What are the differences in patients treated in ASCs vs. HOPDs?

A study from the American Hospital Association conducted by KNG Health Consulting found there were significant differences in patients treated in ASCs and hospital outpatient departments.

KNG Health Consulting researched Medicare inpatient, outpatient data and measured medical complexity and patient severity through the Charlson Comorbidity Index that assigns weight to severe conditions that influence mortality.

The key study details to know:

Patients under 65 years old
HOPD: 17.7 percent
ASC: 9.7 percent

65 - 75 years old
HOPD: 47.4 percent
ASC: 56 percent

75 - 84 years old
HOPD: 26.7 percent
ASC: 28.4 percent

85 years or older
HOPD: 8.2 percent
ASC: 6 percent

Average Charlson Comorbidity Index
HOPD: 3.12 percent
ASC: 2.16 percent

Patients with at least one complication or comorbidity:
HOPD: 66.6 percent:
ASC: 52.8 percent

Patients with at least one major complication or comorbidity:
HOPD: 23 percent
ASC: 23 percent

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