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Subject: N.Y. Audit Uncovers $8 Million in Alleged Inflated Billing by Four ASCs; One Facility's Advice for Bariatric Success


December 6, 2007
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N.Y. Audit Uncovers $8 Million in Alleged Inflated Billing by Four ASCs
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N.Y. Audit Uncovers $8 Million in Alleged Inflated Billing by Four ASCs

According to an audit released Wednesday by the New York Comptroller, four of the state's largest surgical facilities allegedly submitted inflated claims to the state's Empire Plan after they inappropriately waived out-of-pocket costs for medical services provided to state and local government employees at an overall cost of $8 million. Under New York State law, submitting an insurance claim with false information may constitute insurance fraud.

"These medical facilities engaged in abusive practices and inflated their bills, causing the state to incur significantly higher costs," says Mr. DiNapoli in a statement. "These providers hurt taxpayers and must be held accountable for their actions. After only a handful of completed audits, I am very concerned about the abuse that we have found in this program. My office will continue to partner with the Department of Civil Service to ensure that taxpayers aren't paying a dollar more than they should."

As part of an effort to examine whether medical providers were complying with reimbursement requirements under the New York State Health Insurance Program (NYSHIP), auditors examined medical claims submitted from Jan. 2001 to Dec. 2006 for four of the state's largest ASCs. Auditors found that these providers routinely waived out-of-pocket costs for Empire Plan members, allegedly because they would not otherwise accept a referral to a non-participating provider and incur significant out-of-pocket costs, says an Office of the State Comptroller release. Instead, the release says, the providers inappropriately billed United HealthCare, the state's insurance administrator, and the state therefore incurred substantially higher costs for services, a total of $8 million.

Auditors have recommended that United HealthCare recover the money from the four ASCs and work with the state Department of Civil Service to develop methods to "prevent providers from taking advantage of the system and inappropriately waving patients' out-of-pocket costs," says the release. One of the major concerns about this action, aside from the claims themselves, is the potential for copycat suits by other states' payors.

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One Facility's Advice for Bariatric Success

A year-and-a-half ago, the South Sound Surgery Center in Olympia, Wash., transitioned from a hospital-based outpatient surgery department to an independent ASC facility. General surgery made up about 30 percent of the multi-specialty center's procedures, so when a local bariatric surgeon, who has an office-based Center of Excellence, approached administrator Paul Wilkinson about adding laparoscopic banding, it was an easy transition to a successful program.

"The hospital was doing weight-loss procedures, and some of the staff shuttled back and forth between the [hospital and ASC], so some staff had experience with bariatric surgery," he says. "It's not that different from a lap chole on a procedure basis - one hour in the OR and same equipment, for the most part."

Mr. Wilkinson estimates South Sound Surgery Center spent about $10,000 on longer laparoscopic instruments and other surgical supplies especially for obese patients, and about $800 apiece for a couple heavier-weight recliners (the older ones were only suited for up to 250 lbs.). The ASC already had OR tables that supported weights up to 500 pounds and motorized stretchers that supported up to 300 pounds.

"We'd already had a patient-exclusion criteria of up to 300 pounds, so we didn't need to change our criteria. Most of our patients are actually young and healthy with the exception of their weight," says Mr. Wilkinson. "Our surgeon, if he's got an especially sick patient or one who weighs over the limit, he just does them elsewhere. He self-selects which cases to do here, and knows which are going to do well. Selection is a key."

Here are five more keys to patient safety and a successful program, according to Mr. Wilkinson.

1. Anesthesia on board. The anesthesia team that serves South Sound has worked with the bariatric surgeon to develop specialized protocols for the procedures, and has embraced the challenges, such as airway management and , posed by obese patients. "We have a team of 20 anesthesiologists who cover our ASC, and they had been doing these cases at the hospital, so it's not much of an adjustment for them," he says.

2. Developing patient expectations. The vast majority of patients are up and out of the center about three hours post-op. How can you improve your chances of that happening? Have the surgeon tell patients to expect such a length of stay, and have pre-op and post-op staff reinforce it. "When they're in the office, they're told they're not going to feel 100 percent, but they're going to feel well enough to go home a few hours post-op," says Mr. Wilkinson. "They spend about an hour in surgery, 45 minutes in PACU and another two hours in stage two recovery. You'll always have some who stay longer or shorter, but when you gear them toward that short stay, they're motivated to get out of there."

It helps that patients aren't slowed by heavy pain meds post-op: They are given liquid Lortab while in the facility and a prescription for the same to go home with.

"Patients just do better when they're able to relax at home in their own beds or on their own couches," says Mr. Wilkinson, noting that the system has led to excellent patient satisfaction scores - consistently 4.9 on a 5-point scale. "The ASC atmosphere appeals especially to our younger patient group."

3. Attention to staff and patient safety. Moving and transferring patients can pose an injury risk to both nurses and patients. Patients aren't pre-sedated ("unless there's a good reason," says Mr. Wilkinson), so they walk to the OR and get onto the operating table themselves. When patients are sedated post-op, a hover-pad is used to transfer them to a stretcher.

"That does help, when you consider that even a 250-lb. patient doubles the weight of some of our nurses," he says. "We also have two stretchers that are electronic, they move on their own, which prevents injuries from pushing the stretchers."

4. Guarantee the surgeon OR time. When you have a surgeon who's committed to his bariatric program and organized and motivated, reward him with proper block time. South Sound has two surgeons who perform weight-loss procedures, but one does the majority of them; in fact, it's all his practice consists of.

"We have five ORs, so we gave him a block once a week, and he typically does four cases in that block," says Mr. Wilkinson. "We've done five before, but that means the last patient might not be out of here till 5 or 6, so we try to keep it to four maximum. And doing that has added about 125 cases this year to a relatively new center."

5. Figure out finances in advance. Mr. Wilkinson says that, because he knew the costs of doing a lap chole in terms of staff, supplies and OR time, it was easy to determine the cost for laparoscopic banding and to charge accordingly.

"I added in the $10,000 in equipment costs and the per-case cost of disposables he requested and the laparoscopic band, and came up with a figure. The surgeon and I negotiated and came up with a fair market value payment," says Mr. Wilkinson. All patients are self-pay, so the surgeon collects the fee up front from patients, then pays South Sound Surgery Center and anesthesia out of that fee. "He pays cash up front, so we're happy. And he's happy because it's less than at the hospital."

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News and Notes

McShane Construction completes new facility. McShane Construction Corporation announced it has completed a new, build-to-suit, specialized facility for Suburban Gastroenterology in Naperville, Ill. The 13,000 square foot medical office facility features an integrated ASC with two ORs, as well as pre- and post-operative care stations and consultation rooms. Eight examination rooms, laboratory facilities, doctors' offices, multiple reception areas, a patient education room, a business office and full administrative support areas are also included, among other rooms and features. Denver-based Marasco & Associates provided the concept design of the facility while Shive-Hattery served as the Architect of Record. RMK Design Associates of Colorado Springs, Colo., provided the interior design for the facility. Suburban Gastroenterology offers a comprehensive range of consultative and endoscopic services in the field of gastroenterology.

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Companies to Watch

We are delighted to highlight the following companies in this week's E-Weekly.

Medical Facilities Corporation. Medical Facilities Corporation is a publicly traded company and a leading acquirer of majority interests in high quality specialty hospitals and ASCs. Founded and managed by physicians and with a market capitalization over $300 Million, MFC is the ideal partner for physician owners. MFC permits physician owners to retain local operational control while benefiting from being part of a larger prestigious healthcare organization. MFC currently owns an interest in four specialty hospitals with a total of 28 operating rooms, 51 recovery beds and more than 500 physicians and surgeons. Visit MFC's Web site or contact Steven Hartley at (866) 766-3590 x105.

SourceMedical Solutions. SourceMedical is the leading provider of outpatient information solutions and services, collectively serving ASCs, rehabilitation clinics and diagnostic imaging centers. Its unique end-to-end systems improve operational efficiency and cash flow while empowering healthcare facilities to deliver a higher standard of patient care. SourceMedical's solutions strengthen and enhance overall clinical, financial and administrative processes. More than 2000 ASCs and surgical hospitals nationwide use the company's Vision, AdvantX and SurgiSource solutions. SourceMedical continues to invest in research and development to maintain its leadership position with innovative products and services that satisfy the specific requirements of this unique market.

B. Braun. For 150 years, B. Braun has developed a rich heritage of knowledge and expertise for delivering innovative healthcare products, medical devices and programs designed to improve both patient and health-professional safety.

From a small-town apothecary founded in Germany in 1839, B. Braun has grown into a global organization with over 30,000 professionals worldwide -- and remains committed to translating customer needs into products with unmatched quality, cost-effectiveness, environmental responsibility and superior technology and safety. Using its Sharing Expertise initiative as a driving philosophy, B. Braun collaborates with customers, partners and employees to develop innovative products, services and education programs.

Pinnacle III. Pinnacle III specializes in the operational development, management, select management, and billing for ASCs. Whether you are a physician group, hospital or hospital joint-venture, Pinnacle III delivers proven success in both single and multi- specialty ASCs throughout the country. Pinnacle III is one of the most flexible development and management companies in the industry offering both equity and non-equity models. For more information, visit Pinnacle III online.

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