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September 23, 2008
Latest News & Analysis

1. 6 Trends in Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery. Click Here button

2. What Did a Physician Make in 1964? Click Here button

3. Meridian Surgical Partners Acquires Northwest Neurospine. Click Here button

4. Illinois and Other State CON Laws Stifle Innovation, Weaken Markets, Say FTC and DOJ. Click Here button

5. Surgical Notes and Source Medical invite everyone to the First Annual Fall ASC Conference Kick-Off Party, 8 to 11 p.m. Oct. 23 in Suite 929 at the Sheraton Hotel and Towers. Don't miss it -- register for the conference: Click Here button

6. Fewer Than 40 Registration Spots Remain at Fall Conference, Oct. 23 to 25 in Chicago; Keynote Speaker Uwe Reinhardt Named 32nd Most Powerful Person in Healthcare by Modern Healthcare Register for the conference: Click Here button

7. Five HIT Questions to Answer When Joint-Venturing. Click Here button

8. Ex-WellPoint CEO/President Will Lead Implantable Provider Group Board. Click Here button

9. Provena to Take Challenge Over Loss of Property-Tax Exemption to Supreme Court. Click Here button

10. See the 10 Most Popular Hospital Business and Legal Issues Articles at the New Hospital Review Web site. Click Here button Subscribe to Becker's ASC Review and receive one year of The Hospital Review for free; contact Rob Kurtz ( or Matt Leemkuil (

11. Sheldon Sones: "Bucket List" Helps Designate Potential Drug Allergy Crossovers. Click Here button

12. Surgical Notes has launched commercials for its new SnChart application Click Here button and the VMR Express Click Here button

13. Read About New Trends and Ideas for GI and ENT in the Nov./Dec. Issue of Becker's ASC Review.

14. 3 Benefits of Outsourced Business Operations: An Interview With Tom Jacobs. Click Here button

15. WSJ Reports: Web Display Ads' Effectiveness Over Search Ads Touted. Click Here button
Use Composite Score to Allocate Extra Block Time

A traditional challenge facing ASCs - and hospitals as well, to a degree - is how to fairly allocate block time when not every physician is equally productive. Some physicians will always perform more cases than others.

In physician-owned ASCs, there is often a democratic environment that leads to, at least initially, the equal divvying up of block time. For example, each physician receiving a morning and afternoon block. But what should a center do when some physicians fill up and utilize all of their block time and others do not?

To learn a formula for determining block times and how to apply it with your physicians, click here.
What Is Your Surgical Facility Doing to Prevent Post-op Deep Vein Thrombosis?

Q: Are ASCs engaging in anticoagulation prophylaxis? What is your surgical facility's protocol for preventing post-op deep vein thrombosis (DVT)?

-- name withheld by request

E-mail your thoughts to this question to Stephanie Wasek at Be sure to include your name, title and business name for confirmation purposes (you may request that we publish your answer anonymously).
Fewer Than 50 Registration Spots Left for
Fall ASC Conference Oct. 23-25 -- Register Today!

15th Annual Improving Profits and Business and Legal Issues for ASCs
Presented by ASC Communications and the Ambulatory Surgery Foundation
Sheraton Hotel and Towers, Chicago
Oct. 23 to 25

We have added rooms to our block, but it is again nearly sold out. Book your hotel ASAP. The Sheraton Hotel and Towers has set aside special group rates for conference attendees. Please contact the hotel directly to make your reservation. Be sure to mention you are attending the ASC Conference in order to receive the discounted group rate.

To make a reservation, go to, or call (800) 325-3535 or (312) 464-1000.

Group room rates:
Standard - $289 (single) or $319 (double)
Club Rooms - $364 (single) or $394 (double)

Here are five great examples of topics that will be covered at the conference:

1. Assessing the Profitability of Different Specialties in ASCs -- Luke Lambert, CEO, ASCOA

2. An Administrator's Viewpoint and Success Stories: How to Get My Doctors to Do What I Think They Should Do Without Yelling, Breaking the Law or Losing My Job -- Rob Welti, MD, Corporate Medical Director and COO, Western Region, Regent Surgical Health

3. What Do You Do When a Major Payor Cuts Your Reimbursement by 20 Percent? -- Robyn Finnegan, VP of Managed Care, and Don Jansen, VP of Marketing and Development, Prexus Health Partners

4. 3 Ways to Add Profits to an ASC -- Steve Burton, CEO, ION Healthcare; Bob Wood, VP of Strategic Planning, Acclarent

5. Succeeding Without Orthopedics: How A Multi-Specialty ASC Can Thrive Without Orthopedics -- Steve Holst, MD, and Scott Bateman, MD, Founders, Sheridan Surgical Center

To see the entire agenda, download the conference brochure (PDF).

There are four ways to register:

1. Fill out and mail or fax the registration form in the conference brochure.
2. Call (703) 836-5904 or (800) 417-2035.
3. Register online by clicking here.
4. E-mail

*           *           *
Contact us toll-free: (800) 417-2035

Thank You to 11 Great Companies

1. ASCOA. ASCOA is a leader in the ASC industry, achieving exceptional quality of care and outstanding financial results. The company will be a full-year advertiser in Becker's ASC Review and the Orthopedic and Spine Review. Learn more about ASCOA.

2. Meridian Surgical Partners. Meridian aligns with physicians in the acquisition, development and management of multi-specialty ASCs and surgical facilities. The company will be a full-year advertiser in Becker's ASC Review and the Orthopedic and Spine Review. Read more about Meridian.

3. Practice Partners. Practice Partners in Healthcare takes great pride in the development, management and equity ownership with its physician and hospital partners. The company will be a full-year advertiser in Becker's ASC Review and the Orthopedic and Spine Review. Read more about Practice Partners.

4. National Surgical Care. National Surgical Care, a nationwide owner and operator of ambulatory surgical centers, focuses on addressing the needs and problems confronting surgery centers across the country. The company is a founding sponsor of Becker's Orthopedic and Spine Review. Learn more about NSC.

5. Blue Chip Surgical Center Partners. Founded by ASC veteran Jeff Leland, Blue Chip is focused on spine and multi-specialty ASCs. The company is a founding sponsor of Becker's Orthopedic and Spine Review. Learn more about Blue Chip.

6. Medical Facilities Corporation. Medical Facilities Corporation is a publicly traded company and a leading acquirer of majority interests in high quality specialty hospitals and ASCs. You can soon see the company's ads in the Becker's ASC Review. Read more about MFC.

7. Mnet Financial. Mnet Financial is an industry-specific collection service for the rapidly growing hospital and ambulatory surgery sector. The company will exhibit at the Oct. ASC conference. Read more about Mnet.

8. Mavicor. Managed Services Suite is a set of comprehensive IT management services that can be obtained at a predictable and affordable monthly cost. The company will exhibit at the Oct. ASC conference. Learn more about Mavicor.

9. Fresenius. Fresenius provides the highest quality standards in dialysis care and products in the industry to meet the needs of patients and affiliated physicians. The company will exhibit at the Oct. ASC conference. Read more about Fresenius.

10. Progressive Dynamics Medical. Progressive Dynamics Medical produces warming blankets that have proven very beneficial in preventing adverse medical problems associated with hypothermia. You can soon see the com- pany's ads in Becker's ASC Review, at and in the Becker's ASC E-Weekly. Learn more about Progressive Dynamics.

11. ARC Medical. ARC Medical is a U.S.-owned manufacturer and distributor of fully packaged 510(k) FDA-registered surgical sutures and needles for all specialties. The company will be appearing in the ASC Review Product Shopper. Read more about ARC Medical.

Outstanding Compounding Pharmacy to Know

1. JCB Laboratories. JCB Laboratories is a compounding pharmacy that serves the ASC market place. Learn more about JCB Labs.

Upcoming ASC Events
15th Improving Profitability, and Business, Strategic, Clinical and Legal Issues for ASCs
Oct. 23 to 25, 2008

The 7th Annual Orthopedics-, Pain Management- and Spine-Driven ASC Conference
June 11 to 13, 2009

For a complete list of upcoming events, click here
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