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  1. Purported medical assistant convicted in opioid scheme 

    David Litwin, a purported medical assistant at Las Vegas-based pain center New Amsterdam Medical Group, has been convicted for a pill scheme. 
  2. 8 health systems calling it quits with Medicare Advantage: What ASCs should know

    This year, eight major U.S. health systems have canceled their Medicare Advantage contracts, often citing low reimbursement rates and prior authorization hassles. 
  3. The 14 medical careers with the highest student loan debt

    Oral surgeons have the highest average amount of student loan debt, according to a 2023 report from personal banking and finance company SoFi.

Maximizing ASC Performance in Orthopedics and Beyond through New Technologies and KPIs

It's time to level up your ASC. Learn how to use technology and KPIs to elevate your surgery center here.
  1. Diversity on rise in US workforce

    In 2021, the U.S. workforce added around 323,094 jobs across 88 S&P 100 companies, with 94 percent of those jobs going to people of color, according to a Sept. 25 report from Bloomberg.
  2. Unifeye Vision Partners enters Texas market

    Unifeye Vision Partners has partnered with Dallas-based Sweeney Eye Associates, marking its entry into the Texas market. 
  3. Northwestern outpatient center earns construction permit

    Chicago-based Northwestern Medicine has secured a tower crane construction permit for its proposed five-story medical office building, the Bronzeville Advanced Outpatient Care Center on the South Side of the city, according to a Sept. 25 report from Urbanize.
  4. What this CEO would buy for her ASC if she won the lottery

    This ASC administrator has big plans for her surgery center if she wins the lottery. 

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  1. 3 healthcare companies undergoing major layoffs

    Here are three healthcare companies laying off employees that Becker's has reported on since Aug. 23: 
  2. Ransomware group threatens MNGI Digestive Health

    Ransomware group AlphV has posted a notice on its website claiming to have confidential patient data from Minneapolis-based MNGI Digestive Health, according to a Sept. 25 report from 
  3. HealthPartners breaks ground on $50M surgery center in Minnesota

    HealthPartners broke ground on a $50.5 million specialty surgery center in Woodbury, Minn. 
  4. 10 lowest-paying states for physician assistants

    Physician assistants are compensated the least in Arkansas, where they earn an average of $92,689 — $29,263 less than the national average — according to career website ZipRecruiter.

How a better patient financial experience can boost efficiency for ASCs

With high operating costs and staffing concerns at the forefront, ASCs have enough on their plates. Learn how to lighten your ASC's load and boost efficiency here.
  1. What to know about SCA Health in 5 numbers

    Here are five numbers that offer a snapshot of ASC giant SCA Health: 
  2. 10 highest-paying states for physician assistants

    Physician assistants earn $140,983 per year in New York — 16 percent more than the national average — according to career website ZipRecruiter.
  3. Who's getting laid off at health systems?

    As economic pressures continue to weigh hospitals and health systems down, several have turned to layoffs to reduce costs.
  4. 5 highest paid ophthalmologists in Dallas

    The highest paid ophthalmologist in Dallas earns $735,800, according to Medscape's salary reporter tool, which is much higher than the mean annual wage of $265,450 ophthalmologists make according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
  5. New York cardiologist to pay $6.5M, relinquish practice ownership following kickback charges

    Klaus Peter Rentrop, MD, a cardiologist at New York City-based Gramercy Cardiac Diagnostic Services, will pay $6.5 million to settle allegations he  paid millions of dollars in kickbacks to physicians and their practices for patient referrals. 
  6. The latest workforce trends to watch

    The workforce has cycled through various trends in recent months, and healthcare is no exception. 
  7. Walmart Health moves: 5 updates in 60 days

    Here are five updates on Walmart's healthcare efforts reported by Becker's since Aug. 9:
  8. Where noncompetes are banned

    Amid growing discontent among physicians on noncompete agreements, which prohibit clinicians from joining a competing practice or setting up their own within a particular distance from their previous practice for a certain period of time, many states have banned the practice.
  9. Gastroenterologist pay in 5 numbers

    Here are five numbers from Medscape's "Gastroenterologist Compensation Report 2023" that offer a snapshot of gastroenterologist compensation: 

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