50 Ophthalmology-Driven ASCs to Know

Here are 50 ophthalmology-driven ambulatory surgery centers to know. To recommend a center for the list, contact Heather at hlinder@beckershealthcare.com.

Ambulatory Surgery Center of Greater New York (Bronx, N.Y.).
Ambulatory Surgery Center of Greater New York is a freestanding surgery center dedicated to total eye care — from cataract and glaucoma surgery to refractive surgery and treatment for diabetic retinopathy. Jerome Levy, MD, FACS, a board-certified ophthalmologist, founded the center in 1987 and serves as the center's surgeon director. Dr. Levy is a leading expert in cataract removal and no-stitch surgery and was among the first surgeons to perform phacoemulsification more than 25 years ago. In addition to cataract surgery, the center's physicians also perform Argon and Yag laser therapy to treat glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and retinal disorders and to open cloudy membranes that may develop within the eye. The center also offers refractive and ophthalmic plastic surgery. Joanna McLaughlin serves as the center's administrator.

Azar Surgery Center (Salisbury, Md.). Azar Surgery Center is located next door to the Salisbury Azar Eye Institute location. The team of surgeons performs cataract surgery, LASIK, glaucoma surgery, blepharoplasty and other similar procedures. The ASC was ranked as one of the "best performers" in cataract surgery by the AAAHC in 2009 and 2010 Cataract Surgery Benchmark study. The group includes seven physicians and three practice locations.

Baltimore Eye Surgical Center (Baltimore, MD.). Baltimore Eye Surgical Center is a surgery center dedicated exclusively to eye surgery. The center provides a variety of services including cataract surgery, LASIK, pan-retinal photocoagulation and ophthalmic cosmetic services. Baltimore Eye uses the Alcon Infinity system for cataract removal, considered one of the premier systems for cataract removal, which removes cataracts by fragmentation of the lens by ultrasound. The ASC is staffed by three board-certified ophthalmologists with additional subspecialty training in eyelid plastic surgery, cornea and refractive surgery, glaucoma and retinal disease. Baltimore Eye's cosmetic program is led by Marcos T. Doxanas, MD, one of the leading national eyelid surgeons. The surgery center performs about 2,600 procedures annually and is accredited by the AAAASF.

Barnet Dulaney Perkins Eye Center (Phoenix). Barnet Dulaney Eye Center provides ophthalmic clinic and surgical care across the state of Arizona. Barnet Dulaney Perkins Eye Center has eight surgery centers across the state. Six of the centers are state licensed, Medicare-certified and AAAHC accredited. Two surgery centers are Medicare-certified only. The center's surgeons cover various surgical focuses, including neuro-ophthalmology, oculoplastics, glaucoma, retina, cataract and refractive surgery. They also provide Lasik surgery and implantable contact lens. Imelda Kelly, RN, serves as the center's director of regulatory compliance.

Barranca Surgery Center (Irvine, Calif.). Barranca Surgery Center is a multispecialty center with a focus on ophthalmology procedures. The center is managed by ASD Management and is certified by Medicare and the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care. All of the affiliated surgeons are board certified. The ASC also provides in-house anesthesiology services. Barranca has free parking for all patients and has no emergency services, so patients will never be bumped for more urgent cases.

Baylor College of Medicine Ambulatory Surgery Center (Houston). The Baylor College of Medicine ASC is a predominately ophthalmology-driven ASC where the No. 13-ranked Cullen Eye Institute performs its cases. First opened in 2008, the ASC provides procedures which include cataract surgery, glaucoma surgery, vitreoretinal surgery, corneal transplants, ocular surface reconstruction, cosmetic and reconstructive eyelid surgery, lacrimal surgery, orbital surgery and strabismus surgery. Michael Yen, MD, serves as the center's medical director and Melinda Eller, RN, as chief nursing officer.

Cabell Huntington Surgery Center (Huntington, W.Va.). Cabell Huntington Surgery Center opened in 1985 and built its medical staff to 35 surgeons. In 2008, Cabell Huntington Hospital purchased the majority ownership to become the center's general partner and managing partner. Today, the more than 50 physicians at the center perform approximately 2,000 ophthalmology cases annually and care for nearly 3,800 patients. The center is Medicare and Medicaid-certified and accredited by The Joint Commission.

CarlinVision Surgery Center (Snellville, Ga.). CarlinVision was founded by Richard Carlin, MD, in 1977. The practice grew, and in 2011 the physicians added an ambulatory surgery center. Currently, CarlinVision Surgery Center has five ophthalmologists and one optometrist and employs more than 60 people. Kristen Buck, RN, BSN, serves as the director of surgical services as CarlinVision. Physicians use the latest technology, including Blade Free Advanced CustomVue Lasik, Phakic ICLs, Conductive Keratoplasty and more. They perform cataract surgery, glaucoma removal, corneal transplants and blepharoplasties.

Carroll County Surgery Center (Westminster, Md.). Carroll County Surgery Center is the first single specialty ophthalmic outpatient ambulatory surgery center in the county. The five-physician ASC has been providing care at its current location since opening in 2004. The surgery center is accredited by AAAHC and recently was one of five ophthalmology-driven ASCs to receive the 2012/2013 APEX Quality Award from Voyance.

Cataract Specialty Surgery Center (Berkley, Mich.). Cataract Specialty Surgical Center is a joint venture between Surgery Partners and five local physicians. Four other physicians are also affiliated with the center. The center has two ORs and one treatment room for laser, Yag or SLDs for glaucoma. It has been a single-specialty ophthalmologic ASC since 1999 and has been named as a Michigan Center of Excellence since 2000. CSSC is state-licensed and certified by both Medicare and the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care.  

Columbus Eye Surgery Center (Columbus, Ohio). Columbus Eye Surgery Center, which opened in 1996, was the first outpatient surgery center in its area dedicated to eye surgery. The physician-owned facility offers the latest outpatient ophthalmology procedures including cataract, glaucoma, eye lid, retina and laser surgery in addition to cornea transplants, diabetic eye treatment and brow lift surgery. The center is used by almost 30 physicians and features three licensed operating rooms. The center performs approximately 4,000 procedures annually. Toni Van Horn serves as executive director of the center.

Commonwealth Eye Surgery (Lexington, Ky.). Commonwealth Eye Surgery has three active ophthalmologists who perform approximately 4,700 cases per year with the majority being cataract. The physicians see refractive, oculoplastics, retina and laser cases. Karen Chiles, RN, BSN, serves as the surgery center administrative director. Commonwealth was the 5th center in the country to introduce the Catalys Femtosecond laser. Outside of clinical work, the staff and physicians at the surgery center were nominated for a We Care Award and regularly volunteer at the Ronald McDonald House.

Dixie Ophthalmic Specialists at Zion Eye Institute (St. George, Utah). The Zion Eye Institute is a freestanding ASC that specializes in eye surgeries. The ASC opened in 1997 and currently has three cataract surgeons, one glaucoma surgeon, one cornea surgeon, two Lasik surgeons, one oculoplastics surgeon and three retina surgeons. Zion Eye Institute operates on approximately 2,300 patients per year and is the only eye surgery center in city to own a Visx Lasik Laser. All of Zion's surgeons are board certified by the American Academy of Ophthalmology.

Dulaney Eye Institute (Towson, Md.). The Dulaney Eye Institute is a Medicare-approved, state licensed and AAAHC-accredited facility, which has performed more than 91,000 surgical cases since the center opened in 1995. The 25 physicians specialize in cataract, glaucoma, corneal, eye muscle, oculoplastics and vitroretinal surgeries.

East Beltline Surgical Center (Grand Rapids, Mich.). East Beltline Surgical Center, known as Grand Rapids Ophthalmology, includes 12 ophthalmologists and 10 optometrists at locations throughout western Michigan. The physicians provide services such as blade-free Lasik, cataract surgery, corneal surgery, retinal laser and surgery, glaucoma treatment and more. In 2008, Grand Rapids Ophthalmology was named The Top 25 Laser Vision Centers in the United States. The center was among the first in the region to perform laser vision correction and is AAAHC-accredited.

Eye Center of Columbus (Ohio). The Eye Center has more than 50 ophthalmologists across central Ohio and offers comprehensive eye care services. A national Center of Excellence, the Eye Center was developed in partnership with AMB Development Group. Surgery center physicians perform procedures such as LASIK, cataract surgery, glaucoma laser and surgery, optic nerve sheath decompressions, eye muscle surgeries and refractive surgeries. In addition to clinical work, the physicians and staff host educational programs, support groups and lectures to advances awareness of vision health with prevention, diagnosis and treatment. The centers' educational efforts are supported by The Eye Center foundation. The Eye Center also partners with the Central Ohio Lions Eye Bank, a non-profit agency that recovers and prepares human donor corneas for transplant surgeries and plays a role in advancing eye research and physician education.

Eye-Q Vision Care (Fresno, Calif.). Eye-Q Vision Care includes 15 physicians performing a variety of general and specialized procedures. The center includes Richard Moors, MD, who was among the first surgeons in the area to offer the Alcon ReSTOR multifocal intraocular lens. Additional procedures performed at the center include LASIK, ophthalmic plastic surgery and cataract surgery. The center was founded in 1956 and opened a new 38,000-square-foot eye specialty facility in 2003. In 2005, Vision Care Center opened another 8,800 square-foot satellite in Selma. In addition to its clinical work, EYE-Q supports local not-for-profit organizations. In 2010, EYE-Q was ranked as one of the top five large companies to work for in the Central Valley.

The Eye Surgery Center of the Carolinas (Southern Pines, N.C.). For more than 30 years, this single-specialty ophthalmology facility has remained keenly and successfully focused on patient, physician and teammate satisfaction. Accredited by The Joint Commission, this ASC is exemplary of a successful partnership between physician partners and Surgical Care Affiliates (SCA). Its eight surgeons specialize in cataract, glaucoma, retina, corneal, strabismus and plastic surgery, as well as YAG laser surgery for fibrotic capsules. "I average over 200 cataract surgeries per month," says surgeon and physician partner Anna Fakadej, MD. "Maintaining this schedule requires a very organized, involved administrator and attentive team members in a drama-free environment.  I have all of this at The Eye Surgery Center of the Carolinas."

Eye Surgery Center of Michigan (Troy, Mich.). Developed in 2008 by local physicians in partnership with St. John Health, the Eye Surgery Center of Michigan offers elective outpatient ophthalmologic surgeries and procedures. Patients are typically discharged from the facility within 30 minutes after surgery and the ASC prides itself on having a relaxed atmosphere. Ten physicians bring cases to the center, which includes the LENSX Laser for cataract surgery.  The ASC has received AAAHC accreditation and met the standards for Medicare certification.

Eye Surgery Center of San Francisco. Eye Surgery Center of San Francisco opened in 2007. The all-ophthalmology ASC is accredited by Medicare and The Joint Commission. The center's 16 physicians perform cataract surgery with intraocular lens placement, corneal transplantation, strabismus, glaucoma treatment and ophthalmic plastic and reconstructive surgery. Eye Surgery Center is owned by a combination of physicians and ASD Management.

Garrett Eye Center (Iron Mountain, Mich.). Opened in 1979, the Garrett Eye Center is in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan serving Upper Michigan and Northern Wisconsin residents. In 1987, John Michael Garrett, MD, opened the first and only freestanding ambulatory surgical center in the area dedicated to the treatment of eyes. A pioneer in small incision cataract surgery with phacoemulsification and the very first to use it in Upper Michigan and the entire state of Wisconsin, Dr. Garrett now has more 30 years of experience and has performed more than 30,000 successful cataract surgeries.

Illinois Eye Center (Peoria, Ill.). Illinois Eye Center is a single-specialty surgical center accredited by the AAAASF. The center offers a variety of ophthalmic procedures including advanced glaucoma surgery, cataract surgery, corneal transplants, eye muscle and retina surgeries, refractive surgery and implantable contact lens procedures in addition to oculoplastic and reconstructive surgery including eyelid and brow lifts. The center's 11 fellowship-trained, board-certified ophthalmologists span seven different specialties and include three optometrists.

Insight Surgery Center (Elkhart, Ind.). Insight Surgery Center was started by Richard Boling, MD, owner of Boling Vision Center. It features a state-of-the-art preoperative and recovery area, two Medicare Class C operating suites, a Medicare Class A minor procedure suite, a surgery nursing station and a private entrance. Insight Surgery Center has received The Joint Commission's Gold Seal of Approval. Five eye surgeons, including Dr. Boling, perform procedures at the ASC and treat diseases such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy and others. In 2013, the center was selected as a LASIK provider of choice by Larry King Live's InView television program. Kim Brown serves as the director of nursing.

Island Eye Surgicenter (Carle Place, N.Y.). The Island Eye Surgicenter includes all laser cataract surgery, glaucoma surgery, cornea transplantation and reconstructive and cosmetic eyelid and facial surgery. Founded in 1999, this surgery center is owned by a group of 14 physicians and achieved AAAHC accreditation. Among the physicians at the surgery center, Island Eye Surgicenter includes physicians who made contributions to pharmaceutical and device research. The facility is also New York State licensed for tissue transplantation. Technology at the center includes the LenSx Femtosecond Laser, WaveTec Orange Aberrometer, Zeiss Lumera Surgical Microscopes, TruVision 3-D Surgical Visualization System, EndoOptiks ECP Laser for Glaucoma Surgery. Lumenis Selecta Duet SLT Laser for Glaucoma Surgery and Nidek YC-1800 Yag Laser.

Laser and Surgical Services at the Center for Sight (Sarasota, Fla.). Under the direction of David W. Shoemaker, MD, and William J. Lahners, MD, the Laser and Surgical Services at the Center for Sight includes LASIK, cataract surgery with advanced premium lenses and cosmetic procedures. Chief Administrative Officer James Daws leads the center's management team. The center includes 33 physicians with an interest in cornea, retina, cataract and cosmetic surgery and dermatology. In June 2013, the physicians and surgeons from the Center for Sight provided more than 100 free sight-restoring surgeries to people in need with physicians contributing their time to the Mission Cataract event. The Center also donated more than 1,000 man hours to the cause at their AAAHC-accredited facility.

Mattax-Neu-Prater Eye Center and Surgery Center (Springfield, Mo.). Leo T. Neu, III, MD, opened Mattax-Neu-Prater Eye Center and Surgery Center as a retina facility in 1999. The facility now includes bladeless iLASIK, modern cataract surgery and premium lifestyle replacement lens implants. The full service surgery center is fully AAAHC-accredited and includes an operating suite for vitreoretinal surgeries as well as a refractive laser surgery suite. Family members at the ASC are allowed to watch the procedure from observation rooms. The ASC has eight physicians, including Thomas G. Prater, MD, FACS, who was recognized last year as one of two physicians honored by the Springfield Chamber of Commerce and Springfield Business Journal as part of the annual Salute to Health Care.

New Vision Cataract Center (Norwalk, Conn.). New Vision, which opened in 1999, has two ORs and a LASIK room in 8,000 square feet of space. It is owned by Scott Spector, MD, whose practice, Spector Eye Care, is next door. Dr. Spector performs cases such as cataract surgery, lens implants and all types of laser eye surgery, including LASIK and epi-LASIK. Dr. Spector also began working with Norwalk Hospital in 2009 as the exclusive ophthalmic provider for comprehensive medical, surgical and routine eye care services within a medical mall. The practice includes five physicians and the ASC is accredited by AAAHC.

North Cascade Eye Associates (Mount Vernon, Wash.). This AAAHC-accredited surgery center is the only ophthalmology-focused facility in the region to have received this accreditation. The practice was founded in 1985 and includes cataract surgery, LASIK and eye surgery. The surgery center includes seven physicians and received the 2012/2013 APEX Quality Award from Voyance.

Northern Virginia Eye Surgery Center (Fairfax, Va.). The center opened in May 2008 but it took 20 years of struggle with nearby hospitals to get approval of this ASC under Virginia's strict certificate of need process. In its first year, the one-OR ASC hosted 2,400 surgeries. Medical Director William L. Rich III, MD, leads the team of 13 ophthalmologists at the center who have a special interest in cataract surgery, corneal transplants, glaucoma procedures and oculoplastics. The surgery center is accredited by AAAHC.

NovaMed of Chicago Northshore. NovaMed of Chicago Northshore is a joint venture between Surgery Partners and several local physicians. Founded in 1988, the surgery center is accredited by AAAHC and earned Medicare certification. Three surgeons bring cases to the center, including LASIK procedures, cataract surgery and refractive surgery.

Ocala (Fla.) Eye Surgery Center. Thirteen physicians bring patients to this ophthalmology-driven ASC for procedures such as ReSTOR, cataract surgery, CustomVue LASIK, cornea transplant surgery and TECNIS Multifocal IOL. Ocala Eye was founded in 1971 and recently received the 2012/2013 APEX Quality Award from Voyance.

Ophthalmology Surgery Center of Dallas. Ophthalmology Surgery Center of Dallas' surgical services include cornea and external disease, glaucoma, oculoplastic surgery, pediatric ophthalmology and retina and vitreous surgery. The physicians also perform cataract surgery, corneal transplants and refractive surgery. Susan Erickson, RN, BSN, MS, serves as the center's administrator.

Ophthalmology Surgery and Laser Center (Harrisburg, Pa.). Ophthalmology Surgery and Laser Center is a state-of-the-art, freestanding ASC affiliated with Premier Eye Care Group. The ASC physicians offer cataract, glaucoma and refractive surgery, conductive keratoplasty and implantable lens services. The single-specialty center, founded in 1994, is home to seven physicians and is accredited by the AAAHC. The center assigns a surgical counselor to each patient whose role is to explain each procedure in detail and answer any questions the patient has about the procedure.

Oregon Eye Surgery Center (Eugene, Ore.). The Oregon Eye Surgery Center was one of the first ophthalmology-driven ASCs in the state when it opened in 1988. I. Howard Fine, MD, and three of his colleagues founded the center, which as grown into 11 surgeons and three operating rooms. The center's physicians provide all ophthalmic specialties to include cataract, retina, glaucoma, refractive, cornea and plastics. Ginny Pecora, RN, serves as the center's administrator.

Outpatient CareCenter (Birmingham, Ala.). Opened in 1984 as Multispecialty Surgery Center, this facility expanded in 1992, adding three new ORs as well as pre- and post-op areas for ophthalmology patients. Ophthalmology quickly grew to amount to 35 percent of the facility's case volume. Now twice its original size, the facility's nine ophthalmologists perform more than 4,500 ophthalmology procedures annually, always focused on excellent care as well as efficiency. A partnership between local physicians and Surgical Care Affiliates (SCA), Outpatient CareCenter is fully accredited by the AAAHC and is a leading member of the Alabama Association of Ambulatory Surgery Centers. "I'm proud of what we've been able to accomplish at Outpatient CareCenter in the last year," said Dare Underwood Hartsell, Administrator since May 2012. "The support we receive from SCA is admirable and always focused on helping us provide excellent patient care."

Peninsula Eye Surgery Center (Mountain View, Calif.). Peninsula Eye Surgery Center is a two-OR facility that opened in 2005. The ASC is accredited by AAAHC and Medicare-certified. Thirteen physicians perform cases at the center, including cataract, glaucoma, corneal operations, eye laser procedures and refractive surgeries using artificial lens implants.

Physicians' Eye Surgery Center (Charleston, S.C.). This fully-accredited and licensed ASC is the only independent, physician-directed ophthalmic surgery center in Charleston. There are 10 physicians performing surgery at the Physician's Eye Surgery Center, including cataract surgery, YAG Laser Capsulotomy and eyelid procedures. The center was recently one of five ophthalmology-driven ASCs to receive the 2012/2013 APEX Quality Award from Voyance.

Physicians Outpatient Surgery Center (Marietta, Ohio). The center is owned by three ophthalmologists, David S. George, MD; Scott H. Strickler, MD; and Zane P. Lazer, MD; who run a practice called the Eye MDs. Two other ophthalmologists use it. Sandy Barrett is practice administrator and Patty Burkhammer is the clinical manager at George, Strickler & Laser, The Eye MDs. The Physicians Outpatient Surgery Center includes two operating rooms and a designated laser suite. Since its opening, surgeons have performed 30,000 eye surgeries at the center, which also includes pharmacists, anesthesiologists, registered nurses and CRNAs. Surgeons perform retina surgery, cataract surgery, LASIK surgery and eyelid surgery. The center includes a hearing center.

Prairie Surgery Center (Springfield Ill.). The Prairie Eye Center includes services for cataract surgery, glaucoma, macular degeneration, fashion eyewear and contact lenses. Six surgeons and eight optometrists are affiliated with the center, which has earned Medicare certification and accreditation. Sandra Yeh, MD, is president and founder of Prairie Eye Center.

Retinal Ambulatory Surgery Center of New York (New York City). In 2008, the Retina Associates of New York established an ambulatory surgery center. It features two fully-equipped operating rooms, as well as pre- and postoperative areas. The center is used by four physicians, who treat a variety of conditions, including hypertensive retinopathy, age-related macular degeneration, lattice degeneration, retinal detachment, vascular disorders of the retina and more. The center is accredited by The Joint Commission, and Steven Klein serves as the center's chief executive officer.

Santa Barbara Surgery Center (Santa Barbara, Calif.). Santa Barbara Surgery Center is a multispecialty facility with a focus on ophthalmology. The center's nine physicians perform approximately 2,800 eye cases per year. Santa Barbara Surgery Center is accredited by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care and the California Ambulatory Surgery Association. Eric Reints serves as the center's chief executive director.

Sheepshead Bay Surgery Center (Brooklyn, N.Y.). Established in 1999, Sheepshead Bay features a 5,000-square-foot facility with a lobby and lounge, pre- and postoperative room, two operating rooms, a laser procedure room, a business and medical records office and a staff lounge. The center is accredited by The Joint Commission and has been awarded the Gold Seal of Approval. It is also licensed by the New York State Department of Health, Medicare and Medicaid. Steven Klein serves as the center's chief executive officer. The center recently added the ORA intraoperative wavefront aberrometer for real-time refractive information during surgery.

Specialty Surgery Center (San Antonio, Texas). Specialty Surgery Center is a multispecialty ASC in San Antonio with a focus on ophthalmology procedures. The 15 ophthalmologists, one pediatric ophthalmologist and six retina specialists at SSC perform more than 4,500 ophthalmology procedures each year. The center also offers the first laser technology approved by the FDA for cataracts, ReVista. Phillip Santillanes serves as the executive center director.

Specialty Surgical Center of Beverly Hills — Brighton Way (Beverly Hills, Calif.). The Specialty Surgical Center of Beverly Hills on Brighton Way is an ophthalmology-focused, multispecialty ASC that is managed by Symbion Healthcare. Vickie Arjoyan, RN, serves as the administrator and director of nursing. Ms. Arjoyan has worked at the center for nearly 15 years and in her current position for seven. The center recently added a cataract laser and other technological advances. The center features three operating rooms and one minor procedure room.

St. Louis Eye Surgery & Laser Center (Des Peres, Mo.). The physicians at St. Louis Eye Surgery & Laser Center provide outpatient surgical services including cataract removal, intraocular lens implantation, corneal transplantation, laser surgery, retinal surgery and oculoplastic procedures. The physicians perform more 1,000 procedures per month. The center is owned and operated by Des Peres Eye Surgery Center, and 18 local physicians have ownership interest in the center.

St. Luke's Cataract and Laser Institute (Tarpon Springs, Fla.). James Gill, MD, founded St. Luke's Cataract and Laser Institute, where he now serves as director. Pit Gills, MD, serves as president of the center. Dr. James Gills was the among the first physicians in the country to dedicate his practice to treating cataracts using intraocular lens implants in 1974 and has more than 40 years to the service of ophthalmology.  Dr. Pit Gills has a special interest in cataract and refractive surgery. The center includes the LenSx Blade-Free Laser Cataract Surgery system and LASIK refractive surgery. Additional procedures include retina treatment and surgery and glaucoma treatment.

SurgeCenter of Louisville (Louisville, Ky.). Opened in 1976, this multispecialty facility was one of the first outpatient surgery centers in the nation, and the very first ASC in the state of Kentucky. Now a partnership among local physicians, Kentucky One Health and Surgical Care Affiliates (SCA), the facility is accredited by the AAAHC and serves 42 physicians, including 17 ophthalmologists. The facility's four ORs were host to more than 2,500 ophthalmology cases in 2012 and saw a rise to more than 3,500 cases in 2013 thanks in part, to the addition of a LenSx Laser (the first in Louisville). The facility also features YAG and SLT laser procedures for both cataracts and plastic surgery. "Teamwork, efficiency, and supportive physician partners enable our facility to run such robust volumes through our small ORs," said Vicki Burns, Administrator. "Our facility has been the vanguard of many 'firsts' in our area, and we strive constantly to remain first in patient care as well."

Surgical Eye Center of Morgantown (W. Va.). This two-OR facility, which opened in 1997, is the only freestanding ASC in West Virginia accredited by The Joint Commission, according to the center. The seven ophthalmologists have performed around 20,000 surgeries at the center, including LASIK, cataract surgery, toric IOL implants, cornea transplants, glaucoma treatments and clear lens extraction. The center also offers BOTEX and Latisse.

Virginia Eye Institute (Richmond, Va.). The Virginia Eye Institute is a comprehensive eye care organization across central Virginia that owns and operates an outpatient ASC, which provides ophthalmology, ear, nose and throat services to pediatric and adult patients. All physicians are board certified and fellowship-trained. VEI's 28 ophthalmologists and eight optometrists provide treatment for an entire range of ophthalmic needs, including cataract surgery, retinal disorders, glaucoma care, corneal disorders, pediatric eye care and adult strabismus, reconstructive and cosmetic surgery, LASIK and refractive surgery and neuro-ophthalmology. Lisa Sizemore, RN, BSN, CRNO, serves as the ASC's director of surgical services.

Winchester (Va.) Eye Surgery Center. Eye Surgery Center of Winchester is the first single specialty ophthalmologic ambulatory surgery center in the city. The center provides cataract procedures, ReSTOR Lens procedures and Staar Collamer Lens procedures. Additionally, physicians perform corneal surgery, cataract surgery, oculoplastics, glaucoma surgery and general ophthalmology at the ASC. The AAAHC-accredited facility includes five physicians, led by medical director Frank H. Reuling, MD. Another surgeon at the ASC, John A. Stefano, MD, was among the first surgeons to perform radial keratotomy in the area in 1986 and one of the first to perform Custom-Vue LASIK in 2003. He is currently preparing his practice for Phakic IOLs and was among the first group of ophthalmologists approved in the United States to implant the ReSTOR Lens.

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