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  1. Doctors Hospital at Renaissance opens new surgery center: 4 things to know

    Doctors Hospital at Renaissance in Edinburg, Texas, has opened two new facilities, one of which is an outpatient surgery center, according to The Monitor. By Carrie Pallardy -
  2. Freeman Surgical Center opens in Kansas: 3 key points

    Freeman Health System, based in Joplin, Mo., has acquired and renamed a surgery center in Kansas, according to a report.  By Carrie Pallardy -
  3. Freeman Health System opens acquired surgery center in Kansas: 5 things to know

    Freeman Health System bought Century Surgical Associates in Pittsburg, Kan., according to  By Megan Wood -

Sustaining a predictable referral pipeline 

Today’s healthcare market is tough. Reimbursements are getting squeezed, your facility is counting on doctors bringing their patients to your facility and not others and most facilities are needing to generate more procedures.
  1. More female physicians, but not at the top levels of healthcare: 6 key observations

    The number of female physicians in the United States grew sixfold since 1975, with 321,000 by 2012, however women have not experienced the same presence in healthcare leadership positions, according to Medscape.  By Megan Wood -
  2. How healthcare is changing: Key thoughts on making it positive for ASCs

    Change has become the norm over the past five years, but now heading into the second half of the decade healthcare reform's foundation firmly in place. By Laura Dyrda -
  3. 8 statistics on data breaches in 2015 so far

    Here are eight findings on data breaches in the first half of 2015 from Breach Level Index.  By Anuja Vaidya -
  4. 7 things for ASC leaders to know for Thursday — September 17, 2015

    Here are seven updates:  By Mary Rechtoris -

Decoding managed care contracting

When was the last time you looked at your contracts? Really REALLY looked at your contracts?
  1. ICD-10 troubleshooting: Ounce of prevention worth a pound of cure

    With less than one month to go until the Oct. 1 deadline, it’s a race against the clock for U.S. healthcare providers to transition to the 10th version of the International Classification of Diseases. In the coming weeks, hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers will make final preparations for the coding switch, implementing last-minute updates to processes and systems and, in many cases, shoring up financial reserves to avoid cash flow disruptions. By Jessica Edmiston, National Medical Billing Services, senior vice president, performance review, BS, CPC, CASCC, AHIMA-approved ICD-10-CM trainer -
  2. Building an orthopedics ASC robotics program: Benefits, considerations & where technology is headed

    Orthopedic surgeons Joseph Burkhardt, MD, of Great Lakes Bone & Joint Center in Battle Creek, Mich., and Sridhar Durbhakula, MD, of OrthoBethesda in Bethesda, Md., discuss the Navio Surgical System, a robotics-assisted technology for partial knee surgery, and where outpatient procedures are headed in the future. By Laura Dyrda -
  3. Health systems acquiring more clinics & physician practices, less hospitals: 5 key points

    United States health systems are shifting focus from hospital acquisitions to the purchase of clinics, physician practices and digital resources, according to an Accenture report.  By Megan Wood -
  4. Google boosts Oscar Health insurance startup: 5 takeaways

    Google Capital invested $32.5 million in Oscar Health Insurance, an insurance startup, according to The Wall Street Journal.  By Megan Wood -
  1. Top 10 specialties with the most active physicians

    Here are the 10 specialties with the highest number of active physicians in the United States, according to the 2014 Physician Specialty Data Book.  By Anuja Vaidya -
  2. Cantel Medical acquires Medical Innovations Group for $79.5M, Olympus & Sony to release 4K surgical endoscopy system & more - 4 recent GI/endoscopy company key notes

    Here are four recent news updates on gastroenterology and endoscopy companies.  By Carrie Pallardy -
  3. 110 ASC benchmarks | 2015

    Here are 110 ASC benchmarks and statistics for ASCs based on data collected from several industry sources.  By Megan Wood and Mary Rechtoris -
  4. Empire State ASC to open in the Bronx: 5 things to know

    The freestanding, joint venture Empire State Ambulatory Surgery Center in Bronx, N.Y., is scheduled to hold a ribbon-cutting ceremony today, according to a Bronx Times report.   By Carrie Pallardy -
  5. Making headway with payers: Texas ASC Society & BCBSTX meet on site of service, costs, bundled payments & more

    Texas Ambulatory Surgery Center Society representatives met with BlueCross BlueShield of Texas representatives to discuss key issues for ASCs, according to a TASCS newsletter. By Laura Dyrda -
  6. Do California voters think illegal immigrants should receive low-cost healthcare? — 4 things to know

    USC Dornsife and Los Angeles Times conducted a poll asking California residents if they believe low-cost health insurance should be provided to illegal residents, according to Los Angeles Times.  By Megan Wood -
  7. Tackling medical errors with law: 6 things to know about New York Law School's new patient safety program

    New York Law School created the Patient Safety Project, co-directed by Steven E. Pegalis of Pegalis and Erickson law firm, and Irwin R. Merkatz, MD.  By Megan Wood -
  8. Undocumented immigrant arrested at Texas clinic; Will others forgo care? 5 key points

    A Mexican woman was detained after seeking care at a Houston clinic, which may prevent immigrants from seeking healthcare, according to The Guardian.  By Mary Rechtoris -
  9. MRI scanners worth more than images: 5 observations about the technology fighting cancer

    University of Sheffield, United Kingdom, researchers discovered that MRI scanners may be dual-purposed, according to OncologyNurseAdvisor.  By Megan Wood -


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