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  1. 65 new ASCs so far in 2023 

    Here are 60 ASCs opened or announced so far in 2023:
  2. Oswego surgery center adds Dr. Mark Vadney as chief of anesthesia

    Mark Vadney, DO, has joined the surgery center at Oswego (N.Y.) Hospital and will serve as chief of anesthesia for the health system, according to a July 10 report from Oswego County Today. 
  3. The hardest states to hire workers

    Alaska and Colorado are the states where employers are struggling the most to hire workers, according to an analysis from personal finance website WalletHub. 

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  1. USPI vs. SCA Health so far in 2023

    Dallas-based United Surgical Partners International and SCA Health are two of the largest ASC chains, with more than 475 and 320 ASCs, respectively. 
  2. St. Joseph's to open medical office inside Hyundai plant

    Savannah, Ga.-based St. Joseph's/Candler health system have entered into an agreement with Hyundai to open a 7,700-square-foot medical office inside the Hyundai Motor Group Metaplant America EV Plant, according to a July 10 report from local news station WTOC.
  3. Medications most frequently prescribed by gastroenterologists

    Omeprazole is the most frequently prescribed gastroenterology prescription, according to April 13 data from Definitive Healthcare, making up 17.60 percent of all prescribed GI medications. 
  4. SCA Health grows to 320+ ASCs: 3 things to know

    SCA Health, an affiliate of Optum, has had a slow year of ASC activity since the company rebranded last May and expanded its focus beyond surgery centers.

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  1. What today's anesthesia employment trends mean for independent ASCs

    Matthew Meyer, MD, associate professor of anesthesiology at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, spoke with Becker's to answer, "What do current anesthesia employment trends mean for independent ASCs?"
  2. Number of ASCs in the 10 best states to practice medicine

    South Dakota — the best state to practice medicine, according to financial advisory group Physicians Thrive — has 15 ASCs. 
  3. Orthopedic ASC rejects 'sexy, exciting, crazy technology' in favor of new growth model

    Andrew Lovewell joined the Becker's Ambulatory Surgery Centers podcast to talk about the future of orthopedics in ASCs and his practice's unique approach to growth.
  4. ASC margins can't take it anymore

    For many ASCs, margins can't tighten anymore. But cost pressures persist and insurance companies haven't adjusted to reflect rising supply and labor costs.

How a better patient financial experience can boost efficiency for ASCs

With high operating costs and staffing concerns at the forefront, ASCs have enough on their plates. Learn how to lighten your ASC's load and boost efficiency here.
  1. 10 busiest ASCs for glaucoma surgery

    Definitive Healthcare published a list June 29 revealing the 10 ASCs that performed the highest number of glaucoma surgeries in 2022.
  2. Pain clinic closes, physician fined amid unlawful opioid distribution allegations 

    A Tarpon Springs, Fla.-based pain management clinic will close and its clinic's owners and its former physicians have been fined for their alleged unlawful distribution of opioids. 
  3. ASC company notes from the 1st half of 2023

    From Optum to United Surgical Partners International, here are 10 notes from the biggest ASC companies in the nation for the first half of 2023: 
  4. American Academy of Ophthalmology launches new professional group

    The American Academy of Ophthalmology has established a new membership group, the American Academy of Ophthalmic Professionals, to support the professional interests of technicians, ophthalmic assistants, photographers, nurses, orthoptists and other members of the clinical team. 
  5. Healthcare CEO pay vs. orthopedic surgeon pay 

    Here are five stats to know about how orthopedic surgeon pay stacks up compared to CEO pay: 
  6. From hospital to ASC: The service lines going outpatient 

    Nephrology is the specialty that had the most procedures shift to outpatient from 2016 to 2022, according to a June 28 Definitive Healthcare report. 
  7. Top-paying practice settings for cardiologists

    Outpatient care centers are the top-paying practice setting for cardiologists in the U.S., according to salary data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. 
  8. Most expensive new ASCs in 2023 

    Here are the 10 most expensive ASC projects Becker's has reported on so far in 2023:
  9. 35-physician ASC joins MedVanta MSO

    MedVanta, the largest physician-owned musculoskeletal management services organization in the nation, is partnering with Physicians Surgery Center of Frederick, according to a July 6 news release.

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