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Subject: Issue Alert: Nov./Dec. Print Issue Now Online: Outlook for the ASC Industry in 2014 | 235 ASC Industry People to Know | Key Specialties to Add in 2014 | 50 ASC Management & Development Cos to Watch
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Nov./Dec. ASC Print Issue

Nov. 27, 2013


Click here to download a PDF of the Nov./Dec. Becker's ASC Review print edition.

1. Outlook on the ASC Industry for 2014: Biggest Concerns & Best Strategies for Success.  Click Here      

2. 235 People in the ASC Industry to Know. Click Here  

3. 5 Key ASC Specialties & Capabilities to Add in 2014. Click Here

Ambulatory Surgery Center at Old Bridge (ASCOB) is selling, pursuant to Court Order, its assets or membership interests. Ambulatory Surgery Center at Old Bridge (ASCOB) is selling, pursuant to Court Order, its assets or membership interests. ASCOB owns a "grandfathered" Ambulatory Care Facility in Old Bridge, N.J. Contact the Hon. Harriet Derman, P.J. Ch. (Ret.) at or 908-757-7800 to receive a Request for Offers. Any bids must be submitted by 12/02/2013.

4. Publisher's Letter. Click Here  

5. 12 Key Notes on ASC Management & Development Companies. Click Here

6. Best ASC Benchmarks From 6 Administrators.  Click Here        

7. From Intake to Discharge: 4 Tips to Perfect Patient Flow at Surgery Centers. Click Here

8. 5 Things to Know About ASC Transactions for the Next 5 Years. Click Here             
9. Ambulatory Surgery Centers, Urgent Care Centers & Others: Where Do Ancillary Services Stand in the Race for Consolidation. Click Here    

10. Not-For-Profit Hospital & Physician Joint Ventures: Spotlight on Ambulatory Surgery Centers. Click Here    

11. 50 ASC Management & Development Companies to Watch in 2014. Click Here    

12. 5 Key Trends in GI/Endoscopy. Click Here    

13. How ASC/AECs Can Survive Coming Healthcare Changes: Q&A With Barry Tanner of Physicians Endoscopy. Click Here    

14. Budget-Friendly Tips for Acquiring New Technology. Click Here    

15. 8 Benchmarks to Improve Profitability at GI Centers. Click Here    

16. 5 Common Employee Disciplinary Issues at ASCs--How to Overcome Them. Click Here    

17. 5 Secrets to Build a Powerhouse Surgery Center Marketing Strategy. Click Here    

18. Physician CEOs of Multispecialty Medical Groups Report $424k in 2013, Up 3%. Click Here    
19. Clinical Trends in Ophthalmology: 3 Physicians Discuss. Click Here

20. Advancements for Orthopedics & Sports Medicine in ASCs: 7 Physicians Discuss. Click Here

21. 6 Gastroenterologists on Opportunities in 2014. Click Here

22. 6 Steps for Surgery Centers to Avoid Patient Transfers. Click Here

23. Standardized Surgical Skin Antisepsis Protocol at Surgery Centers: 4 Imperatives. Click Here

24. Skin Prep Products: What You Need to Know for Standardized Antisepsis Protocol in Surgery Centers. Click Here

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1. ASC Turnarounds: Ideas to Improve Performance & Benchmarking - sponsored by ASCOA 
2. ASC Transactions & Valuation Issues
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3. Anesthesia

4. GI & Endoscopy-Driven ASCs - sponsored by Physicians Endoscopy
5. ASC Coding, Billing & Collections- sponsored by National Medical Billing Services
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7. ASC Accreditation, Licensure & Medicare Certification

ASC Quality & Infection Control    
9. Lists    
16 Companies to Know

1. ASCOA: 

2. VMG Health: 

3. Surgical Notes: 

4. National Medical Billing Services:

5 Healthcare Facilities Accreditation Program:

6. HealthCare Appraisers:

7. Provista:

8. Surgical Care Affiliates:

9. Regent Surgical Health:

10. Meridian Surgical Partners: 

11. EVEIA HEALTH Consulting & Management: 

12. Medline Industries: 

13. MediGain:

14. Surgical Management Professionals:

15. SourceMedical Solutions: 

16. MMX Healthcare:

17. Symbion Healthcare: 

18. ASD Management: 

19. Anesthesia Business Consultants:

20: MedHQ:
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