June 2014 Issue of Becker's ASC Review

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5 Most Attractive ASC Specialties Through 2020
Ambulatory surgery centers are now able to bring higher acuity cases than ever before. Click to continue »

ASC Payer Trends: Evolving Market Creates Opportunities for ASCs
There is a lot going on in the payer world today — formation of narrow provider networks, rising premiums, health plan consolidation, advent of health insurance exchanges — and with all these changes come opportunities for ambulatory surgery centers. Click to continue »

Anesthesia Group M&A is On the Rise: What Does This Mean for ASCs?
Facing an increasingly uncertain healthcare climate, anesthesia groups seem to think the best tactic for survival is banding together. For these groups, bigger may just be better. Click to continue »

Publisher’s Letter

AmSurg, SCA, USPI & More – 6 Recent Key Notes on ASC Companies
Here are six recent news updates on ambulatory surgery center companies. Click to continue »

6 Insights From ASC Leaders for 2014
Six industry leaders answer questions on the position of the ASC in the healthcare industry. Click to continue »

Administrator Roundtable: Trials & Tribulations of Adding New Specialties and Procedures to ASCs
Adding new specialties and procedures to a center's offerings can be a challenging but ultimately rewarding process. Click to continue »

Engaging Surgeons: A How-To Guide
Having surgeons commit to bringing cases is one of the most important aspects of running a viable ambulatory surgery center. Click to continue »

GI/Endoscopy Center HIT: The Future is Here
Medicine is entering the digital age and gastroenterology centers are just beginning to catch up. Click to continue »

How EHR Contributes to GI Center Value: Clinical Quality & Profitability
Healthcare is becoming more data-driven than ever before, and electronic health records are helping providers gather and trend large datasets to improve the value of their services. Click to continue »

Capitalize on Technology: 3 Quick Tips for ASC EHR Selection
Electronic health records have huge potential for endoscopy centers and early adopters will likely have an advantage over others as data becomes increasingly important in the healthcare space. Click to continue »

5 Things to Know About Removing Barriers to Colorectal Cancer Screening Act
The national rate of colorectal cancer among Americans 50 and older dropped 30 percent in the last decade, but efforts to boost screening continue to push forward. Click to continue »

150 Great Places to Work in Healthcare | 2014
Becker's Healthcare is pleased to announce its "150 Great Places to Work in Healthcare" for 2014. Click to continue »

ASC Referral Patterns: Deciphering 6 Big Industry Trends
A shifting healthcare environment means changes and struggles to compensate in all provider arenas. Click to continue »

How ASCs Can Benefit From Adding Sports Medicine
Two orthopedic surgeons who perform cases at ambulatory surgery centers discuss the advantages of adding sports medicine procedures. Click to continue »

Single-Specialty ASC Transaction & Valuation Outlook: Bright or Dark?
The ambulatory surgery center acquisitions market experienced a robust year in 2013, and many industry experts expect a similar number of transactions this year. Click to continue »

ASCs in 2014 — 3 Key Trends
It’s a quickly changing time for surgery centers.  Click to continue »

Joint Venture ASCs: Are They the Best Strategy Going Forward?
Ambulatory Surgical Centers of America Co-Founder Brent Lambert, MD, discusses the market for ambulatory surgery center joint ventures with hospitals and best strategies for ASCs going forward. Click to continue »

CON States: How to Open a De Novo ASC
Certificate of need programs regulating ambulatory surgery centers exist in a little more than half of the 50 states. Click to continue »

The 3 Most Exciting Advances in Endoscope Reprocessing
Endoscope reprocessing is an essential practice for gastroenterology-driven ambulatory surgery centers. Click to continue »

OIG Says Bring Down HOPD Rates for Surgery to ASC Rates, CMS Disagrees: 11 Things to Know
11 observations on the OIG's report on transitioning hospital outpatient rates to ambulatory surgery center levels, and CMS' response. Click to continue »

ASCs vs. HOPDs: 4 Expected Unexpected Consequences of Rate Equalization
We don't expect the OIG's recommendation to lower HOPD rates to take effect; CMS opposes them, and they would have a strongly negative impact on hospitals. Click to continue »

Refresher Course: How Can My ASC Prevent Sharps Injuries and Stay Compliant?
Despite increased efforts toward sharps education, sharps injuries, unlike many other workplace harms, remain at concerning levels. Click to continue » 

Credentialing Checklist: What to Check, Double-Check and Triple-Check to Achieve Compliance
Keeping a well-run credentialing program is a problem for many ambulatory surgery centers. Click to continue »

What Does the ICD-10 Delay Mean for ASCs?
At the beginning of April, President Barack Obama signed into law the Protecting Access to Medicare Act of 2014. Click to continue »

ASC Implant Carve-Outs: Opportunities, Challenges & 4 Best Practices
The process of managed care contract negotiations can be painstaking. Click to continue »

6 ASCs Performing Rare or Unique GI/Endoscopy Procedures
Here are six ambulatory surgery centers that offer unique procedures in gastroenterology and endoscopy. Click to continue »

5 ASCs Performing Rare Orthopedic Procedures
Here are five ambulatory surgery centers that offer unique procedures in orthopedics. Click to continue »

5 ASCs Performing Rare Ophthalmology Procedures
Here are five ambulatory surgery centers that offer rare ophthalmology procedures. Click to continue »

4 ASCs Performing Rare Pain Management Procedures
Here are four ambulatory surgery centers that offer unique procedures pain management. Click to continue »

Becker's ASC 21st Annual Meeting - The Business and Operations of ASCs

Taking on the Paradigm Shift in Care Delivery: What Does Value-Based Care Mean for Gastroenterologists?
Value-based care is changing healthcare delivery and moving toward reshaping the way physicians are compensated. Click to continue »

The Hancocks of Healthcare — A Nashville Success Story
Passion for healthcare runs in the Hancock family. Click to continue »

Supply Standardization: 7 Ways to Achieve ASC Physician Buy-In
Reducing costs is vital for ensuring the financial health of an ambulatory surgery center. Click to continue »

Supply Chain Checklist: Daily, Weekly, Monthly Tasks for Efficient ASCs
Efficiency in supply chain processes and effective materials management can lead to less waste, reduced costs and a smoothly-run ambulatory surgery center. Click to continue »

Unique Methods of Payment: Opportunities for ASCs?
The Oklahoma City-based Surgery Center of Oklahoma's Keith Smith, MD, is well-known for his progressive attitude toward price transparency and alternative payment initiatives. Click to continue »

CMS No Longer Requires ASCs to Have Radiologists
The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services no longer requires ambulatory surgery centers to have a radiologist on their medical staff, according to an ASCA news release. Click to continue »

3 More Key Trends Impacting ASC Growth in 2014
As ASCs and ASC companies look to become fiscally stronger and to continue to grow, they will focus on their core business but will also be more frenetic and aggressive in looking at new profit areas. Here are three things to consider.Click to continue »

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