14 CDC Recommendations to Prevent Surgical Site Infections

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention make the following 14 recommendations to prevent surgical site infections.


Before surgery

1. Administer antimicrobial prophylaxis in accordance with evidence-based standards and guidelines.


2. Treat remote infections-whenever possible before elective operations.


3. Avoid hair removal at the operative site unless it will interfere with the operation; do not use razors.


4. Use appropriate antiseptic agent and technique for skin preparation.


Also consider

5. Nasal screening and decolonization for Staphylococcus aureus carriers for select procedures (i.e., cardiac, orthopaedic, neurosurgery procedures with implants).


6. Screen preoperative blood glucose levels and maintain tight glucose control.


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During surgery

7. Keep OR doors closed during surgery except as needed for passage of equipment, personnel and the patient.


Also consider

8. Redose antibiotic at the three-hour interval in procedures with a duration of greater than three hours.


9. Adjust antimicrobial prophylaxis dose for obese patients (body mass index >30).


10. Use at least 50 percent fraction of inspired oxygen intraoperatively and immediately postoperatively in select procedure(s).

After Surgery

11. Maintain immediate postoperative normothermia.


12. Protect primary closure incisions with sterile dressing.


13. Control blood glucose level during the immediate post-operative period (cardiac).


14. Discontinue antibiotics according to evidence-based standards and guidelines.


For more guidance, download the CDC's SSI Toolkit (pdf).


Source: CDC


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