CDC: Dwindling Zika funding to leave US in vulnerable state — 10 things to know

The CDC reported the government is nearly out of funds to fight off the Zika virus, according to The New York Times.

Here are 10 things to know:

1. If Congress does not allot more funding soon, the government will not be able to fight another outbreak.

2. Of the $222 million allotted, the CDC had spent $194 million as of Aug. 26.

3. With three new Zika cases reported in Florida, the CDC is again urging Congress to approve new funding.

4. So far, the CDC sent $35 million to Florida, which the state has mainly used to kill mosquitoes.

5. The Senate has planned a vote on a $1.1 billion Zika bill when they return from the summer recess on Sept. 6.

6. Democrats don't view the legislation favorably, however, because it doesn't approve funding for contraception through Planned Parenthood as a way to fight the virus' spread.

7. Public health experts noted the Gulf Coast, where most of the Zika mosquitoes exist, is only halfway through its peak mosquito season. They are concerned the virus could quickly strike Houston and New Orleans.

8. So far, 16 infants have been born with microcephaly in the United States. The CDC is currently monitoring 1,200 pregnant women in the United States who have confirmed Zika infections.

9. The Zika funding fight has been ongoing since February, when President Obama asked for $1.9 billion to fight the virus. Republicans blocked the bill, and offered their $1.1 billion alternative.

10. The Obama administration recently took $81 million from biomedical research as well as antipoverty programs to boost the diminishing Zika funding.

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