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Out-of-Network Payment Squeeze: 4 ASC Trends and Challenges
Recent moves in some states by insurers to restrict the use of out-of-network facilities by their members have created a headache for many ASCs around the country. Although out-of-network facilities continue ...
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Healthcare Reform: An Overview of Key Concepts

This article describes the overriding goals and concepts discussed in the healthcare reform plans currently under consideration by the Congress. Specifically, the article discusses the concept of a public ...
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72 Physician Leaders in the ASC Industry

Here is a list of 72 physician leaders who have made significant contributions to the ASC industry. David J. Abraham, MD. Dr. Abraham is one of the entrepreneurial leaders at The Reading Neck & ...
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Publisher’s Letter

Healthcare Reform; Safe Harbors; Out of Network; 16th Annual ASC Conference: Improving Profitability and Business and Legal Issues (Oct. 8-10) — Early Registration Discounts ...
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50 ASC Administrators to Know

The following is a list of outstanding administrators at surgery centers across the country. To read an administrator's complete profile, please click on his or her name ...
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CEO Spotlight: Q&A With Jane Keller of Indiana Orthopedic Hospital
Jane Keller, RN, CEO of the Indiana Orthopaedic Hospital in Indianapolis, has been in the healthcare field for more than 20 years, working first as a trained RN in the operating room and later specializing in orthopedics ...
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Compliance Guidelines Related to Selling Units in an ASC to Physician Investors
This article provides guidance on selling units in an ASC to physician investors. This is based on federal cases related to the syndication of interests in hospitals, labs and joint ventures and Office of Inspector General comments related to ASCs ...
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Federal Court Rules Physician Suit Against Surgery Center for Enforcing Safe Harbor One-Third Tests A Decision for State Court
The 7th Circuit Federal Appellate Court has ruled that a recent lawsuit brought forth by a physician-partner of an Illinois surgery center when the center attempted to revoke his partnership because he failed to perform one-third of his cases at the center did not involve federal issues and instead should be heard in state court. This case is particularly significant because it is one of the few written opinions that involves the buying out a surgeon for failure to comply with ASC safe harbors ...
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Anesthesiologist Involvement in an ASC: Q&A With Howard Balkenbusch of Associated Anesthesiologists of Fort Wayne

Howard (Skip) Balkenbusch, CEO of Associated Anesthesiologists of Fort Wayne, Ind., offers is thoughts on the hotly debated topic of anesthesiologists' involvement with ASCs ...
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Anesthesiologist Dr. Sterling Wood Discusses Anesthesia Challenges and Opportunities for ASCs
New Jersey-based, board-certified anesthesiologist Sterling "Chip" Wood, MD, partner at Atlantic Ambulatory Anesthesia Associates and executive vice president and chief medical officer of Trinity Surgical Worldwide, discusses challenges and opportunities for anesthesia services in ASCs ...
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8 Statistics About Operating Expenses as a Percent of a Surgery Center’s Total Net Revenue
Here are some common operating expenses for ASCs and the average and median percentage they represent of the center's total net revenue from VMG Health's 2008 Intellimarker ...
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Overcoming the Anesthesia Provider Shortage: Q&A With Marc Koch of Somnia Anesthesia
A critical shortage of anesthesia providers is currently impacting hospitals, ASCs and other surgical facilities throughout the United States. Here, Marc Koch, MD, MBA, president and CEO of Somnia Anesthesia, discusses how surgery facilities can adapt to overcome this provider shortage ...
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10 Steps to Prepare for and Respond to Anesthesia Subsidy Requests
As surgery centers and surgeons struggle with a Medicare payment system which reimburses at rates that are often barely high enough to break even on procedures, let alone make a profit, it is easy to overlook how reimbursement declines ...
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Value of Single-Specialty Surgery Centers: Q&A With Richard Jacques of Covenant Surgical Partners
Richard Jacques, president and CEO of Covenant Surgical Partners, discusses the pros and cons of single-specialty ASCs ...
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