Why ASC leaders are hopeful

From positive work culture to a prioritization of self care, five ASC leaders joined Becker's to discuss what is making them hopeful. 

Question: What in the healthcare industry is making you hopeful right now? Why?

Editor's note: These responses were edited lightly for clarity and length.

Christine Blackburn, BSN, RN. Administrator of South Kansas City Surgicenter (Overland Park): I am hopeful when I see how we have created a good culture at our center by focusing on the staff and providers. Hiring for culture is also the way to increase morale and keep it at an all-time high. We may not be able to compete with hospital salaries, but we offer so much more with no on-call, holidays or weekends and flexible scheduling. Everyone needs to feel that they are a significant part of our center and they are part of our "work family."

Alfonso del Granado. Administrator and CEO of Covenant High Plains Surgery Centers (Lubbock, Texas): What makes me hopeful this year is what appears to be a slow but steady normalization in the healthcare labor market, so that we may be able to afford to continue providing quality care at reasonable rates to our patients despite Washington D.C.’s reticence.

Jerry Orloff. CEO of Southern Eye Center (Hattiesburg, Miss.): The return to the workplace of more and more people over age 50 and 60. These people bring with them a tremendous amount of experience and the work ethic that I am hopeful can be imported upon younger, less experienced employees for the good of all.

Jose Rivera. Administrator of Tri-County Heart Institute (The Villages, Fla.): We are seeing a new generation prioritize self-care and preventative health, potentially leading to a shift away from traditional health insurance in favor of catastrophic or hospital coverage. Also, promoting women to be part of STEM programs, particularly in specialized medicine.

Cheri Smith, RN. Former ASC Administrator of St. John's Surgery Center (Fort Myers, Fla.) While it seems to me that healthcare as a whole is on an ever-declining slope to ultimate failure, I am pleased to see that it seems that more qualified providers are returning to the workforce, albeit with some caveats. Hiring trends now are much healthier than when compared to a year ago, and while many of those seeking employment are expressing desires to have a greater control over their work-life balance, it is at least something for administration and facilities to work with as opposed to the limited pools in recent times. It is a strong belief of mine and relative to my experience that satisfied employees are the backbone to any successful business, and the satisfaction that they seek certainly varies between individuals. Balancing this among available resources typically leads to stronger teams, which lends to happier patients, contributing to satisfied doctors and ultimately pleased administration and shareholders. Quality most often outvalues quantity each and every time. 

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