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  1. Legalized medical marijuana states have lower opioid abuse rates — 4 observations

    A report from Castlight Health shows opioid abuse rates are notably lower in states and jurisdictions where patients can legally access medical marijuana.  By Allison Sobczak -
  2. University of Buffalo medical students serve patients in Haiti, Honduras: 4 insights

    University of Buffalo (N.Y.) medical students provided healthcare to underserved populations in rural Haiti and Honduras, according to University of Buffalo.  By Megan Wood -
  3. National Patient Safety Foundation names 2016 DAISY Award winners — 5 highlights

    Rachel Whittaker, BSN, RN, CPN, of the Children's Hospital Colorado in Aurora, and the Clinical Informatics Council of the University of New Mexico Hospitals in Albuquerque are recipients of the 2016 National Patient Safety Foundation DAISY Awards for Extraordinary Nurses.  By Allison Sobczak -

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  1. Norovirus costs $4.2B annually — 4 takeaways

    Each year, norovirus costs the healthcare system nearly $4.2 billion, as found in a Baltimore-based Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health study, according to CBS News.  By Mary Rechtoris -
  2. 3 strategies for optimal patient care transitions

    Carmel-based Indiana University Health North Hospital highlights three primary ways to improve the patient care transition process, according to Fierce Healthcare.  By Mary Rechtoris -
  3. Springfield Clinic uses Xenex Germ-Zapping Robot to enhance patient safety: 5 notes

    Springfield (Ill.) Clinic is the first ASC in Illinois to utilize the Xenex Germ-Zapping Robot.  By Megan Wood -
  4. WHO hand hygiene technique more effective than CDC procedure — 4 points

    A study published in the Infection Control & Hospital Epidemiology found a World Health Organization-endorsed six-step hand hygiene technique using alcohol-based hand sanitizer gel is more effective at removing bacteria than a less complex, three-step technique that the CDC suggests.  By Allison Sobczak -

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  1. Campaign takes on drug companies with 12 policy proposals — 5 points

    The Campaign for Sustainable Drug Pricing introduced 12 policy proposals targeting drug companies, according to The Hill.  By Megan Wood -
  2. Approved non-antibiotic therapeutic drugs could treat antibiotic-resistant pathogens — 3 points

    A study conducted by researchers at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston found non-antibiotic therapeutic drugs, already approved for other purposes in people, could be effective in fighting antibiotic-resistant bacterial pathogens, as reported by the Galveston Blog.  By Allison Sobczak -
  3. Customer service is source of patient online complaints — 4 notes

    Journal of Practice Management published a study finding 96 percent of patient complaints cited customer service issues rather than quality of care.  By Mary Rechtoris -
  4. Elizabethkingia makes its way into Illinois, infects 10 residents — 5 things to know

    State public health officials reported 10 Illinois residents were diagnosed with infections caused by Elizabethkingia, according to Chicago Tribune.  By Mary Rechtoris -
  1. CDC, OSHA issues guidelines to help prevent Zika infections — 4 takeaways

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration are outlining the infection control precautions healthcare and laboratory workers should use to prevent the spread of the Zika virus, according to MedPage Today.  By Allison Sobczak -
  2. Augmedix, Google Glass aims to maximize physician productivity — 5 observations

    Physicians working in urgent care at Palo Alto (Calif.) Medical Foundation are using technology from Augmedix with Google Glass to cut back on time spent record keeping and focus more on patients, according to Government Technology.  By Allison Sobczak -
  3. Patient registry software market to hit $2.1B — 8 points

    The patient registry software market is expected to reach $2.1 billion by 2023, up from $868 million in 2014, based on a Transparency Market Research report, according to MedGadget.  By Megan Wood -
  4. FreshLoc creates app that instantly offers equipment measurements — 3 notes

    FreshLoc Technologies developed a new app that displays equipments' vital measurements instantly.  By Megan Wood -
  5. House's opioid legislation forgoes additional funding — 3 observations

    The House opted to not include additional funding in their legislation to combat the opioid epidemic, according to The Hill.  By Mary Rechtoris -
  6. Changing the cover-up culture after medical errors — 4 insights

    Many healthcare providers retreat into silence when a medical error occurs, according to Forbes.  By Megan Wood -
  7. 3 Phoenix VA patients died after allegedly not receiving proper care — 3 things to know

    Three patients at the Phoenix VA Medical Center died, according to The Daily Caller.  By Megan Wood -
  8. Law enforcement investigates Theranos — 4 things to know

    The Department of Justice and the Securities of Exchange Commissions have opened investigations of Theranos, a health technology and medical laboratory services company based in Palo Alto, Calif., after claims the company had misled investors and government officials, according to Medscape.  By Allison Sobczak -
  9. Hand hygiene practices ignored 37% of the time in outpatient facilities: 4 key insights

    Staff members at outpatient care facilities do not follow recommendations for hand hygiene 37 percent of the time, according to a study published in the American Journal of Infection Control.  By Anuja Vaidya -

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