• 35 summer reading picks for surgeons

    Though in some places around the country the hot weather has just kicked in, summer's last hurrah is around the corner. Now is the last chance to close out the season with a trip to the beach and a good read. The following are 35 recommended reads for surgeons, physicians, healthcare professionals and anyone who wants a closer look at the many facets of healthcare and healthcare business in the United States.
  • 10 orthopedics-driven ASCs with 4+ ORs

    Here are 10 orthopedics-driven ambulatory surgery centers that include more than four operating rooms.  
  • 113 women leaders in the ASC industry to know

    From the C-suite and board room to the operating room, here are 113 women who hold leadership positions in the ambulatory surgery center industry.
  • Infection control champions: 4 ASCs with a 0% infection rate

    Here are four ambulatory surgery centers that have maintained a 0 percent infection rate over a significant period of time. The time frame for each infection rate statistic varies.
  • 60 ASC Management & Development Company CEOs to Know

    Here are 60 leaders of management and development companies in the ambulatory surgery center industry.
  • 4 narrow-focus ASCs with quick turnover time

    Here are four narrow-focus ambulatory surgery centers with efficient turnover times.
  • 4 evolving giants in the ASC industry

    In a time of uncertainty and turmoil in the ASC industry, these four ASC management and development company leaders have kept the outlooks for their companies strong, pursuing aggressive development strategies, aligning themselves with other innovative healthcare leaders and keeping their vision turned toward the future to capitalize on emerging ASC business trends.
  • 11 ASCs adding spine, orthopedic procedures

    Here are 11 ambulatory surgery centers that have added or will soon add spine and orthopedic procedures.
  • 12 ASCs with innovative cost-cutting initiatives

    Here are 12 ambulatory surgery centers with innovative and effective cost-cutting strategies.
  • 13 orthopedics-driven ASCs that are 10,000+ square feet

    Here are 13 orthopedics-driven ambulatory surgery centers that are 10,000 square feet or larger.
  • Women in the ASC industry: 5 physician leaders to know

    The following are five female physician leaders to know in the ASC industry:
  • 4 ASCs with great employee engagement initiatives

    Here, four ambulatory surgery center administrators discuss ways that they keep employees engaged at their surgery centers.
  • 6 ASCs with 15+ specialties

    Here are six ambulatory surgery centers that offer 15 or more specialties.
  • Shedding light on healthcare costs: 9 ASCs offering price transparency

    Here are nine ambulatory surgery centers that offer patients the prices for procedures beforehand.
  • 100 ASC industry physician leaders to know

    Physicians are the founding force and backbone of the ambulatory surgery center industry. Here are 100 physicians who have made an impact on the ASC industry through leadership at individual centers, creating companies, founding ASCs and advocating for surgery centers across the country.
  • 14 administrators celebrating 15+ years at the same ASC

    Here are 14 ambulatory surgery center administrators who have held their position for 15 years or more at the same center.
  • 19 ASCs offering retina surgery

    Here are 19 ambulatory surgery centers that offer surgical treatments for retinal conditions.  
  • Making the switch: 3 ASCs implementing EHR

    Here are three ambulatory surgery centers affiliated with Oak Brook (Ill.) Medical Management, which made the switch to an electronic health record system.
  • 111 ASC administrators to know

    Here are 111 ambulatory surgery center administrators to know.
  • 3 ASCs with robotic orthopedics technology

    Here are three ambulatory surgery centers that have acquired new technology for orthopedic procedures.

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