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170 People to Know in the ASC Industry
Sami S. Abbasi. Mr. Abbasi is the chairman and CEO of National Surgical Care. Prior to joining National Surgical Care, he served as president and CEO of Radiologix, a leading national provider of diagnostic ...
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Core Trends in ASCs - 14 Observations
This article briefly highlights 14 observations regarding the current ASC industry. It outlines a number of thoughts on trends and challenges being faced by ambulatory surgery centers. 1. ASCs are ...
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Kathy Bryant of the ASC Association Discusses Critical Regulatory Issues
"Vigilance" is the word Kathy Bryant, president of the ASC Association, uses when describing the best course of action for ASCs to take in the face of new rules and regulations that have been implemented ...
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Publisher’s Letter
Healthcare Reform; ASC Trends and Transactions; ASC Communications and ASC Association present 16th Annual Improving the Profitability of ASCs Conference (Oct. 8-10, Chicago) - Special Discounts Available; ...
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5 Urology-Driven ASCs to Know
Here is a list of 5 great urology-driven ASCs. Ambulatory Urosurgical Center (Rockville, Md.). Ambulatory Urosurgical Center is dedicated to outpatient urological care. Physicians at the AAAHC-accredited ...
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6 Urology Procedures ASCs Should Perform to Maximize Profits
Adding and performing the following six urology procedures to satisfy patient needs and maximize profits. 1. Endoscopic procedures. Dr. Banno says that endoscopy allows him to view the urethra, prostate ...
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22 Facts About Urology in Surgery Centers
Here are 22 interesting statistics about urology in surgery centers. 1. Urology was represented in 23 percent of all ASCs in 2008. 2. Urology ranked fourth among specialties in average number ...
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10 Managed Care Best Practices for Urology
10 Managed Care Best Practices for Urology By Susan Charkin, MPH, and Steve Selbst 10 Managed Care Best Practices for Urology By Susan Charkin, MPH, and Steve Selbst ASCs and their urologists ...
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5 ENT-Driven ASCs to Know
Here is a list of 5 great ENT-driven ASCs. Abington Surgical Center (Willow Grove, Pa.). Abington Surgical Center is an outpatient surgical center privately owned by local physicians and Abington Memorial ...
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4 ENT Procedures ASCs Should Perform to Maximize Profits
Ajay Mangal, MD, MBA, a board-certified otolaryngologist and president and CEO of Cincinnati-based Prexus Health, a physician-owned developer and manager of ASCs, imaging centers and surgical hospitals, ...
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10 Statistics About ENT in Surgery Centers
10 Statistics About ENT in Surgery Centers 10 Statistics About ENT in Surgery Centers 1. ENT was represented in 26 percent of all surgery centers in 2007, which placed it in the top 10 of all specialties. ...
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6 Challenges Facing Ophthalmology in Surgery Centers and the Best Ways to Overcome Them
Surgery Center Market Report. As more surgery centers add ophthalmology and new ophthalmologic procedures to their services, it is important to consider some of the challenges unique to this specialty. ...
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5 Ophthalmology-Driven ASCs to Know
Here is a list of 5 great ophthalmology-driven ASCs. Ambulatory Surgery Center of Greater New York (Bronx, N.Y.). Ambulatory Surgery Center of Greater New York is a freestanding surgery center dedicated ...
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Opportunities for Growth in Ophthalmology Through Efficiency and Added Services
Surgery centers vary greatly in the ophthalmology services they offer; however opportunities for growth exist by making the services currently offered by the ASC more efficient and adding or expanding ...
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Are You Billing for your PC/AC IOL Cataract Cases Correctly?
Did you know that when your ASC facility has a Medicare patient who requests a Presbyopia-Correcting (PC) IOL lens or an Astigmatism-Correcting (AC) IOL lens (instead of a regular IOL) that there are special ...
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ASC CEO Discusses Surgery Center Benefits as Guest Columnist
She encourages other surgery center leaders to use the local media to promote the ASC industry. "I take every opportunity I can to get out the 'surgery center story,'" she says. "Promoting the efficiency ...
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10 Statistics About the Earnings and Growth of Registered Nurses
Here are statistics about the earnings and growth of registered nurses from the Bureau of Labor Statistics' Occupational Outlook Handbook: 2008-2009 Edition. Median annual earnings of registered ...
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Dr. Laxmaiah Manchikanti Discusses Current Trends in Interventional Pain Management
According to Dr. Manchikanti, the number of patients who are seeking interventional techniques in pain management is increasing. Chronic pain is on the rise at around 13.5 percent annually, based on a ...
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10 Statistics About Surgery Centers With More Than 50% Orthopedics
Here are 10 interesting statistics about surgery centers with greater than 50 percent of their case volume in orthopedics, from the VMG Health 2008 Intellimarker. 1. The average net revenue for facilities ...
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4 Things to Know About Bundled Pricing by ASCs
Are four things to know about bundled pricing use by ASCs to help you make the most of the opportunities this practice presents. 1. Expect to see an increased use of bundled pricing. The use of bundled ...
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Impact of the Recession on ASCs: Q & A with Mike Lipomi of RMC MedStone Capital
Mike Lipomi, president of RMC MedStone Capital, discusses the impact of the recession and the current financial market on ASCs. Q: How is the current recession impacting ASCs? Mike Lipomi: Overall, ...
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