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  1. $31.5M ASC expansion set to open in South Carolina

    Winston-Salem, N.C.-based Wake Forest Baptist Health is opening a newly expanded ASC at West Columbia, N.C.-based Lexington Medical Center in September, according to the Triad Business Journal.  By Rachel Popa -
  2. ASC supply chain tip: Lean on your distributor

    Chris Childers, Cardinal Health's national sales director of strategic accounts, weighed in on best supply chain practices for ASCs.  By Rachel Popa -
  3. 3 steps to ensure successful billing at a new ASC

    One of the main challenges to getting a new ASC up and running is putting billing processes in place, according to Surgical Information Systems.  By Rachel Popa -

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  1. Sen. Marsha Blackburn visits Tennessee ASC

    Sen. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tennessee, visited The Surgery Center of Cleveland (Tenn.) Wednesday to learn about the procedures that physicians perform there, and how the facility saves patients money, according to the Cleveland Banner.  By Rachel Popa -
  2. Avicenna Ambulatory Surgery Center in New York celebrates 4 years

    The Avicenna Ambulatory Surgery Center in New York City celebrated its four-year anniversary.  By Rachel Popa -
  3. These are the 12 states where healthcare is the highest paying industry

    Companies in the healthcare industry pay the most in over a quarter of U.S. states, according to data from the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations cited by  By Rachel Popa -
  4. The state of SCA & 4 other must read articles

    Here are five of the most read articles on Becker's ASC Review this week:  By Rachel Popa -

Beyond Enhanced Recovery After Surgery 

Employing Opioid-Free Pain Management in the Surgical Setting
  1. ASC payment updates, CON reform & more: 4 legislative changes for ASCs to know

    Here are four legislative updates from the past month:  By Angie Stewart -
  2. 5 hospitals, health systems opening or planning ASCs

    Here are five hospitals and health systems that opened or announced ASCs in July:  By Angie Stewart -
  3. CMS proposes 2020 rate for total knee arthroplasty

    CMS proposed a payment rate of $8,639.97 for total knee arthroplasty in its 2020 outpatient and ASC prospective payment system proposed rule.  By Angie Stewart -
  4. Anesthesiologist shares ways to improve patient satisfaction

    Keeping patients satisfied in the ASC setting is crucial to achieving success.  By Eric Oliver -

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  1. Vancouver Clinic earns approval for new ASC

    Vancouver (Wash.) Clinic earned approval for a new ASC, the Vancouver-S.W. Washington Business Journal reports.  By Eric Oliver -
  2. Florida Surgery Consultants opens 7th location — 3 insights

    Palm Harbor-based Florida Surgery Consultants opened its seventh clinic in Polk County, Fla., The Ledger reports.  By Eric Oliver -
  3. The careers medical residents consider outside of medicine

    Medscape's Residents Lifestyle & Happiness Report 2019 dove into how medical residents feel about their career so far in medicine, and what they look forward to in their future positions post residency.  By Rachel Popa -
  4. Equipment from shuttered physician-owned hospital in Texas to go up for auction

    Medical equipment from a physician-owned hospital in Dallas that closed last month is scheduled to be auctioned off Aug. 21 and 22.  By Rachel Popa -
  5. 3 steps to negotiating an insurance contract for an ASC

    Preparation is key to successfully negotiating an insurance contract with a payer, according to a LinkedIn post from Suzann Crowder, CEO of Health Care Billing of St. Charles.  By Rachel Popa -
  6. 5 most common sentinel events of 2019

    The Joint Commission released a list of the most common sentinel events in the first six months of 2019.  By Rachel Popa -
  7. Physicians Endoscopy joint venture & 4 other must-read articles

    Here are five of the most-read articles in Becker's ASC Review this week:  By Rachel Popa -
  8. 4 new joint-venture ASCs — July 2019

    Here are four joint-venture ASCs opened or announced in July:  By Eric Oliver -
  9. What Physicians Endoscopy did this summer

    The year started slow for Jamison, Pa.-based Physicians Endoscopy, but the gastroenterology-focused management company made headlines throughout the summer.  Here is everything the company did these past 90 days.   By Eric Oliver -

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