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  1. National Quality Forum releases whitepaper on improving health data: 4 quick notes

    The National Quality Forum has released a whitepaper and infographic discussing strategies to help make health data and analytics more meaningful and actionable.  By Anuja Vaidya -
  2. Cracking down on misdiagnoses: 5 points about new medical student training

    The Doctors Company Foundation gave a $200k grant to The Society to Improve Diagnosis in Medicine and MedU to address the issue of misdiagnosing, according to advance healthcare network.  By Megan Wood -
  3. 5 observations about St. Elizabeth Healthcare using Tenable Network Security for medical device IT security

    Northern Kentucky-based St. Elizabeth Healthcare, a mission-based organization focused on improving healthcare, chose Tenable Network Security, a network monitoring company, to find vulnerabilities in its medical devices.     By Megan Wood -

Who's raising your patients' expectations?

The consumer technology revolution has changed the world, and with it your patients’ lives and their expectations. As a result, patients have been conditioned to expect frictionless, modern, digital experiences in every aspect of their life, including their care.
  1. 1st human case of West Nile reported in Pinellas County — 3 facts

    A Florida man tested positive for West Nile in Pinellas County, according to The Ledger.  By Mary Rechtoris -
  2. 5 key takeaways about the world's 1st Hepatitis D virus test

    Analytik Jena AG, provider of analytical, bioanalytical and optical systems for industrial and scientific applications, created the world's first kit with CE-IVD certification for the molecular diagnostic quantification of hepatitis delta virus, according to The Scientist.  By Mary Rechtoris -
  3. The infection-reducing robot — 5 things to know about Xenex's germ-killing device

    Xenex, based in San Antonio, Texas, created a mobile robot to kill harmful bacteria and viruses, according to Silicon Hills News.  By Mary Rechtoris -
  4. Identification Systems Group to improve patient safety with wristbands: 4 points

    Identification Systems Group, a Kansas City, Mo.-based network of identification system integrators, partnered with industry manufacturers to implement better patient safety. Many medical errors occur because of patient misidentification, often caused by inadequate labeling wristbands.  By Megan Wood -

Reimbursement: Pay attention to your charge master

Surgery centers commonly underestimate the importance of routinely assessing their charge master and ensuring charge levels are appropriate for the services being provided relative to cost, payor allowed amounts, and implant reimbursement methodologies.
  1. 5 notes about a new coalition tackling diagnostic errors

    The Coalition to Improve Diagnosis formed to take on the issue of misdiagnosing in the medical industry, according to Medscape.  By Megan Wood -
  2. ASC quality data in Q1 2015: 7 statistics

    Here are seven statistics from the ASC Quality Collaboration's report on ASC quality data.  By Anuja Vaidya -
  3. 4 things to know about CDC's new antibiotic resistance data tool

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention unveiled an interactive tool that allows providers to see how antibiotic resistance for four bacteria has changed during the past 18 years.  By Anuja Vaidya -
  4. 3rd case of West Nile reported in Indiana — 3 points

    Indiana confirmed the state's third human case of West Nile in St. Joseph County, according to Daily Herald.  By Mary Rechtoris -
  1. Charleston Area Medical Center integrates Smart Pump for patient safety: 5 notes

    Hospira, a Lake Forest, Ill.-based provider of injectable drugs and infusion technologies, has introduced its Smart Pump, a device fostering I.V.-EMR interoperability, which Charleston (W. Va.) Area Medical Center is implementing.  By Megan Wood -
  2. Is MERS similar to SARS? — 4 facts to note

    Researchers will present their findings on Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, a viral respiratory disease, at the International Conference on Emerging and Infectious Diseases in Atlanta.  By Mary Rechtoris -
  3. Dr. James B. Dale's StrepAnova vaccine set for clinical trial to fight strep: 6 things to know

    The Pan-Provincial Vaccine Enterprise, a national Centre of Excellence for Commercialization and Research at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon, is working with Vaxent in Memphis, Tenn., to conduct a clinical trial of StreptAnova.  By Megan Wood -
  4. Imprivata releases PatientSecure solution to increase patient safety: 5 observations

    Imprivata, a healthcare IT security company in Lexington, Mass., created Imprivata PatientSecure.  By Megan Wood -
  5. 5 things to know about Inspira Health Network's 5 new VPs

    Inspira Health Network, a nonprofit healthcare organization in Woodbury, N.J. named five new members to vice president positions, according to SNJ Today.  By Megan Wood -
  6. 4 things to know about wide variation seen in California's healthcare quality, resource use

    A report, published by the nonprofit Integrated Healthcare Association, has shown wide variation in healthcare quality and resource use across California.  By Anuja Vaidya -
  7. 5 observations on CDC urging medical centers to decrease infections

    The CDC emphasized the need for medical centers to focus on decreasing antibiotic-resistance infections, according to Herald Media.  By Megan Wood -
  8. Concord Hospital's new monitoring system improves patient safety: 5 notes

    Concord (N.H.) Hospital introduced AvaSys Video Monitoring System in June to increase patient safety, according to New Hampshire Union Leader.  By Megan Wood -
  9. Researchers discover potential way to stop adenoviruses from replicating — 3 notes

    Researchers from Saint Louis University and Utah State have discovered a strategy that could keep adenoviruses from replicating and causing sickness in humans, according to Medical Xpress.  By Mary Rechtoris -

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