• What ASCs can expect more of in 2022

    ASCs are in a great position to take advantage of high quality, low cost care trends next year. But they will face the same challenges as other companies when it comes to supply chain and staffing shortages.
  • 10 ASC administrators to know

    Here are 10 ASC administrators to know:
  • Proliance Surgeons names Troy Simonson CEO

    Seattle-based Proliance Surgeons, one of the nation's largest surgical practices, named Troy Simonson as its new CEO, according to a Nov. 11 news release.
  • 5 encouraging trends for ASC growth

    The outpatient surgery landscape has seen steady growth over the past decade, but the pandemic introduced heightened uncertainty into planning for the future. ASC leaders can take advantage of trends as a strategy to help ensure the success of their practices.
  • Former ASC chief exec is new chief development officer of Lync Health Partners 

    Lync Health Partners, a new Nashville, Tenn.-based ASC development company, named Greg Thompson chief development officer, the company said Nov. 9. 
  • Consolidation is the key to growth, says ASC admin

    The ASC landscape has seen steady growth over the past decade, but the pandemic introduced heightened uncertainty into planning for the future. Meredith Warf, vice president of ASC operations at U.S. Orthopaedic Partners in Madison, Miss., told "Becker's ASC Review Podcast" that she thinks consolidation can be a reliable strategy for ASCs.
  • CMS flip-flopping adds to physician burnout, says ASC leader

    Surveys show that physician burnout is a growing problem, with nearly half of those working in outpatient settings reporting they're feeling burned out. David Rothbart, MD, president of Spine Team Texas in Southlake, told "Becker's ASC Review Podcast" CMS is partially to blame.
  • 'The ASC industry is in a very strong position': 4 admins on recruiting talent

    Some ASCs struggle to recruit staff amid the competition of hospitals' deeper pockets, but physician ownership and efficient schedules can give centers leverage. 
  • Hospitals' physician compensation might not be sustainable, says ASC CEO

    When hiring physicians, ASCs have some advantages over hospitals, though hospitals tend to pay better. But Mark Schwartz, CEO of Blue Ridge Orthopaedic & Spine Center in Warrenton, Va., told "Becker's ASC Review Podcast" that he thinks unless things change, the pay disparity could be on the verge of shrinking.
  • ASCs can capitalize on workers being choosier, says admin

    In the recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, workforce dynamics have shifted, with employers realizing that workers wield more leverage than they had before. Karen Bewer, BSN, RN, administrator of Milwaukee-based Pain Physicians of Wisconsin and affiliated ASCs, told "Becker's ASC Review Podcast" that ASCs can capitalize on the trend.
  • Former USPI exec named chief revenue optimization officer of Atlas Healthcare Partners

    Atlas Healthcare Partners named Heather Richards chief revenue optimization officer, the company said Nov. 2. 
  • Compass Surgical Partners celebrates 10-year anniversary 

    Raleigh, N.C.-based Compass Surgical Partners celebrated its 10-year anniversary Oct. 28, the company said. 
  • Reward employees on the spot, say these ASC leaders on workplace culture

    The COVID-19 pandemic took a toll on many in the healthcare industry, with morale plummeting at times. Tiffany Jewell, BSN, RN, clinical director of Wellspring Pain Solutions and Columbus Pain Institute, both in Columbus, Ind.; and  Andy Ball, CEO, and Benita Tapia, RN, administrator, both at Beverly Hills (Calif.) ASC told "Becker's ASC Review Podcast" that they've learned some new ways to keep employees motivated.
  • Not just for kids: role-play is a useful tool for ASCs adding new lines

    Orthopedic procedures such as total joint replacements were once unfamiliar territory for many ASCs, but the growth of outpatient orthopedics means those procedures are becoming more common.
  • Guidelines, insurance companies sending more colonoscopy screenings to ASCs

    Earlier this year, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force lowered its recommended age for colorectal screening from age 50 to 45. One result is that providers for the procedure experienced a huge overnight growth in their patient populations.
  • These specialties show the most promise for growth, says SCA president

    Medical advancements are allowing more procedures to move to the outpatient setting, which creates growth opportunities in the ASC industry. Jason Strauss, president of Deerfield, Ill.-based Surgical Care Affiliates, told "Becker's ASC Review Podcast" that he sees a particularly favorable growth environment in a handful of specialties.
  • Competitive recruiting for physicians worries this ASC admin

    Healthcare leaders today frequently cite staffing shortages among their biggest concerns. JoAnn Vecchio, administrator at Ambulatory Surgery Center of Western New York in Amherst, told "Becker's ASC Review Podcast" that she's worried about keeping up in a highly competitive job market.
  • 40 ASCs hiring administrators

    Here's a roundup of ASCs hiring administrators, using LinkedIn's Job Search tool and Indeed. 
  • Regent Surgical names former USPI exec as COO

    Regent Surgical, the country's largest private joint-venture operator of ASCs, named Jeff Andrews chief operating officer, the company said Oct. 25. 
  • Former ASC CEO running for governor of Arizona 

    Aaron Lieberman, former CEO of Phoenix Spine Surgery Center, is running for governor of Arizona, AZCentral reported Oct. 25. 

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