39 ASC management & development companies to watch — 2017

Here are 39 key companies involved in the management and development of ASCs.

Note: This list is not an endorsement of any company. The companies are listed in alphabetical order.

Acumen Healthcare (Marietta, Ga.). Andrew T. King founded Acumen Healthcare in 1999. Mr. King now serves as the company's president. Since its inception, the company has worked with more than 25 ASCs located across the United States, providing services related to accounting, development and operations.

Alliance Spine and Pain Centers (Atlanta). Robin J. Fowler, MD, founded Alliance Spine and Pain Centers, a physician-owned ASC management and development company. Dr. Fowler now serves as the company's chairman and medical director; Stephen Rosenbaum serves as the company's CEO. Alliance Spine and Pain Centers works with more than 10 ASCs, all of which are located in Georgia.

Ambulatory Healthcare Strategies (Rochester, N.Y.). John J. Goehle, MBA, CASC, CPA, founded Ambulatory Healthcare Strategies in 2009. Mr. Goehle now serves as the company's CEO and COO. The company's clients have almost doubled in size over the past year; today, Ambulatory Healthcare Strategies works with about 25 healthcare facilities, most of which are located in the northeast.

Ambulatory Surgical Centers of America (Hanover, Mass.). Tom Bombardier, MD, FACS; Brent Lambert, MD, FACS; and George Violin, MD, FACS, founded Ambulatory Surgical Centers of America in 1984. Luke M. Lambert, MBA, CFA, CASC, now serves as the company's CEO. The 16 ASCs the company manages are located across the United States, including a freestanding joint venture ASC in Bronx, N.Y., that opened last year.

AmSurg (Nashville, Tenn.). David Manning and Rodney Lunn founded AmSurg in 1986. Christopher A. Holden now serves as the company's CEO, director and president. The 256 ASCs the company manages are located across the United States, and focus on endoscopy and ophthalmology. A few AmSurg centers include orthopedics as well. In 2015, AmSurg net revenue reached $2.57 billion, up 58 percent from $1.62 billion in 2014.

ASD Management (Dana Point, Calif.; Dallas). Robert Zasa, MSHHA, FACMPE, and Joseph Zasa, JD, founded ASD Management in 1986; today, they both serve as the company's managing partners. The 23 ASCs the company manages are located across the United States. In 2015, the two founders wrote the first comprehensive book on ASC operations, titled Developing and Managing Ambulatory Surgery Centers.

Avanza Healthcare Strategies (Austin, Texas). Joan Dentler founded Avanza Healthcare Strategies in 2007. Ms. Dentler now serves as the company's CEO and president. The company, which does not require an equity stake in its ASC partners, provides consulting services to numerous ASCs across the United States. This past September, Avanza Healthcare Strategies contracted with a hospital-physician ASC joint venture in North Carolina, which marks the 41st state in the company's client portfolio.

Constitution Surgery Alliance (Avon, Conn.). Theodore J. Krawiec, MD, founded Constitution Surgery Alliance in 1997 as Constitution Surgery Centers. Kris Mineau now serves as the company's CEO and president. The 16 ASCs that Constitution Surgery Alliance works with are located in the northeastern region of the United States. The company's focus is on single-specialty ASCs, including gastroenterology, ophthalmology, otolaryngology, orthopedics and urology. The company boasts a history of successful turnarounds after turning a joint venture ASC that had been losing $500,000 each year into a center that generates seven-figuring annual distributions.

Covenant Surgical Partners (Nashville, Tenn.). Rick Jacques is the CEO and president of Covenant Surgical Partners, a company that was founded in 2008. The 28 ASCs the company manages are located across the United States. This past August, Covenant Surgical Partners acquired Villages Endoscopy & Surgical Center in Summerfield, Fla., which expanded the company's presence in the GI industry.

ECG Management Consultants (Seattle). Formerly known as Eveia Health, ECG Management Consultants' Ambulatory Surgery practice has been an industry leader in the ASC space since 1998. Led by Principal I. Naya Kehayes, ECG’s team partners with hospitals, ASCs and physician practices to provide management, business operations and strategy consulting  services that optimize performance in a value-based care environment. The ASC team’s background is bolstered by the firm’s national perspective and multidisciplinary approach to every engagement, with experience in healthcare strategy, finance, operations and technology.

Elite Surgical Affiliates (Houston). Lori Ramirez founded Elite Surgical Affiliates in 2008. Ms. Ramirez is now the company's CEO and president. The three Houston-based ASCs Elite Surgical Affiliates manages focus on orthopedics, spine surgery and pain management, among other medical specialties. This past November, the company's Elite Spine Centers initiative launched four spine-focused specialty practices in Texas.

Foundation HealthCare (Oklahoma City). Thomas A. Michaud founded Foundation HealthCare in 1996. Today, Mr. Michaud serves as the chairman, while Stanton M. Nelson serves as the CEO and Tom Newman serves as the COO of the company's surgery center division. The 10 ASCs Foundation HealthCare manages are located throughout the United States. This past May, the company acquired majority interest in the Dallas-based healthcare management company Ninety Nine Healthcare Management.

Frontier Healthcare (New York City). Frontier Healthcare was founded by Jordan Fowler, Roy Bejarano and Oleg Gutnik, MD, in 2010. Its more than 10 ASCs are located in the New York and New Jersey markets, and they cover a range of different specialties. The firm had previously focused on developing and operating ambulatory endoscopy centers but has since expanded. Frontier employ more than 150 physicians performing more than 125,000 operations annually. The company plans to expand to Florida and Texas. 

Hospital Corporation of America (Nashville, Tenn.). Hospital Corporation of America (Nashville, Tenn.). Thomas Frist Sr., Thomas Frist Jr., MD, and Jack Massey founded Hospital Corporation of America in 1968. Gregary W. Beasley now serves as the president of the company's ambulatory surgery division. The 116 ASCs HCA manages are located across the United States and the United Kingdom. Outpatient revenues comprise 40 percent of HCA's total patient revenues. In 2015, HCA's net income was $2.129 billion. That year, the company's facilities performed 909,400 outpatient surgeries — an increase of 17,800 outpatient surgeries compared to the previous year.

Laser Spine Institute (Tampa, Fla.). James St. Louis, DO; Glenn Hamburg, MD; and Michael Perry, MD, co-founded Laser Spine Institute in 2005. David Pillsbury now serves as the company's CEO. The seven ASCs the company manages, which are located in various regions of the United States, focus on minimally invasive spine surgery. Laser Spine Institute's most recent center, located in Cincinnati, opened in 2015.

Medical Facilities Corporation (Toronto, Ontario, Canada). Medical Facilities Corporation works with five specialty surgical hospitals located in Arkansas, Indiana, Oklahoma and South Dakota, as well as an ambulatory surgery center in California. The ASC has two operating rooms and one procedure room. Britt T. Reynolds has served as the company's CEO since May 2016.

Meridian Surgical Partners (Brentwood, Tenn.). Kenny Hancock and Cathy Kowalski founded Meridian Surgical Partners in 2006. Kenny Hancock now serves as the company's president and chief development officer and John C. Wilson Jr. serves as the company's CEO. Ms. Kowalski is currently the executive vice president and COO of the company. The 10 ASCs the company works with, many of which are specialized in orthopedics and spine surgery, are located across the United States.

Merritt Healthcare (Ridgefield, Conn.). Matthew Searles, MBA, and William Mulhall, RN, founded Merritt Healthcare in 2001. The company manages eight ASCs located in the northeastern United States — seven are based in Connecticut and one is based in New York. Merritt Healthcare advised RMC Medstone on the sale of majority interest in Modesto, Calif.-based Stanislaus Surgical Hospital, which was sold to Sutter Health.

Murphy Healthcare Group (Montvale, N.J., New York, N.Y.). Murphy Healthcare Group was started in 1990 by Robert Murphy, current CEO. John Murphy serves as president of the group. The chain is responsible for more than 30 ASCs throughout the United States, with a market cap of $650 million. The group specializes in turning around failing ASCs. Murphy frequently works with ENT, urology, pain management and podiatry centers, among other specialties.

Nobilis Health (Houston). Nobilis Health owns and manages more than 40 ASCs primarily in the Southwestern United States. Harry Fleming is the current CEO of the company with Steve Ozonian serving as the chairman of the board. Nobilis centers feature a variety of specialties including spine, pain, orthopedic, podiatry and several others. The firm frequently partners with physicians to develop centers under six brands including: North American Spine, Migraine Treatment Centers of America, Evolve, MIRI Women's Health, Onward Orthopedics and Nuestep. 

NueHealth (Leawood, Kan.). In 2015 Dan Tasset founded NueHealth, a privately owned venture of Nueterra Capital. Steve Harmon now serves as CEO of the company, which maintains operations in 28 states. NueHealth's portfolio includes multispecialty ASCs, hospitals, physical therapy centers and GI centers. This past January, NueHealth acquired the ASC management company Blue Chip Surgical Center Partners, including full ownership of the company's 11 ASCs.

Outpatient Healthcare Strategies (Kingwood, Texas). Outpatient Healthcare Strategies provides operational, performance enhancing and strategic planning services to ASCs and hospitals. Jessica Nantz is the president and founder of the company. She has 28 years of experience in the field, with 18 focused in the outpatient healthcare setting. She started the company after she founded and sold a successful ASC consulting company which focused on hospital outpatient departments and ASCs.

PhyBus (Brentwood, Tenn.). PhyBus develops and manages a variety of single and multispecialty ASCs. Rodney Lunn, president and CEO of the company, founded PhyBus in 2009. PsyBus has developed more than 200 ASCs across the country specializing most commonly in ophthalmology, endoscopy and pain management services. 

Physicians Endoscopy (Jamison, Pa.). Physician Endoscopy was founded in 1998. It specializes in developing and managing single-specialty endoscopic ASCs in both the joint venture and physician-owned formats. Barry Tanner is the CEO and founder of the company. Physicians Endoscopy has 42 centers across the nation. It recently was sold to Kelso & Company after being owned by Pamlico since August 2013.

Physicians Surgery Centers (Tarzana, Calif.). Glenn Cozen, Norm Lapin, JD, and Bob Trevathan, MBA, co-founded Physicians Surgery Centers in 1999. They currently serve as principals in the company. The company offers development and management services for 11 centers in the Southwestern United States. The centers are between 4,000 and 17,000 square feet with two to seven operating rooms each.

Pinnacle III (Lakewood, Colo.). Pinnacle III develops and manages single- and multi- speciality physician owned and joint venture surgery centers. It was founded in 1999 and has partnered with more than 40 centers. Robert Carrera is the president and CEO of the firm. He took over from company founder Richard DeHart, who now serves as principal partner with the company.

Practice Partners in Healthcare (Birmingham, Ala.). Larry Taylor founded Practice Partners in Healthcare in 2005. The company develops and manages centers serving as a minority shareholder. It has nine operational centers and three are in the process of being developed. A majority of its centers are in the Southeast with one in Colorado. They specialize in orthopedics and pain management.

Regent Surgical Health (Westchester, Ill.). Regent was founded in 2001 and manages 23 ASCs across the United States and in Europe. Regent facilitates partnerships in a 49/51 model, where the physician group owns 49 percent and the hospital has the majority ownership. Of the firm's centers, a majority of them specialize in orthopedics. Chris Bishop is the CEO of Regent. He recently replaced Tom Mallon who continues to serve on the board.

Solara Surgical Partners (Dallas). Founded in 2008, Solara Surgical Partners develops and manages single- and multispecialty centers. Solara has more than 100 facilities nationwide. Kenneth Ross is the CEO and founder of the company. He has more than 30 years of experience in the field and serves as a fellow with the American College of Healthcare Executives.

Sovereign Healthcare (Mission Viejo, Calif.). Sovereign Healthcare was founded in 2003 by Jeremy Hogue. The firm develops and manages ASCs while co-managing service lines of acute-care hospitals and managing the business side of physician practices. Sovereign has 13 centers and is a partner with four health systems. The centers specialize in a range of services including orthopedics and endoscopy. The centers are primarily located in the Southwestern United States. Jeremy Hogue is the president and CEO of the company. Recently, Sovereign partnered with the Biltmore Surgical Center.

Spine Centers of America (Fair Lawn, N.J.). Spine Centers of America has three centers offering endoscopic spine services throughout New Jersey. Bryan Massoud, MD, founded the firm and practices through it. He has performed more than 1,000 procedures throughout his career. Dr. Massoud specializes in minimally invasive endoscopic spine procedures.

Surgical Care Affiliates (Deerfield, Ill.). Surgical Care Affiliates was founded in 1982 by Joel Gordon, Andrew Miller and Jack Massey. The firm has developed and managed more than 200 ASCs and surgical hospitals nationwide. Its 7,500 physicians perform more than 800,000 procedures each year. Andrew Hayek is the current chairman and CEO of SCA. He began his tenure in 2008. Recently, SCA partnered with Executive Surgery Center, a physician-led, patient-focused, outpatient center. The company also entered into a strategic partnership with Austin, Texas-based Arise Healthcare, which includes three ASCs.

SurgCenter Development (Phoenix). SurgCenter Developments develops and operates more than 100 physician-focused ASCs nationwide. The firm's centers are typically between 5,000 to 9,000 square feet and have between one and three operating rooms. SurgCenter can develop a center in nine months. Gregory George, MD, and Sam O'Neal are the founding principals of SurgCenter. Recently one of the company's total hip and total knee replacement facilities was awarded the first ever advanced accreditation from The Joint Commission.

Sovereign Health System (Glen Rock, N.J.). Sovereign Health System, formerly Surgem, was founded in 2005 by Urologist John Hajjar, MD. Sovereign develops and manages 19 multispecialty ASCs mostly in the Eastern United States. The centers primarily offer cancer services. Dr. Hajjar serves as the founder, chairman and CEO. Sovereign recently invested in Fit4D, a digital health company focused on improving the health of people with diabetes.

Surgery One (San Diego). Surgery One is a network of surgery centers specializing in minimally invasive joint procedures. The company has four centers in California. Scott Leggett is the company's CEO. He has more than 20 years experience in the field. Recently the Carlsbad Center provided help to some of San Diego's most in need.

Surgery Partners (Nashville, Tenn.). Founded in 2004, Surgery Partners develops relationship with physicians and focuses on increasing the profitability of their single- and multispecialty practices. Michael Doyle is the CEO of the firm which has 96 facilities nationwide. The centers have a variety of specialties focusing on orthopedics and minimally invasive procedures among others. The firm recently tapped Teresa DeLuca to serve on its board of directors.

Surgical Management Professionals (Sioux Falls, S.D.). Established in 2004, Surgical Management Professionals acquires, manages and develops surgery centers and physician-owned hospitals. SMP has 20 centers mostly specializing in orthopedics. Its centers are primarily located in the Midwest with one in Canada. Michael Lipomi is the president and CEO of the company. He has more than 30 years experience in the field.

Tenet Healthcare/United Surgical Partners International (Dallas). Tenet Healthcare/United Surgical Partners develops and manages 79 hospitals, 20 short-stay surgical hospitals, and more than 470 outpatient centers nationwide and in Europe. Trevor Fetter is the chairman and CEO of Tenet. William Wilcox is the CEO of USPI. The firm's centers specialize in a variety of procedures. USPI was founded in 1998 and Tenet acquired 50.1 percent of the company in June 2015.

TRY Health Care Solutions (Salmon, Idaho). TRY Health Care Solutions was founded in 2005 by Thomas R. Yerden, The company handles assessments and planning services. It works with hospital-physician joint ventures and ASC mergers. Mr. Yerden additionally founded Aspen Healthcare. Before it sold, Aspen developed, opened and managed more than 75 surgery centers.

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