“We find both the Becker’s Spine Review and the Spine – Pain ASC Annual meeting very helpful. Certainly both are a source of information which a specialized medical practice such as ours cannot access from any other material. Current trends and regulation, reimbursement, employment, and economic issues are all discussed. It’s especially interesting to hear thoughts and strategies from our colleagues across the country. Our CEO and reimbursement managers find Becker’s Spine Review a must read.” - Donald R Johnson, MD, Medical Director, Southeastern Spine Institute

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“Becker’s Spine Review is an accurate, truly up-to the minute resource that combines critical information with on-point thought leadership. As a neurological spine surgeon and founder of two surgery centers, I consider it one of my must reads.” - Robert S. Bray, Jr., MD, DISC Sports & Spine Center

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“Scott Becker and Becker’s ASC Review have provided critical and continuous information and resources to improve and enhance the management of surgical centers. Becker’s ASC Review and also provides key insights to all those who have an investment in ASCs!” - Gary A. Richberg, RN, BSN, ALNC, CRN-A, CRN-C, CASC, Administrator, Pacific Rim Outpatient Surgery Center

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“Becker’s Report has its pulse on the critical issue in spine surgery. The report covers the clinical, business, regulatory and reimbursement aspects of spine surgery from the viewpoint of the various stakeholders.” - Frank Phillips, MD, Professor and Director, Section of Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery, Rush University Medical Center, Midwest Orthopaedics

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“Becker’s ASC Review is an excellent way to keep abreast of the rapidly changing healthcare arena. The articles are pertinent, to the point and provide the information to help me keep my Center ahead of the curve.” - Marti Potter, RN, CNOR, MHCA, Administrator, Jersey Shore ASC

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“Interventional Pain Management (IPM) continues to evolve and will serve a greater and greater role as informed individuals search for minimally invasive treatment of their painful symptoms. It is one of the few growth industries in medicine for this reason. I find Becker’s Spine Review to be the best repository for up to date information regarding this intersection of the field of IPM and the business of IPM.” - Scott Glaser, MD, DABIPP, Co-Founder and President, Pain Specialists of Greater Chicago

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“I rely upon Becker’s ASC Review for current and practical information on the ASC industry. I look to them for benchmarking as well as for innovative ideas and best practice strategies.” - Becky Ziegler-Otis, Administrator of the Ambulatory, Surgical Center of Stevens Point

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“I have found Becker’s Spine Review to be the best source for current topics for the practice and business of spine care. It is extremely relevant and current. I haven’t found a better source to keep me apprised of the rapid changes that are occurring in the field. As the Medical Director of a large multidisciplinary spine and pain practice, Becker’s Pain Management Review and ASC review are invaluable tools as well. The Spine, Pain and ASC Meeting is the best meeting in the country regarding business topics in these areas. It is also a phenomenal networking opportunity.” - David Rothbart, MD, FAANS, FACS, Medical Director, Spine Team Texas

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