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  1. ASC leader to know: William Prentice of ASCA

    William Prentice is the CEO of Ambulatory Surgery Center Association, a position he has held since October 2010. As CEO, he increased membership numbers and bolstered the organization's advocacy efforts on Capitol Hill.  By Mary Rechtoris -
  2. 2 North Carolina surgery centers compete for CON approval: 5 points

    Indian Trail, N.C.-based Union West Surgery Center and Presbyterian SameDay Surgery Center-Monroe (N.C.) submitted competing certificate-of-need proposals to add an additional operating room, according to The Stanly News and Press.  By Mary Rechtoris -
  3. Top 10 ASC articles — Wisconsin surgery center closes after threat & more

    Here are the top 10 articles featured on Becker's ASC Review for the week of June 12 to June 16.  By Mary Rechtoris -

How clean is clean?

Learn key strategies for environmental cleanliness in the ambulatory setting.
  1. 18 California Ambulatory Surgery Association members advocate on Capitol Hill

    Eighteen members of the California Ambulatory Surgery Society visited Washington, D.C. in May to advocate on behalf of the ASC industry.  By Laura Dyrda -
  2. Young patient dies following dental procedure at California ASC: 6 things to know

    A three-year-old patient died after undergoing a dental procedure at Stockton, Calif.-based Children's Dental Surgery Center, according to Fox40.  By Mary Rechtoris -
  3. Developers push forward plans to build Florida ASC: 5 insights

    Developer Brian Lichterman and his associates plan to expand in the Sarasota, Fla., region through a new ASC and medical office building, according to the Herald Tribune.  By Mackenzie Garrity -
  4. ASC leader to know: Thomas Mallon of Regent Surgical Health

    Thomas Mallon is the co-founder and chairman of the board of Regent Surgical Health. Previously, Mr. Mallon served as Regent Surgical Health's CEO.  By Mackenzie Garrity -

Slow down while speeding up

Learn the impacts of operational efficiency while maintaining a culture of safety.
  1. 7 facilities achieving accreditation — May 2017

    Here are seven outpatient facilities that earned accreditation or certification in May 2017.  By Eric Oliver -
  2. Tracking rising healthcare spending per capita in the 50 U.S. states & DC — Spending tops at $11k+

    A study, published in Health Affairs, examined healthcare spending at the U.S. state and regional level from 1991 through 2014.  By Eric Oliver -
  3. 21 points on ASC case volume by US region

    VMG Health broke down the median total number of cases per center by U.S. region in VMG Health's Multi-Specialty ASC Intellimarker 2017.  By Eric Oliver -
  4. How anesthesia residents fare when breaking bad news to a patient — 4 study insights

    A study, published in BMC Anesthesiology, examined how anesthesiology residents break bad news in relation to critical incidents.  By Eric Oliver -
  1. Ophthalmologist seeking ASC approval challenges Iowa's 40-year-old CON legislation: 4 insights

    Ophthalmologist Lee Birchansky, MD, his patient Michael Jensen and Orange City, Iowa-based Korver Ear Nose and Throat are among those who filed a lawsuit against the Iowa Department of Public Health regarding the state's certificate-of-need legislation that went into effect in 1977, according to The Gazette.  By Mary Rechtoris -
  2. Gateway Ambulatory Surgery Center files for $735.5k equity financing: 3 notes

    Concord, N.C.-based Gateway Ambulatory Surgery Center filed form D for $735,540 equity financing, according to Finance Daily News.  By Mary Rechtoris -
  3. CON versus non-CON states: Which regions boast more Medicare-certified ASCs?

    The number of Medicare-certified ASCs varies throughout the United States. States with certificate-of-need laws have 1.6 ASCs per 100,000 people on average, slightly less than states without a CON law (1.8), according to the VMG Health 2017 Intellimarker: Multi-Specialty ASC Study.  By Mary Rechtoris -
  4. A deeper dive into why the ASC market is thriving

    An Ameri Research report found the ambulatory services market is growing with a $3.7 trillion expected value in 2024.  By Mary Rechtoris -
  5. Physicians Endoscopy purchases stake in Great South Bay Endoscopy & more: 5 GI practices in the news

    Here are five gastroenterology practices making news:  By Eric Oliver -
  6. Screening colonoscopy complication rates low, study says — 3 notes

    A study, published in Deutsches Ärzteblatt, examined complication rates after patients underwent a colonoscopy screening.  By Eric Oliver -
  7. 7 things for ASC leaders to know for Thursday — June 15, 2017

    Here are seven updates:  By Mary Rechtoris -
  8. 5 ASC joint ventures, partnerships in May/June

    Here are five ASC joint ventures and partnerships that occurred during May and June 2017.  By Mary Rechtoris -
  9. How to implement an effective ASC cost containment strategy: 3 key questions with Lakes Surgery Center's Jennifer Butterfield

    West Bloomfield, Mich.-based Lakes Surgery Center Administrator Jennifer Butterfield, RN, discusses her centers most effective methods for cost containment.  By Laura Dyrda -

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