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  1. Where ASC transactions are heating up

    Although 68% of the ASC market remains independent, the industry saw continued consolidation in 2023, according to a recent report from VMG Health. 
  2. The GI group dominating the industry

    Southlake, Texas-based management services company GI Alliance is the largest gastroenterology group by the number of physicians.
  3. Anesthesiologist demand outstripping supply

    The market demand for anesthesiologists is far overpowering supply, according to a 2023 whitepaper from Medicus Healthcare Solutions. 

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  1. Massachusetts falls short in ASCs

    The volume of ASCs in Massachusetts is well below the national average, according to a Feb. 15 report from local news station WWLP based on data shared with state health regulators. 
  2. Higher acuity cases fuel growth at ASCs

    Higher-acuity procedures are moving out of hospitals and into ASCs, according to a Feb. 13 article from VMG Health.
  3. US' top 5 large health systems per Fortune, PINC

    Today, nearly two-thirds of American hospitals and a substantial number of ASCs nationwide are owned by large health systems. 
  4. What is causing hospitalist burnout

    Around 33% of hospitalists are feeling burned out in 2024, down from 36% in 2023, according to Medscape's 2024 "Hospitalist Burnout and Depression Report," published Feb. 16. 

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  1. Physician proposes 3-story medical office building in New Jersey

    New Jersey physician Mohammad Zubair, MD, is seeking approval for a three-story medical office building in Edison, N.J., according to a Feb. 16 report from My Central Jersey.
  2. U of Nebraska Medical Center taps GI, hepatology chief

    The University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha has added Fedja Rochling, MD, as its division chief of gastroenterology and hepatology. 
  3. 5 highest paid cardiologists in Pittsburgh

    The highest paid cardiologist in Pittsburgh earns $717,700, according to Medscape's salary reporter tool, which is much higher than the mean annual wage of $421,330 cardiologists make according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
  4. The rise and fall of ASC inflation adjustments

    The net inflation adjustment for ASCs is 3.1% in 2024, a full percentage point higher than the average since 2015.

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  1. 5 anesthesiologists in the headlines

    Here are five anesthesiologists or anesthesia-related stories that have made headlines since Jan. 24:
  2. 3 physician kickback schemes in 3 weeks

    Here are three kickback schemes where physicians settled or pleaded guilty that Becker's has reported on since Jan. 30:
  3. Good news, bad news for the GI industry

    From a decrease in burnout to the impact of the anesthesiologist shortage on the field, here are three pieces of good news and three pieces of bad news affecting the gastroenterology industry:
  4. 1 year after Amazon-One Medical deal finalized: What's happened since

    It's been nearly one year since Amazon finalized its $3.9 billion acquisition of virtual and in-person primary care company One Medical. 
  5. Where ASCs do, don't have the upper hand

    ASCs have several pros for both patients and physicians, including more buy-in opportunities, more physician autonomy and lower cost of care. As the popularity and prevalence of ASCs continues to expand year over year, the facilities hold the upper hand in some cases, while falling short in others. 
  6. USPI, HCA & more: 5-year ASC company growth breakdown

     The number of centers under management by the five largest ASC management companies has seen a compound annual growth rate of 4.85% since 2011, according to a February report from VMG Health. 
  7. Independent ASC market share shrinks further 

    The percentage of ASCs that are independent shrunk from 70% to 68% from 2022 to 2023, according to a February report from VMG Health. 
  8. Banner Health sells 3 outpatient facilities

    Banner Health has sold a three-building outpatient medical building portfolio in Arizona for $32 million, according to a Feb. 15 report from REBusiness Online.
  9. Dr. Matthew Ryan 1st to perform 100+ EvoEndo endoscopies

    Pediatric gastroenterologist Matthew Ryan, MD, has become the first physician to complete more than 100 transnasal endoscopies of the upper GI tract using EvoEndo's single-use endoscopy system. 

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