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Subject: [Becker's ASC Review] Sept./Oct. Issue Online: Financial Implications of Healthcare Reform on ASCs/6 Key Trends Impacting Outpatient Services and Physician-Owned Facilities/7 Important Issues on 2011 CMS ASC Proposed Rule/34 New Articles
Becker's ASC Review
Sept./Oct. Issue of Becker's ASC Review
September 9, 2010

Download the Sept./Oct. Issue of Becker's ASC Review (pdf). Click Here

1. 5 Financial Implications Healthcare Reform Will Have on ASCs. Click Here

2. 6 Key Issues and Trends Impacting Outpatient Services and Physician-Owned Facilities. Click Here

3. CMS Releases 2011 ASC Proposed Rule: 7 Important Issues. Click Here

The Best Speakers in the ASC Industry Discuss the Most Important Business and Legal Topics at the 17th Annual Improving Profitability, and Business and Legal Issues for ASCs Conference (Oct. 21-23, Chicago). Register today. Click Here

5. Publisher's Letter: 17th Annual ASC Conference: The Best Business Speakers in the ASC Business. Click Here

6. 12 Ways to Maximize Profits at Your ASC. Click Here

7. Spine and Sports Medicine Surgeons Top List of Highest Paid Orthopedic Specialties. Click Here

8. Growing Your ASC, the Path of Least Resistance: Top 4 Easiest Specialties to Transition Into an ASC. Click Here

9. 10 Best Practices for Recruiting New Partners to Your ASC. Click Here

10. Access to Physicians: 3 Major Challenges Facing ASCs. Click Here

11. 5 Ways ASCs Lose Money. Click Here

12. Nominations Sought for Great Gastroenterologists and Great Ophthalmologists. Submit nominations to

13. 5 Observations on the Future of ASCs From Dr. Neal Lintecum of Kansas' Lawrence Surgery Center. Click Here

14. 7 Observations on ASC-Based EMR. Click Here

15. Using Inventory Management and Technology to Increase Profits. Click Here

16. Reducing ASC Chronic Technology Pain: 3 Rules to Contain IT Costs. Click Here

17. Free Webinar: 7 Secrets to Sustainable Savings Through Standardized Clinical Engineering (Oct. 12, 1:15 CST. Space is limited so register today! Click Here
View other upcoming free webinars by clicking here.

18. 8 Tips for Managing Medical Equipment Software Updates and Upgrades. Click Here

19. 107 Great Women Leaders in the ASC Industry. Click Here

20. New Jersey Regulators Approve Penalties for PIP Patients Using OON Centers. Click Here

21. ICD-10 Implementation for ASCs: What You Must Do Now. Click Here

22. 10 Steps for ASCs to Collect Full Payment After the Procedure is Performed. Click Here

23. 3 Successful Managed Care Contract Negotiation Tactics (and One to Avoid). Click Here

24. 3 Critical Mistakes Made When Reporting Modifier -59. Click Here

25. 3 Surprising Factors That Impact an ASC's Value. Click Here

26. Is the Independent Practice of Medicine Going the Way of the Dinosaur? Click Here

27. 5 Most Attractive ASC Specialties. Click Here

28. Using New Processes and Technologies to Maximize ASC Patient Collections. Click Here

29. Anesthesia Models Under Attack. Click Here

30. 5 Observations on Anesthesia in ASCs From Syed Ishaq of Somnia Anesthesia. Click Here

31. 4 Ways ASCs Can Improve Relationships Between Surgeons and Anesthesiologists. Click Here

32. Impact of the Propofol Shortage on Anesthesiologists. Click Here

33. 8 Ways GI Centers Can Prosper in the Next Five Years. Click Here

34. 5 Statistics About Gastroenterologist Compensation by Years of Experience. Click Here

35. 4 Tips for Preventing Infection in Your ASC. Click Here

36. Meeting AAAHC Standards for Reprocessing Single-Use Devices and Equipment. Click Here

37. Air Change Requirements in Ambulatory Surgical Facility Operating Rooms. Click Here

View these stories and download the entire issue. Click Here

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