Glowing Gel May Increase Hand Hygiene Among Pediatric Patients

Use of a glowing gel that shows younger patients how well they wash their hands by illustrating bacteria they missed while washing and may significantly improve hand hygiene, according to a Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America news release.

The researchers recruited 60 pediatric patients and utilized Glo Germ Gel for their study. Under a black light, a yellow glow shows where dirt and germs are present. After seeing the dirty spots, the participants were asked to wash their hands with soap and water as they normally would. After washing, the researchers put the black light over the children's hands again, revealing the spots they had missed when washing. The hands were rated both before and after washing on a four-point cleanliness scale from "very dirty" to "very clean."


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Following the test, half the children were given a brief lesson in hand hygiene, while the others received no additional education. All children were then asked to return two to four weeks later to repeat the test. During the follow up appointment, 77 percent of the original participants returned to have their hand washing re-evaluated. Researchers found that every child who returned scored significantly better on the cleanliness scale, regardless of whether they received handwashing education.

Read the news release about pediatric hand hygiene.

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