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Hospital Ownership, Out-of-Network and Other Pressing ASC Issues: Q&A With Luke Lambert of ASCOA

Luke Lambert, CEO of ASCOA, discusses the biggest issues facing the ASC industry, the growth of hospital ownership and power, and where growth opportunities exist for surgery centers in the next few years.Click to continue »

Rising Stars: 32 ASC Industry Leaders Under 40

Here are 32 surgery center industry leaders who — despite their continued success, far-reaching influence and deep knowledge of the industry — have yet to reach age 40. Click to continue »

12 Keys to Financial Success--Ambulatory Surgical Centers

This article discusses 12 ideas and tactics that are critical to ASC success today and over the next 24 to 36 months. Click to continue »

Publisher's Letter: 6 Key Issues Facing Healthcare in the Second Half of 2012

The first half of 2012 has been an incredibly busy and momentous one for healthcare. Click to continue »

Ambulatory Surgery Centers--11 Key Legal Risk Areas

There are several different legal issues that face the surgery center industry. This article briefly outlines 11 core legal risk areas. Click to continue »

5 Qualities to Look for in a Surgery Center Third-Party Patient Financing Program

Many patients today are facing higher out-of-pocket costs, including increased deductibles and co-pays that can make moving forward with surgical procedures a challenge. Click to continue »

Leading a Surgery Center During a Time of Change: Q&A With John Wipfler and Linda Ruterbories of Orthopaedic Surgery Center

John Wipfler, CEO of OA Centers for Orthopaedics in Portland, and Linda Ruterbories, ANP, director of OA's Orthopaedic Surgery Center, discuss the process and challenges of leading an ambulatory surgery center through times of change. Click to continue »

10 Good Ideas to Grow Single-Specialty Surgery Center Case Volume

Here are 10 ways for single-specialty surgery centers to increase case volume. Click to continue »

12 Steps to More Robust Reimbursement in a Surgery Center

Jessica Nantz, president and founder of Outpatient Healthcare Strategies, discusses 12 strategies to improve reimbursement processes in your surgery center. Click to continue »

7 Ways for Surgery Centers to Make More Money Now

Arthur E. Casey, CASC, senior vice president of business development for Outpatient Healthcare Strategies, discusses seven ways to foster surgery center culture that emphasizes cost cutting, innovation and profitabilit. Click to continue »

9 Points for ASCs on Achieving Financial Solvency

Financial solvency is important for surgery centers as they consider their options for long-term growth and viability. Click to continue »

Navigating Regulations, Reimbursements and Growth: Q&A With Minnesota Valley Surgery Center Administrator Sharon Richomnd

Since opening in 2006, Minnesota Valley Surgery Center in Burnsville has aimed to improve the quality of patient care, maximize efficiency and reduce costs. Despite persistent regulatory and reimbursement challenges, the multispecialty center has largely succeeded in meeting these goals. Click to continue »

8 Steps to Build a Cash-Pay Program at Surgery Centers

Here are eight steps to build a cash-pay program at ambulatory surgery centers. Click to continue »

How Do ASCs Increase Case Volume in the Current Healthcare Environment? Q&A With Jared Leger of Arise Healthcare

Jared Leger, president and CEO of Arise Healthcare, discusses major issues facing the ASC industry, as well as what surgery centers can do to combat challenges like hospital employment, declining reimbursement and the disappearance of out-of-network. Click to continue »

6 Ways to Boost ASC Business by Saying 'Yes' to Surgeons

As the ASC market becomes more and more competitive, surgery center administrators must take viability into their own hands. Click to continue »

Where Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery is Headed: Q&A With Dr. Frank Phillips of Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush

Dr. Frank Phillips discusses recent developments in minimally invasive spine surgery, as well as the roadblocks spine surgeons sometimes face in getting reimbursements. Click to continue »

10 Tools to Bring to an 'Evidence-Based' ASC Payor Contract Negotiation

Here, Dan Connolly, MHS, ARM, vice president of payor contracting for Pinnacle III, discusses 10 tools to bring to an evidence-based negotiation. Click to continue »

ASC Forensic Collections: Unearthing Hidden Treasures

It doesn't matter where you stand on the ongoing health care debate; the unavoidable fact is healthcare providers must continue to pare down costs without sacrificing quality. Click to continue »

10 Top Reasons to Invest in a Surgery Center Now

Here, industry experts discuss the top 10 reasons why now is a great time for surgeons to invest in ASCs. Click to continue »

10 Steps to Modernize Surgery Centers With Interior Design

Barbara Dokulil, IIDA, LEED AP, an interior designer at BJAC, discusses the trends in ambulatory surgery center design and modernization to optimize the patient experience and working environment. Click to continue »

5 Operating Agreement Considerations for ASCs Pursuing Joint Ventures With Hospitals

Nap Gary, chief operating officer of Regent Surgical Health, weighs in on considerations ASC owners should make prior to pursuing a hospital joint venture. Click to continue »

Is Out-of-Network Reimbursement Disappearing for ASCs? Q&A With John Bartos of Collect Rx

Here John Bartos, CEO of Collect Rx, a company that specializes in helping surgery centers increase reimbursements on out-of-network bills, discusses how out-of-network has changed in the last 10 years, and whether the strategy has a future given the changing healthcare market. Click to continue »

6 Points on Medicare Reimbursement Trends in Surgery Centers

Cathy Weaver, senior manager at Somerset CPAs in Indianapolis, Ind., discusses five trends in Medicare reimbursement in the ambulatory surgery center setting over the past several years. Click to continue »

Are Bundled Payments Near for Surgery Centers? Q&A With Dr. Jason Hwang of Innosight Institute

Jason Hwang, MD, co-founder and executive director of health care at the nonprofit think tank Innosight Institute and co-author of The Innovator's Prescription: A Disruptive Solution for Health Care with Harvard Business School Professor Clayton Christensen, discusses bundled payments and the trend extending to ambulatory surgery centers. Click to continue »

7 Core Concepts to Leverage ASC Data in Payor Negotiations

Steve Arnold, MD, chief medical officer at Access MediQuip, discusses seven core concepts for leveraging surgery center data during payor negotiations. Click to continue »

Biggest Factors in Surgery Center Supply Chain Management Today: Q&A With Lori Pilla of Amerinet

Lori Pilla, vice president of Amerinet Clinical Advantage and Supply Chain Optimization, discusses potential cost savings in supply chain management and where the relationship between providers and device companies is headed in the future. Click to continue »

8 Tactics to Bring Surgeons Onboard for Implant Standardization at Surgery Centers

Lori Pilla, vice president of Amerinet Clinical Advantage and Supply Chain Optimization, discusses eight tactics to bring surgeons on the same page for supply chain standardization. Click to continue »

FDA Proposes Medical Device Unique Device Identification System

FDA has announced it has proposed that most medical devices distributed in the United States carry a unique device identifier. Click to continue »

145 Great Women Leaders in the ASC Industry

Here are 145 women leaders in the surgery center industry who work tirelessly to oversee surgery center operations, orchestrate ASC purchases and partnerships, improve clinical quality, advocate for surgery centers on the political stage or otherwise benefit the industry. Click to continue »

7 Steps to Kick-Start a Positive Surgery Center Culture

Mary Sturm, RN, MBA, senior vice president of clinical operations at Surgical Management Professionals, discusses seven steps to kick-start a positive culture in ambulatory surgery centers. Click to continue »

5 Ways to Attract Superstar Surgeons to Your ASC

Several industry leaders highlight ways to boost a surgery center's reputation in the eyes of the most sought-after physician recruits. Click to continue »

9 Points on Recruiting New Physicians in Tough Markets

Tony Stajduhar, president of the permanent physician recruitment division at Jackson & Coker, discusses four major market barriers surgery centers may face when recruiting new physicians. Click to continue »

15 Statistics on Physician Compensation for Key Surgery Center Specialists

Here are 15 statistics on surgeon compensation for key ambulatory surgery center specialties based on data from Medscape's Physician Compensation Report 2012. The report is based on data collected in February 2012 and includes 24,216 physician respondents.. Click to continue »

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