• Total joints in action: 20 ASCs offering total knee replacement

    Here are 20 ambulatory surgery centers that provide total knee replacement procedures.
  • 17 ASCs offering total hip replacement

    Here are 17 ambulatory surgery centers that offer total hip replacement procedures.
  • 500+ people to know in the ASC industry | 2014

    The ambulatory surgery center business has thrived since its inception a relatively short time ago. Today, physicians, administrators, executives and more stand out as leaders in the field. Here are more than 500 people to know who have impacted the ASC industry and continue to stand out in their leadership roles.
  • 12 ASC management & development company CDOs to know

    Ambulatory surgery centers, old and new, are led by experienced management teams. Chief executives oversee these company's visions and growth. Alongside roles like CEO and COO, the chief development officer has become an important part to play. Here are 12 ASC industry CDOs to know.
  • 10 ASCs with robotic technology

    Here are 10 ambulatory surgery centers that have incorporated robotic technology.  
  • 6 ASCs celebrating 25+ years

    Here are six ambulatory surgery centers that were established more than 25 years ago.
  • 7 ASCs with recovery care relationships

    Here are seven ambulatory surgery centers that work with recovery care centers or have a partnership with an inn that acts as a extended care center.
  • 55 ASC Management & Development Companies to Watch in 2015

    Here are 55 companies involved in the management and development of ambulatory surgery centers.
  • 3 ASCs with successful turnaround stories

    Here are three surgery centers that have undergone tremendous turnarounds in the last few years.
  • 10 ASCs with 15+ physician owners

    Here are 10 ambulatory surgery centers with 15 or more physician owners.
  • Breaking ground in orthopedics: 5 ASC firsts

    Here are five surgery centers that have been the site of a number of orthopedic 'firsts.'
  • 7 ASCs with successful physician satisfaction approaches

    Here are seven ambulatory surgery centers with who go above and beyond to ensure that their physicians are satisfied.
  • Taking on progressive payment models: 3 ASCs offering bundled payment options

    Here are three surgery centers that offer bundled payment options for certain procedures.
  • What does obesity cost? 51 statistics

    As a comorbidity, obesity has the potential to complicate diagnosis, treatment and care of patients with the condition. Surgery, in particular, can be difficult to perform on obese patients, with some studies indicating differential outcomes for obese patients. As a result, obesity is a costly condition for both patients and providers. Here are 51 statistics on the individual cost of obesity by state from a NerdWallet Health analysis of CDC obesity-attributable expenditures.
  • Staying ahead of the curve: 3 ASC firsts

    Here are three ambulatory surgery centers that were the first in their region or state to begin using new techniques or technology.
  • 6 ASCs with effective, efficient scheduling strategies

    Here are six ambulatory surgery centers with effective scheduling strategies that increase efficiency.
  • 100 ASC benchmarks to know — 2014

    Here are 100 benchmarks and statistics for ambulatory surgery centers based on reports from VMG Health, Avanza Healthcare Strategies, Provista, The Medicare Payment Advisory Commission, RemitData, Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care, ASC Quality Collaborative, HealthCare Appraisers, Objective Health and U.S. Federal Government data.
  • Rising stars: 49 ASC leaders under 40

    Leaders are accomplishing more at a younger age, and the ambulatory surgery center business is no exception. Here are 49 leaders under the age of 40 who have already made impact on the ASC industry and continue to shine as rising stars.
  • 5 ASCs adding higher acuity procedures

    Here are five ambulatory surgery centers that recently added higher acuity procedures within the last year.
  • 5 ASCs with effective purchasing strategies

    Here are five ambulatory surgery centers with innovative and effective supply purchasing strategies.

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