10 recommendations for safe injections in the outpatient setting

The CDC released a new report titled "Guide to Infection Prevention for Outpatient Settings: Minimum Expectations for Safe Care," which included recommendations for a safe injection in outpatient settings.

The 10 recommendations include:

1. Antiseptic use when preparing and delivering medications.

2. Cleansing the access diaphragm of medication vials with alcohol before device insertion.

3. Never using the same syringe for multiple patients even if the needle is changed or injection is administered through the intervening length of an intravenous tube.

4. Don't reuse a syringe to enter a medication vial or solution.

5. Don't administer single-dose or single-use-vials medication, ampoules or bags or bottles of intravenous solution to multiple patients.

6. Don't use fluid infusion or administer sets for multiple patients.

7. When multidose vials are used for multiple patients, the use should be restricted to a centralized medication area and not enter the immediate patient treatment area.

8. Multidose vials should be dedicated to a single patient when possible.

9. Sharps should be disposed of at the point of use in a closable sharps container. The container should be puncture-resistant and leak-proof.

10. Facemasks are recommended for catheter placement or injecting material into the epidural or subdural space.

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