Importance of Signs in the Healthcare Work Place

The following article is written by Matt Smith, marketing analyst for Healthmark Industries Co.


You can't avoid them. They are everywhere you turn. They can be seen when you're inside, outside or even out in the streets. Signs are such a huge part of our culture that it's impossible to look in any direction without noticing them. They tell us when to go, stop and how to use certain products.


Signs have proven to be a vital part of human culture and it's one thing that every society shares. They are important way of life, and among the most important are signs in the healthcare workplace.


Healthcare signs that communicate important information are probably the most useful in a hospital setting. Hospitals are usually very large facilities and without signs, visitors would never find where they are looking to go, policies and procedures would never get followed and in the event of an emergency, it would be absolute chaos.


Think about it carefully. When a hospital needs to inform visitors, employees and patients on what to do in case of emergencies, where rooms are or what a certain department is, they use signs. In order to be effective, these signs must draw attention and communicate clearly. Could you imagine if you walked into a room with biohazard chemicals because you didn't notice the sign?


Signs play another function: they convey an image — an image about a community, a company, a healthcare facility and even an individual department. Quality signs that are attractive and also effectively communicate the message clearly reflect well upon the sign designer. How do you judge a sign? Does it attract attention and get the message across?


Communication is the most important factor in any department. Make sure when you are planning processes, policies or procedures that you have effective signs to communicate to your staff, vendors and visitors.


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