How to get instantaneous pain relief caused due to Sciatica

Sciatica is the pain caused in the lower extremity resulting from irritation of the sciatic nerve.

The pain of sciatica is felt from the low back that is the lumbar area to behind the thigh and can radiate down below the knee. While sciatica is most commonly a result of a lumbar disc herniation directly pressing on the nerve, any cause of irritation or inflammation of the sciatic nerve can produce the symptoms of sciatica. Extreme cases can cause intense unbearable pain. In such cases, instead of waiting for medications to relieve it, you can try out simple techniques to reduce its intensity.

For most people, sciatica responds well to self-care measures. Although resting for a day or so may provide some relief, prolonged inactivity will make your signs and symptoms worse.
Self-care treatments for sciatica nerve pain relief that may be helpful includes
Cold packs: You may get relief from a cold pack placed on the painful area for up 20 minutes several times a day. Use an ice pack or a package of frozen peas wrapped in a clean towel.
Hot packs: After two to three days, apply heat to the areas that hurt. Use hot packs, a heat lamp or a heating pad on the lowest setting.
Stretching: Stretching exercises for your low back can help you feel better and may help relieve nerve root compression. Avoid jerking, bouncing or twisting during the stretch and try to hold the stretch at least 30 seconds.
Pain relievers: Pain relievers such as ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin, others) and naproxen (Aleve) are sometimes helpful for sciatica.Stretching

Simple posture changes
- You may feel better lying on your back on a firm surface with a pillow under your knees.
- Another option is lying on your side with a pillow between your knees to keep your back straight.
- You might find that a recliner chair is helpful.

Alternative therapies
- Acupuncture: In acupuncture, the practitioner inserts hair-thin needles into your skin at specific points on your body. Some studies have suggested that acupuncture can help back pain, while others have found no benefit.
- Chiropractic : Spinal adjustment is one form of therapy chiropractors use to treat restricted spinal mobility. The goal is to restore spinal movement and improve function and decrease pain. Spinal manipulation appears to be as effective and safe as standard treatments for low back pain

Topical Pain Relief
No need for painkillers to stop your pain. Instead opt for using topical pain lotions which are quickly absorbed and gives instant relief.

Home Spinal Decompression
Spinal decompression is by far the fastest and best sciatic pain relief method. Spinal decompression treatments have corrected herniated and bulging discs pressing on nerves.

Inversion Therapy
Using an inversion table can relieve your sciatic pain in just a few minutes. If you use it daily, it will allow you to gradually incline your body until you can remain upside down for 5-15 minutes a day. While upside down, gravity pulls your spine allowing the vertebrae to relax enough for the spinal discs to recover their proper shape and increase circulation for faster healing.

Herbal Remedies
Some naturally available herbs have wonderful pain relieving properties in them, out of which few are given below.
- Turmeric root
- Ginger root
- Proteolytic Enzymes
- Bromelain
- Papain
- Boswelia
- Cayenne Pepper.

Infrared Light Therapy
Infrared therapy relieved pain, detoxifies body and is a stress buster. All you need to do is, lie in front of the light for few minutes till you get the desired effects.
Thus, by trying out these simple remedies which can be done at home also, you can reduce the excruciating pain caused by sciatica.

Daniel is a professional doctor who helps patients to overcome the problems caused by sciatica. In this post, he gives some useful tips for sciatica nerve pain relief that does not causes any negative impact on health.

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