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On the Cover

FRONT COVER PIC New Physician Buy-In: 4 Trends for JV ASCs
A joint venture ambulatory surgery center may be a powerful, effective business, but like any business it will  always need fresh blood — new physician investment. Click to continue »
SECOND COVER PHOTO ASC Payer Mix — Developing the Best In-Network, Out-of-Network Strategy
The appropriate payer mix in today's healthcare environment depends on the center's experience and healthcare market. Click to continue »
THIRD COVER PIC How Could Midterm Elections Impact ASCs?
On Capitol Hill, ASCs are the little guy. The hospital lobby is powerful, and though the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act has thrown some bones to the ASC industry lately, the ASC position in Washington, D.C., is at times precarious. Click to continue »


Publisher’s Letter

4 Smartest Things ASC Owners Can Do to Increase Value
When physicians decide to open an ASC, business success is top of mind. Click to continue »

10 Keys to Being a Great ASC Administrator
Operating a successful ambulatory surgery center is like running a small city — not a small feat. Click to continue »

Executive Briefing: Smart Moves for ASC Physician Owners 

Top Strategies for ASC Physician Owners to Build a Smarter Business
Ambulatory surgery centers and endoscopy centers are only as strong as their physicians. Click to continue »

Considering New Higher Acuity Cases? Don’t Forget the Basics
More ambulatory surgery centers are bringing in higher acuity cases, such as total joint replacements and spinal procedures, but it takes a considerable amount of time and resources to lay the foundation for a successful program. Click to continue »

ASC Company Updates: 10 Things to Know 
Ten things to know about ASC companies. Click to continue »

ASC Turnarounds: Ideas to Improve Performance 

Data Analytics in ASCs: The Future is Here 
Data analytics capabilities are applied all across healthcare now. Click to continue »

How ASCs Can Take Advantage of Local Partnerships 
Being a freestanding ASC is getting harder and harder. Click to continue »

Executive Briefing: Improving ASC A/R  

The Little Things That Boost Big Payoff in Paid Receivables
It's funny to me — in so many aspects of life, people love to talk about "the little things" and how "it's the little things that really matter," but it seems these are the first things people will dismiss, forget about or flat out toss through a window. Click to continue »

Transactions & Joint Ventures 

Joint Venture Operating Agreements: 9 Points That Make or Break Partnerships
Hospital joint ventures are the answer many ambulatory surgery center physicians are turning to in the face of massive change, but the story doesn't end after the deal is struck. Click to continue »

Independent Physician Outlook: Buyer’s Market Here to Stay
Recruiting new physicians to the ambulatory surgery center is an important aspect of ASC business growth. Click to continue »

Executive Briefing: Optimizing ASC Value Pre-Transaction 

Preparing Your ASC for a Transaction – Valuation 101 
Over the years I have given numerous discussions on valuation and valuation trends within the ASC industry. Click to continue »

60 ASC Management & Development Company CEOs to Know
Here are 60 leaders of management and development companies in the ambulatory surgery center industry. Click to continue »

Becker’s ASC 21st Annual Meeting - The Business and Operations of ASCs Conference Brochure
From Oct. 23 to 25, Becker's Healthcare will host the Becker's 21st Annual Meeting – The Business and Operations of ASCs in Chicago. Click to continue »

Coding & Billing  

Narrow Networks: ASC Industry Boon or Bane?
The phrase "narrow networks" is fraught with different meanings, but for all providers it conjures the idea of exclusivity. Click to continue »

Next-Level Revenue Cycle Management: 3 Approaches
Ambulatory surgery center revenue cycle is like the inner workings of any machine, intangible and unnoticed until something goes wrong. Click to continue »

Executive Briefing: Endoscopy Center Management  

Endoscopy Center Success in Turbulent Times: 9 Imperative Lessons
Reimbursement cuts. Regulatory demands. Consolidation. Is there still room for independent gastroenterology practices and endoscopy centers to flourish in a healthcare world rife with challenges? Click to continue »

Supply Chain   

The Road to ASC Financial Success: 8 Supply Chain Cost-Cutting Strategies
Running an ambulatory surgery center often revolves around expecting the unexpected. Click to continue »

Executive Briefing: GI Reprocessing in ASCs    

5 Big Endoscope Reprocessing Risks in ASCs: How to Avoid Them
Ambulatory surgery centers are considered high-quality sites of care, and many centers with gastroenterology conduct their own endoscope reprocessing. Click to continue »

Creating a Culture of Gastroenterologist Leadership in ASCs
Ambulatory surgery centers and endoscopy centers are only as strong as their physicians. Click to continue »


3 Innovative Quality Improvement Project Ideas
Quality improvement is never done. The process requires dedication to excellence, attention to detail, great recordkeeping and employee willingness to take on new responsibilities and adhere to new policies. Click to continue »

11 ASCs With Innovative Cost-Cutting Initiatives
Here are 12 ambulatory surgery centers with innovative and effective cost-cutting strategies. Click to continue »

How to Handle Managed Care Contracts Before Entering Into a Joint Venture
Joint ventures between ambulatory surgery centers and hospitals are becoming more common in today's challenging healthcare environment; some are converting from freestanding ASCs to HOPDs while others remain freestanding and are forming a JV with or without corporate partners.Click to continue »

Executive Briefing: Orthopedic ASC Supply Chain Management     

The Future of Orthopedics in ASCs: 3 Key Thoughts
At the 12th Annual Spine, Orthopedic and Paine Management-Driven ASC Conference in Chicago on June 13, orthopedic surgeon Gary Sherman, MD, and nurse administrator Jennifer Barley — both with Hagerstown (Md.) Surgery Center in — discussed how ready-for-surgery concepts from Flower Orthopedics help ASCs become more efficient and adapt to a changing industry. Click to continue »

5 Supply Chain Management Trends
Flower Orthopedics — maker and manufacturer of the innovative Flower Cube for orthopedic implants — and supply chain giant McKesson Medical-Surgical teamed up recently in a new partnership poised to take on the traditional orthopedic distribution model for ambulatory surgery centers. Click to continue »

Flower Orthopedics-McKesson Partnership: A Value Proposition
Flower Orthopedics is a relatively new concept for orthopedic supply chain management at ambulatory surgery centers that can have a huge impact on ASC quality, efficiency and profitability. Click to continue »

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