to Help Prevent Infections Poster

"Words to Watch" Fact Sheet to Improve Health Literacy 


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Patient Falls

AHRQ's Preventing Falls Toolkit
Fall Prevention Policies
Fall Prevention Brochures, Posters
Falls Prevention Checklist From CNA HealthPro
Falls Toolkit Jeopardy

Home Fall Prevention Checklist From CDC
Morse Falls Risk Predictor

NCPS' Balance Assessment Handbook
Patient Fall Prevention and Management Protocol
Preventing Falls in Ambulatory Surgery Environments
Simple Patient Falls Prevention Poster


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Patient Handoffs

10 Patient Handoff Communications Tools
AACN's SBAR Hand-Off Communication Tool
CLINIC SAFE Handoffs Pocket Card

Patient Handoff Policy & Form From Morehouse School of Medicine
Patient Handover Toolkit From the Royal College of Physicians
Safer Sign-Out Form for Patient Handoffs
Sign Out Software


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Patient Safety Culture

6 Patient Safety Posters From the Renal Physicians Association
13 Steps to Assessing Patient Safety Culture
ABCs of Patient Safety Poster 
Ambulatory Patient Safety Toolkit 
Business Plan Template Including Patient Safety 
Communication Climate Assessment Tool
Einstein Healthcare Network's National Patient Safety Goals Poster 
Developing a Just Culture
Employee Instruction Worksheet
Healthcare Executive Competency Assessment
Healthcare Team Vitality Assessment
Healthcare Teamwork and Communication Toolkit
HealthPartner's Ambulatory Patient Safety Toolkit
Hospital Safety Culture Check-Up
Hospital Survey on Patient Safety Culture
IHI Case Study Discussion
Implementing Patient Safety Rounds Toolkit
Leadership Checklist for Patient Safety Organization Participation
Medical Staff Bylaws Template 
Outpatient Medical Office Survey on Patient Safety Culture From ARHQ 
Patient Safety and Quality Handbook for Nurses 
Patient Safety Culture Assessment 
Patient Safety Leadership Self-Assessment 
Perinatal Patient Safety Program Roadmap 
Perioperative Nurse Competency Checklist
Physician Engagement Self-Diagnostic Worksheet 
Resources to Optimize Care Quality
Safe Patient Handling Tip Sheet 
Safety Program Participation and Implementation Toolkit
Safety Assessment for Staff
Safety Attitudes Questionnaire 
Self-Assessment of Leaders' Progress Toward Strategic Goals 
'Stop! Help Protect Our Patients' Poster 
Stop-the-Line Assertive Statement Training
Survey for Staff on Patient Safety 
Team Building Exercise 
TeamSTEPPS Training Module for Primary Care
Veterans Affairs' Patient Safety Assessment Tool 
WHO Collaborating Centre's 9 Patient Safety Solutions


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Patient Satisfaction

3 Sample Data Gathering Tools: Immediate Post-Op Telephone Call, 30-Day Post-Op Telephone Call and Office Follow-Up Information  
Ambulatory Care Patient Engagement Toolkit 
ASC Call Script for Patients Prior to Surgery
ASC Patient Satisfaction Survey
'Be More Involved in Your Health Care' Brochure
'Being Involved in Your Surgical Procedure' Brochure 
CAHPS Improvement Guide for Improving the Patient Experience
CDC's Patient Notification Toolkit
CUSP Family Engagement Toolkit
Engaging Consumers on Clinical Alarm Safety
HCAHPS Mail and Telephone Patient Surveys 
HRSA Patient Satisfaction Survey
Infection Prevention Cafeteria Tray Liners
Leadership Guide for Patient, Family Engagement
Patient Engagement Framework 
Patient Experience Toolkit From Kansas City Quality Improvement Consortium
Rand Health's Patient Satisfaction Questionnaire
Rand Health's Visit-Specific Satisfaction Instrument
Sample Patient Satisfaction Survey

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3 Readmission Chart Review Tools
4 Hospital Transition How-to Guides
30-Day Readmission Chart Review Form
AHRQ's "Taking Care of Myself" Brochure
ASC Adult PONV/PDNV Policy
ASC Discharge Criteria Policy
BOOST Care Transition Implementation Guide
Congestive Heart Failure Discharge Guide
Discharge Checklist & Care Transition Plan
Discharge Instructions for Peripheral Nerve Block Patients
Discharge Planning Tools for Heart Failure Patients

Guide for Patients When Leaving Your Facility
Heart Failure, Attack Discharge Checklists

Leader Action Guide for Reducing Avoidable Readmissions
Model Transfer Form for Nursing Facility to Emergency Department/Hospital
National Patient Safety Foundation's Tips for Preventing Readmission

Nebraska Hospital Association's Sample Patient Discharge Instruction Form
Patient Discharge Planning Checklist From CMS
Patient/Family Discharge Planning Checklist

Project RED's New Toolkit Chapter

Re-Engineered Discharge Toolkit
Readmission Diagnostic Worksheet
Surgery Center Preop and Postop Documentation Tools Collection
Transitions of Care Checklist
Working With Family Caregivers Toolkit

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 Quality Reporting

Adverse Event Reporting Form for Office-Based Surgery 
Adverse Event Disclosure Guide
Best Practices for Public Quality Reporting
Guide to Creating Equity Reports 
Guide to Increasing Reporting of Potential Medical Errors 
Guide to Promoting Healthcare Public Reports 
Sample Patient Safety Monthly Reporting Plan


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Safe Injections

4 Posters on Safe Injection Practices From CDC
ASC Quality Collaboration's Safe Injection Practices Toolkit
CDC Video on Risks of Sharing Insulin Pens
CDC's Insulin Injections Brochure & Poster
CDC's Safe Patient Injections Training Presentation
Injection Safety Myths and Truths Flyer
Safe Injection Checklist


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Sterile Processing

AAMI's Infection Control Survey Tool for Reprocessing Devices
Cleaning, Disinfection and Sterilization Policy and Procedures
Endoscope Reprocessing Competency Worksheet

Endoscope Reprocessing Tools
Incomplete Biological Result Form
Sterile Processing Checklist
Sterile Processing Department Testing and Load Form and QI Worksheet
Sterilization Audit Checklist

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Surgical/OR Fires

Extinguishing a Surgical Fire Poster
OR Fire Prevention Video
Poster for Airway Fire Prevention

Sample Fire Safety Plan
Surgical Fire Prevention Poster
Surgical Smoke Management Toolkit

Universal Protocol & Fire Risk Assessment for Bedside Procedure


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Surgical Safety

7 Educational Tools for Prevention of Wrong-Site Surgery
3 Surgical Error Analysis Forms
ASC Time-Out Policy and Procedure
'Ensuring Correct Surgery' Pamphlet From the Department of Veteran Affairs
'Ensuring Correct Surgery' Poster From the Department of Veteran Affairs
Hospital-Acquired VTE Prevention Guide
Joint Commission Guide to Reducing SSIs
OP-marks' How to Make a Better Site Mark
Retained Foreign Object Audit Tool
'Safe Site' Poster From Minnesota Hospital Association
Safe Site Recommendations for Interventional Radiology
Surgical/Procedural Verification Protocol
Time-Out Script Example From Minnesota Hospital Association
Time-Out Stop Sign Poster
Universal Protocol Poster From Joint Commission
VTE Prophylaxis Pocket Card
Wrong-Site Surgery Prevention Checklist

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Surgical Safety- Checklists

AAO's Wrong-Site Surgery Checklist 
Ambulatory Surgery Pre- & Post-Operative Checklists 
Ambulatory Surgery Surgical Checklist
AORN's Surgical Checklist
Checklist for Checklist Development
Daily ICU Checklist from Kansas University
Gastroenterology Safe Surgery Checklist
Instructional Videos on Surgical Safety Checklist Use
Preoperative Checklist
Safe Surgery Checklist
Safe Surgical Checklist Resources From Safe Surgery 2015
Sample Safe Surgery Checklist From Oregon Patient Safety Commission
Surgery Checklists for Patient Safety From MHAUS
Surgical Safety Checklist and Toolkit for Download From BCBS
Surgical Safety Checklist for CEOs
Surgical Safety Checklists Used Worldwide
SURPASS Checklist for Safe Surgery
Venous Thromboembolism and Ambulatory Surgery
WHO Surgical Safety Checklist 

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Surgical Site Infection/Wound Care

APIC's Guide to the Elimination of Orthopedic Surgical SSIs
'BEAGLES' Poster for Surgical Site Infection Prevention
'CATS' Poster for Surgical Site Infection Intervention
FAQs About Surgical Site Infections Poster
Form for Documentation of Wound Infections
Glucose Control to Reduce SSIs Toolkit

Guidelines and Procedures for Surgical Site Infections
Hospital-Acquired Pressure Ulcer Prevention Guide

'How Can You Prevent Wrong-Site Surgery?' Brochure
IHI's JOINTS Hospital Registry Template
Pressure Ulcer Pocket Card
Pressure Ulcer Prevention Self-Assessment

Pressure Ulcer Wound Poster
SSI Cost of Infection Savings Calculator
SSI Data Tracker Worksheet
Surgical Site Infection Prevention Toolkit

Surgical Wound Classification Form
'Turn Clock' Poster to Help Prevent Pressure Ulcers

Wound Infection/Unexpected Outcome Report

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Annual Tuberculosis Risk Assessment Worksheet
'Stop Tuberculosis' Poster From CDC
'Think TB!' Poster

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Waste Management

Healthcare Waste Auditing Tool
Healthcare Waste Management Training Tool
'Know Where to Throw' Waste Management Poster
Massachusetts Department of Health's Medical Waste On-Site Log

Medical Waste Management Checklist
Red Bag Waste Sticker
Waste Identification Tool

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Note: Tools provided for download are for educational purposes only. Please review your facility's policies, accreditation standards, and state and federal agency requirements before adapting and using these resources in your organization.





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