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March-April ASC Current Issue

ASC Ownership Trends: Are Physicians Making the Investment? 

As the ambulatory surgery center market continues to develop this year, physicians who own surgery centers — as well as those who are unaffiliated — will take a hard look at whether or not surgery centers are still a wise investment. Click to continue »

Polishing the 3-Way Partnership: 5 Priorities for Joint Venture ASCs in 2014

While some independent ambulatory surgery centers may be placing a joint venture partner as a high priority, many ASCs have already established strong partnerships with a hospital and management company. Click to continue »

Healthcare Reform: Impact on ASC Managed Care Contracting Next Year

Eveia Health Consulting & Management Founder and Managing Principal I. Naya Kehayes has a wealth of experience in the healthcare and ambulatory surgery center industry, with particular expertise in reimbursement methodologies and managed care contract negotiations. Click to continue » 

Publisher’s Letter

Forecasting the Demand for Colonoscopy: 4 GI Physicians Weigh In

Four gastroenterologists discuss trends in the demand for colonoscopy and where the field is headed in the future. Click to continue »

The New 2014 Medicare N1 Codes: How Will This Affect Your Ambulatory Surgery Center?

According to Medicare, as of January 1, 2014, "ASCs should not report separate line item Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System codes or charges for items that are packaged into payment for covered surgical procedures and therefore not paid separately….ASCs are encouraged to not submit line items for packaged services." Click to continue » 

6 Recent ASC Management & Development Company Key Notes – HCA, SurgCenter Development, Surgical Care Affiliates & More

Here are six recent news updates for ambulatory surgery center management and development companies. Click to continue » 

2014: A Promising Year for De Novo ASC Activity?

Is there still room for new ambulatory surgery centers to open their doors in increasingly saturated markets? Click to continue »

Build an Effective ASC Physician Recruitment Strategy: Q&A With Winborne Macphail of Surgical Care Affiliates

Winborne Macphail, senior vice president of sales and market development with Surgical Care Affiliates, answers questions on one of the most pressing issues in the ASC industry: physician recruitment. Click to continue » 

ASC Management Company Outlook: How to Find the Best Fit

Transactions are common in the ambulatory surgery center marketplace and with the increasing complexities in healthcare more physician owners are turning to management and development companies for their expertise. Click to continue »

Surgical Information Systems Acquires AmkaiSolutions

AmkaiSolutions, an ambulatory surgery center electronic medical record and business management software company, has been acquired by Surgical Information Systems, a perioperative information systems company, according to a news release. Click to continue » 

Beyond the Numbers: Benchmarking ASCs to Operational & Financial Success From SOIX

Surgical Outcomes Information Exchange has been doing procedure-level benchmarking since 1999. Click to continue »  

6 Frequent Questions on ASC Benchmarking Answered

Jennifer Green, RHIT, Vice President of Network Development at Surgical Outcomes Information Exchange answers the most common questions she hears about benchmarking and why the process is so essential for ambulatory surgery centers going forward. Click to continue » 

ASC & Hospital Partnerships: Weighing the Pros & Cons

In the past the relationship between ambulatory surgery centers and hospitals was typically adversarial, but as healthcare changes ASC leaders are trading old notions for a new vision of collaborative care. Click to continue » 

ASC Buyers & Sellers: Valuation in 2014

Ambulatory surgery centers are currently actively traded in the marketplace. Click to continue »

Are ASC Management & Development Company & Hospital Partnerships on the Rise?

Here are seven statistics on ambulatory surgery center management and development company partnerships with hospitals, according to HealthCare Appraisers' ASC Survey 2013. Click to continue » 

25 ASC Administrators Offer Insight on Joint Venture Leadership

A joint venture ambulatory surgery center, whether a partnership between a small number of investors or many, requires talented guidance. Click to continue » 

12th Annual Spine, Orthopedic and Pain Management-Driven ASC Conference + The Future of Spine Brochure

Pulling Back the Curtain: How Stony Point Surgery Center Embraced Price Transparency: Q&A With CEO Bruce P. Kupper

On its website, MEDARVA Stony Point Surgery Center in Richmond, Va., recently posted the out-of-pocket costs for the 25 to 30 of its most common surgical procedures across several specialties. Click to continue » 

Overcome the 4 Most Common Pitfalls in ASC Revenue Cycle

Michael Orseno, revenue cycle director at Regent Surgical Health, identifies four common areas that translate into lost income and the policies ambulatory surgery center leaders can put in place to overcome these revenue cycle issues. Click to continue » 

7 Tips for Effectively Managing ASC Billing Processes

When it comes to billing, if you are not measuring it, you are not managing it. Click to continue »

USPI Reports $616.2M Net Revenue for 2013, Up 14%

United Surgical Partners International has announced $616.2 million in consolidated net revenues for 2013, up 14 percent from $540.2 million at the year-end of 2012. Click to continue » 

AmSurg Revenue Grows 17% in Q4, Acquires 6 Centers in 2013

AmSurg announced its financial results for the fourth quarter and year end at Dec. 31, 2013. Click to continue »

Using Advanced Technology to Simplify Revenue Cycle Management

Why do we use iPhones routinely to navigate through traffic but not use them to track patient conditions? Click to continue »

The Future of Spine Surgery at ASCs: Q&A With Meridian Surgical Partners President Kenny Hancock

Kenny Hancock, President and Chief Development Officer of Meridian Surgical Partners, discusses the future of spine surgery at ambulatory surgery centers. Click to continue » 

40 Statistics on Surgery Center Staff Salary & Hours Per Case

Here are 40 statistics on surgery center staff wages, salary and hours per case by geographical location, according to VMG Health's ASC Intellimarker Survey 2011. Click to continue » 

Dr. Caroll Koscheski of ACG: Value-Based Care in Gastroenterology

Value-based care is a term heard across all specialties in healthcare, but value is an abstract term. Click to continue »

Eye Surgery Centers: Opportunities, Challenges & Value-Added Procedures

Ophthalmologists and eye center leaders discuss upcoming trends in the field. Click to continue »

ASC Sector M&A Activity: Outlook for 2014

Jason Cagle, CFO, and Michael Stroup, senior vice president of acquisitions, of United Surgical Partners International share a forecast for mergers and acquisitions activity in the coming year. Click to continue » 

How Will Healthcare Reform Impact Spine Surgery Reimbursements?

The rollout of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is changing the face of healthcare delivery and reimbursements. Click to continue »

8 Areas in Supply Chain Management Where ASCs Lose the Most Money

Effective supply chain management is key to running a successful and profitable ambulatory surgery center. Click to continue »

Simplify ASC Supply Chain: 4 Tips From Administrator Dominic Vendetta

Ambulatory surgery center supply chain operations are complex and sometimes overwhelming. Click to continue »

12 Statistics on Surgery Center Supply Chain Strategy & Physician Engagement

Here are 12 statistics on how surgery centers manage supply chain and how involved surgery center physicians are in the cost management process, according to Provista's 2011 Report of ASC Survey Findings. Click to continue » 

From Provider Collaboration to Coding & Billing: How to Successfully Bring Bundled Payments to ASCs

Bundled payments, amongst a number of alternative payment models, are gaining traction in the new healthcare environment. Click to continue »

60 ASCs Opened in 2013

Here are 60 ambulatory surgery centers that opened in the United States in 2013. Click to continue » 

ASC QI Projects: Best Ideas for Biggest Impact

Accreditation surveyors are looking for quality improvement projects that really make a difference for ambulatory surgery centers. Click to continue » 

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