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Subject: Pointed Comments from Dr. Mark McLellan and Professor David Dranove; OIG Says No to Optometrist Ownership in ASC; New Concerns for Orthopedic Device Companies


October 25, 2007
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OIG Says No to Proposed Optometrist Ownership in ASC
Pointed Comments from Dr. Mark McClellan and Professor David Dranove
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OIG Says No to Proposed Optometrist Ownership in ASC

A group of ophthalmologists who wanted to add their group practice's optometrists to ownership of the ophthalmologists' ASC has been told in an OIG Opinion Letter that the proposal would violate the Anti-Kickback Statute.

The group practice -- composed of 18 members (eight ophthalmologists, nine optometrists and one wholly-owned subsidiary of a nonprofit hospital system) -- and the surgical center are both limited liability companies. The group practice employs the ophthalmologists and the optometrists; the surgical center entity operates three single-specialty ASCS that are Medicare-certified. The ophthalmologists and the hospital have ownership interests in the surgical center entity, but the optometrists do not. As a result:

The Ophthalmologists and Optometrists are in distinctly different positions here. The Ophthalmologists personally perform surgical procedures at the Surgical Center ASCs, and such surgical business is effectively an extension of their office practices. For the Optometrists, however, the Surgical Center ASCs are not a comparable extension of their office practices.

Even though the shares were being offered at fair market value, that is not enough. The optometrists' ability to generate referrals combined with financial interest would create a situation open to abuse, says the OIG. The agency's reasoning:

Optometrists perform no ASC procedures as defined at 42 C.F.R. 1001.952(r)(5), but they do generate referrals to other investors (e.g., the Ophthalmologists) and, indirectly, to the Surgical Center ASCs," writes the OIG. "Because no safe harbor would protect the addition of the Optometrists as owners of the Surgical Center, we must determine whether, given all of the relevant facts, the Proposed Arrangement poses a minimal risk under the antikickback statute. In this case, there are no discernible safeguards to minimize the significant risk that the Proposed Arrangement would be a vehicle to provide the Optometrists with a share of the profits from their referrals to the Ophthalmologists utilizing the [ASC].
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Pointed Comments from Dr. Mark McClellan and Professor David Dranove

Mark McClellan, MD, PhD, the former executive director of CMS, and David Dranove, MBA, the Waltner McNerney Distinguished Professor of Health Industry Management and professor of management and strategy at Kellogg School of Management, had some pointed comments on current hot topics in healthcare. Both and touched on key issues such as government and private payment rates and the idea of a national, single-payer system. Here's a short sample of the insights they provided.

Mr. Dranove. "Patients equate restrictions on access to lower quality. Most patients don't know what healthcare quality is. They just say, 'If I don't get to see my doctor, that's bad.' That's how they define it. But how do we define it? Mortality matters, but quality shouldn't be measured by whether the hip replacement patient lived or died, but whether he's climbing the stairs. The market has failed to give us unified, linked standards."

"Nobody believes that we can fix the healthcare system. If the government isn't going to solve our problems, and physicians aren't going to solve our problems, we're going to have to provide incentives for patients. ... Direct tax subsidies are the most effective way."

"Yes, a single-payer system would cover all the uninsured, and would have the potential to bring down costs. But I fear it would have the potential to stifle the thing that has made our healthcare system so great, which is the technology. Research has shown the benefits of new technology overwhelm the cost. Any plan should be judged on whether it will encourage or discourage growth and investment in healthcare technology; individual states' plans can be looked at as 'labs' to figure out what works and what doesn't on a large scale."

Mark McClellan, MD, PhD, former executive director of CMS. "Can Medicare help lead [quality efforts]? Every time Medicare tries to lead, there are a lot of negative reactions [from the private sector]. There's a lot of 'Oh, that's not the way we do it, why are you trying to change it?' [But] the private sector can't really change what it's doing. On QI especially, though, we're trying to do collaborative initiatives so that we can move forward with quality measures that make sense for physicians, employers and provider groups. Better measures of quality and costs for ambulatory surgery have to be developed. Similar efforts are paying off in other areas, such as physician payment reforms - you might think about getting involved with groups like the AQA. ... Keep up the good work. You're doing high-quality efficient work. Don't get discouraged."

Dr. McClellan and Mr. Dranove spoke last week at the Improving Profits and Legal and Business Issues for ASCs Conference, which 600 people attended.

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News and Notes

SEC targeting orthopedics device sales. On the heels of five orthopedics manufacturers' settling for more than $300 million with the government comes a report that orthopedics device companies are now being looked at by the SEC regarding their overseas sales. Biomet, Zimmer, Smith & Nephew, Stryker and Medtronic have all received letters from the agency "indicating an informal investigation into possible violations of an act meant to stop improper payments to foreign officials," reported the Wall Street Journal on Oct. 15.

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New: Orthopedic and Spine Medical Device Market Letter. We have an outstanding piece on ASCs' buying orthopedic devices and implants that features talks from Drs. Larry Teuber and John Cherf scheduled for the introduction of the orthopedics and spine medical device market letter, to be provided along with the Jan./Feb. issue.

Update on the Jan./Feb. issue. Our Jan./Feb. issue will as always highlight 40 companies to watch in the ASC industry. This is limited to companies that develop, manage or own ASCs. It will also include extensive coverage of bariatrics and adding weight-loss surgery to ASCs.

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Scott Becker, JD, CPA, is a partner in and co-chair of the health depatment at the national law firm of McGuireWoods in Chicago. For more information, visit his McGuireWoods profile or

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