10 insights on resident lifestyles, careers & more: Medscape

Medscape's 2021 Resident Lifestyle and Happiness Report provides insight into residents' work-life balance, career decisions and lifestyles.

Medscape surveyed 1,509 U.S. medical residents from March 22 until June 1 for the report.

10 notes from the report:

How often do residents have time to lead a satisfying social life?
Never/rarely: 35 percent
Sometimes: 47 percent
Always/most of the time: 18 percent

How residents feel about their role amid COVID-19
Worried about healthcare overall: 39 percent
More proud of becoming a physician: 33 percent
More appreciated as a medical professional: 29 percent
Less appreciated as a medical professional: 25 percent
Worried about the future of their chosen profession: 18 percent

Percentage of residents who have reconsidered entering the medical field because of COVID-19: 17 percent

Percentage of residents who have reconsidered their specialty because of COVID-19: 10 percent

Key factors residents will look for in a first job
Work schedule/call hours: 36 percent
Supportive organization/practice environment: 22 percent
Starting salary/compensation: 15 percent
Educational/professional growth opportunities: 9 percent
Potential for career advancement: 6 percent
Organization/practice's patient population: 4 percent
Amount of staff support: 2 percent
Prestige of the organization/practice: 1 percent
Other: 4 percent

What would help residents avoid burnout at work
Manageable work schedule/call hours: 67 percent
Sufficient compensation to avoid financial stress: 45 percent
Flexibility in schedule: 40 percent
Reasonable patient loads: 37 percent
Adequate support staff: 35 percent
Positive attitudes of colleagues: 34 percent
Adequate amount of paid vacation: 28 percent
Educational/professional growth opportunities: 10 percent

How often residents have time for personal wellness
Never/rarely: 33 percent
Sometimes: 45 percent
Always/most of the time: 22 percent

How often residents feel depressed
Never/rarely: 53 percent
Sometimes: 36 percent
Always/most of the time: 11 percent

What residents find most rewarding about residency
The clinical knowledge and experience: 73 percent
Gratitude of/relationships with patients: 68 percent
Being very good at what they do: 67 percent
Relationships with other residents: 63 percent
Being proud of being a doctor: 52 percent
Knowing they are making the world a better place: 47 percent
Potential for making good money as a physician: 39 percent
Nothing: 1 percent

Residents who have doubts about being a good physician
Never/rarely: 27 percent
Sometimes: 49 percent
Always/most of the time: 25 percent

To view the full report, click here.

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