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Todd J. Mello, ASA, CVA, MBA, founding partner of HealthCare Appraisers, is a seasoned veteran in the ambulatory surgery field with 16 years of experience in valuing centers.
An efficient and skillful administrator is critical to the success of an ambulatory surgery center.


Although more payers are becoming aware of the many benefits ambulatory surgery centers provide, many centers find getting contracts and viable rates to be a challenge.

Publisher's Letter: Becker's ASC 2016 July/Aug Issue

This issue of Becker's ASC Review includes expertise from ambulatory surgery center owners, administrators and corporate partners as well as the latest news and statistics from across the healthcare industry.
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ASC Management

6 Administrators Offer Tips for More Profitable ASCs: How to Make the Most of Billing, Staffing & Case Mix
Administrators from around the country provide key insights for other administrators to successfully manage their centers. Click here to continue >>

Leveraging the Internet to Your Practice’s Benefit — 6 Medical Marketing Strategies From Dr. Tony Mork
Sixteen years ago, spine surgeon Tony Mork, MD, of Newport Beach, Calif., and Miami, discovered how to leverage the power of the internet for his practice’s marketing purposes. Click here to continue >>

Patients’ No. 1 Complaint? Front-Desk Staff
A study of nearly 35,000 online reviews of physicians nationwide has found that customer service is patients’ chief frustration, not physicians’ medical expertise and clinical skill. Click here to continue >>

This Administrator Grew the ASC’s Physician Base by 35%: 4 Key Concepts
Before seeking a physician to recruit to her center, Maria Freed does her research. Click here to continue >>

Operating a Successful Outpatient Total Joint Replacement Program
The Total Joint Center of St. Louis, an affiliate of United Surgical Partners International, opened in 2014, with the first case performed in October of that same year. Click here to continue >>

5 Considerations for Adding Outpatient Spinal Surgery to a Fully-Equipped Center
From 2005 to 2015, nearly 45 percent of all spine cases were performed on an outpatient basis, a stark increase from only 5 percent of cases in 2005. Click here to continue >>

Joint Ventures

Surgical Care Affiliates Q1 Revenue Jumps 19.5% to $279.7M: 10 Things to Know
Surgical Care Affiliates reported increased net revenue for the first quarter of 2016 as the company continues to add centers. Click here to continue >>

Employed vs. Self-Employed Physicians: Who Has Higher Job Satisfaction Levels?
Medscape’s Employed Doctors Report 2016 found employed physicians reported nearly comparable levels of job satisfaction to their self-employed counterparts, 55 percent and 63 percent, respectively. Click here to continue >>

9 New ASCs and Outpatient Surgery Centers
Here are nine new ambulatory surgery centers and outpatient surgery centers that were opened or announced in April 2016. Click here to continue >>

AmSurg Q1 Net Revenues Reach $724.7M — 19 Things to Know
AmSurg reported its first quarter financial results for the year. Click here to continue >>

AmSurg, Envision Healthcare Finalize $10B Merger: 8 Things to Know
AmSurg and Envision Healthcare Holdings signed a definitive merger agreement, with the combined company having a pro forma market cap of nearly $10 billion. Click here to continue >>

Tenet’s Q1 Ambulatory Net Operating Revenue Hits $429M — 22 Key Points
Tenet Healthcare reported its financial results for the first quarter of 2016. Click here to continue >>

6 Recent ASC Acquisitions
Here are six recent ASC industry acquisitions and partnerships. Click here to continue >>

3 New Joint Venture ASCs 
Here are three new joint venture ASCs announced or opened in the past couple months. Click here to continue >>

ASD Management Celebrates 20 Years — Robert Zasa Looks Back on ASC Industry Evolution
ASD Management celebrated its 20th anniversary on June 1, 2016. Robert Zasa co-founded ASD Management with Joseph Zasa. Click here to continue >>

SCA, Naperville Surgical Centre Partner: 4 Key Notes
Surgical Care Affiliates partnered with Naperville (Ill.) Surgical Centre, a joint venture between Advocate Health Care and DuPage Medical Group. Click here to continue >>

Becker's 23rd ASC Annual Meeting Brochure

Key Specialties

Outpatient vs. Inpatient Orthopedic Procedures: Where are the Cost-Savings?
A literature review, published in Orthopedic Reviews, compared associated costs for outpatient orthopedic surgeries that are traditionally performed as inpatient procedures. Click here to continue >>

Specialty Pay Up Nearly 14.3% — 8 Findings on Physician, Advanced Nurse Salary Increases
In its recent physician specialists and advance practice nurses’ report, Merritt Hawkins found salaries for specialty physicians and APRNs is steadily increasing on a yearly basis, according to Medpage Today. Click here to continue >>

11 Top-Paying States for Anesthesiologists — Iowa Tops List
Insider Monkey published a list of the 11 top-paying states for anesthesiologists. Click here to continue >>

18 Statistics on ASC Revenue per Case for Orthopedics
Here are 18 statistics on revenue per orthopedic case at ambulatory surgery centers in the United States as well as in five different U.S. regions, according to VMG’s latest Intellimaker ASC study. Click here to continue >>

Payer Mix at Orthopedics-Driven ASCs: 5 Statistics
Here are five statistics on the average payer mix at orthopedicsdriven ASCs, according to the VMG Multi-Specialty ASC Intellimarker 2012. Click here to continue >>

How do Patients Prefer Their Physicians Dress in the Office? 5 Observations
University of Miami Miller School of Medicine researchers analyzed whether patients preferred specific attire for dermatologists, according to Medscape. Click here to continue >>

The Sound of Music: Dr. Jonathan Kaplan on Albums for Surgeons to Listen to in the OR
Surgeons don’t just listen to music for the pleasure of it; clinical data shows music helps improve efficiency in the operating room. Click here to continue >>

8 Statistics on Ophthalmology: Payers, New Payment Models & Medicare
Here are eight things to know about ophthalmologist participating in alternate payment models, and providing care for Medicare/Medicaid beneficiaries, according to Medscape’s Ophthalmologist Compensation Report 2016. Click here to continue >>

Coding & Billing

Only 30% of Consumers Shop for Healthcare Services: 4 Things to Know
A HealthMine survey found 70 percent of consumers do not compare medical services or pharmaceutical drug prices. Click here to continue >>

ASCs Reduce Outpatient Procedure Costs by $38B Per Year Compared to HOPDs: 5 Insights 
ASCs can reduce the overall cost of outpatient surgery cost by more than $38 billion dollars annually compared to hospital outpatient departments, according to a new analysis. Click here to continue >>

Top 10 Payers ASC Providers Prefer
Peer60 released a report detailing which payers ambulatory care providers prefer based on several factors, including faster reimbursement, less paperwork, claims’ denial rates and staff time, among others. Click here to continue >>

Optimizing Patient Collections in the ACA Era 
For the 50 years leading up to the enactment of the Affordable Care Act of 2010, total healthcare spending grew by more than 800 percent in the United States, ultimately accounting for nearly 20 percent of the nation’s economy by the end of the last decade, according to the consulting firm McKinsey & Company. Click here to continue >>


Quality & Accrediation

6 Steps to Create & Maintain an Outstanding ASC Infection Control Program
Effective quality improvement and infection control programs are the cornerstone of an ASC’s reputation. Click here to continue >>

ASC Infection Control: 3 Main Surveyor Focus Areas in 2016
This year, accreditation bodies are focusing on three main infection control areas in ASCs, according to Jennifer Eason, RN, CASC, regional vice president at SurgCenter Development. Click here to continue >>

8 Key AAMC Considerations When Caring for LGBT Patients
In 2014, the Association of American Medical Colleges released the first guidelines outlining how physicians should approach caring for patients who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, gender nonconforming or born with differences of sex development. Click here to continue >>

Top 25 States With the Highest & Lowest ASC Wrong-Site Surgery RatesTop 25 States With the Highest & Lowest ASC Wrong-Site Surgery Rates
CMS released the results for its 2014 Ambulatory Surgical Center Quality Reporting Program, which cited the states with the highest rates and lowest rates for wrong site, side, patient, procedure and implant. Click here to continue >>

Physicians, Healthcare Executives Weigh in on Value-Based Care — 6 Survey Findings
A recent Quest Diagnostics and Inovalon study found 74 percent of physicians and health plan executives reported quality measures are too complex. Click here to continue >>

10 ASCs Achieving Accreditation
Here are 10 recently accredited ambulatory surgery centers. Click here to continue >>

12 Patient Handoff Communication Tools to Know
Here are 12 tools that aim to improve patient handoff at healthcare facilities. Click here to continue >>

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