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Becker's ASC Review - Current Issue - November 2009

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10 Steps to Increase the Life Span of a Surgery Center

A physician, years ago, informed an audience that the life span of a surgery center was exactly 13 years. We had never put an exact time frame on it. That stated, his comments and thoughts resonated as often true...

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10 ASC Salary Statistics From the ASC Association 2009 ASC Employee Salary & Benefits Survey

The ASC Association has released the results of its 2009 ASC Employee Salary & Benefits Survey. Data were collected using a 82-question survey sent to 5,111 ASCs, including ASC Association members and Medicare-certified ASCs...

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47 Concepts to Consider for ASCs

This article highlights 47 concepts each ASC owner and operator should consider. It provides insight into general management issues, specialty issues, regulatory issues and several other issues...

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Publisher's Letter

2009 has been an incredibly interesting year. Here are six quick thoughts...

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16 Coding, Billing and Collections Best Practices

2 Tips for Using Modifier -50. Modifier -50 is used to indicate that a procedure has been performed on both sides of the body during the same operative session...

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10 Observations About Anesthesiologists From Incoming ASA President Dr. Alexander A. Hannenberg

Alexander A. Hannenberg, MD, who will become president of the American Society of Anesthesiologists during its annual meeting in October, discusses 10 facts that every surgeon or hospital executive should...

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Operating Expense Analysis Per Case for Surgery Centers by Total Case Volume

Here are the average operating expenses per case for surgery centers organized by a center's total case volume, according to VMG Health's 2009 Intellimarker. 1. Total operating expenses All facilities...

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10 ASCs Performing More Than 10,000 Procedures Annually

Here is a list of 10 ASCs across the country performing more than 10,000 procedures annually. Ambulatory Surgery Center of Spartanburg (Spartanburg, S.C.). Ambulatory Surgery Center of Spartanburg...

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5 Anti-kickback Cases Making Headlines

Here are five anti-kickback cases making headlines this summer. The situations involve physicians, hospitals, device makers and pharmaceutical companies...

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15 Great Single-Specialty ASCs

Alabama Digestive Health and Endoscopy Center (Birmingham, Ala.). Alabama Digestive Health and Endoscopy Center is single specialty ASC specializing in gastroenterology. The ASC is a joint venture between Practice Partners in Healthcare...

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Overcoming 3 ASC Crisis Scenarios

Day-to-day operations typically run smoothly at ASCs. Minor problems may arise, but a well-trained staff can handle them seamlessly...

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Gastroenterology in ASCs: 10 Fast Facts

1). Gastroenterology remains the number one single specialty for procedures in ASCs by volume. 2). It is one of the top three specialties in ASCs. The other two types of specialties are orthopedics...

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3 Things Wrong With the AMA’s Support of the President’s Healthcare Reform Plan

The president has aggressively marketed the support of certain industry groups such as the pharmaceutical industry, the AMA and the AHA to help sell healthcare reform...

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ASC Financing: Sound Strategies & Proven Tactics

There's one thing that's all successful and profitable ASCs have in common — effective financing strategies. Every ASC business differs in terms of specific capital requirements and local market conditions...

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10 ASC Revenue Cycle Sticking Points

Accelerating the "revenue cycle" reduces the time it takes to get paid and thereby reduces the accounts receivable balance on the balance sheet (increasing cash)...

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Average Surgery Center Staff Hours Per Case

Here are the average staff hours per case for employees in ASCs by the total number of cases a surgery center performs annually, according to VMG Health's 2009 Intellimarker...

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Co-Founder of Successful Oklahoma Surgery Center Shares Advice for Growing Your ASC

Keith Smith, MD, founded Surgery Center of Oklahoma in Oklahoma City, Okla., with one other physician, Steven Lantier, MD, in 1997. Since its inception, the ASC has continually added physician partners...

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Case Revenue Statistics for 11 Surgical Specialties

Here are the average gross charges and net revenue for cases in 11 surgical specialties for surgery centers in the Southwestern United States, according to VMG Health's 2009 Intellimarker. 1. ENT Gross...

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6 Toyota Production System Concepts to Improve ASC Efficiency

At first glance, healthcare and the automotive industry have very little in common. However, when looking at how both healthcare and the automotive industry conduct their daily operations, more similarities can be seen...

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