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Becker's ASC Review
12 New Articles Added to Becker's ASC Review Channels
August 20, 2010

1. Future of ASCs in Five Years: Predictions on the Most Common Ownership Model.
(ASC Transactions & Valuation Issues) Click Here Features insight from Jeff Sapp of Innovative Surgical Solutions; Dr. Robert Peets of Samaritan North Surgery Center; Jeff Peo of ASCOA; Dr. Mike Russell of Texas Spine & Joint Hospital; and Jeffrey Shanton of Journal Square Surgical Center.

2. 4 Ways to Improve ASC Profitability From an Anesthesiologist's Perspective. (Anesthesia & Anesthesia-Related Issues) Click Here

3. Early Registation Ends Sept. 1! The Best Business Speakers in the ASC Industry Present at the 17th Annual Improving Profitability, and Business and Legal Issues for ASCs Conference (Oct. 2010, Chicago). 12 more speakers for 83 sessions. Download the conference brochure and register today. Click Here

4. 6 Ways to Improve Pre- and Post-Operative Processes.
(ASC Turnarounds: Ideas to Improve Performance & Benchmarking)Click Here Features insight from Sandra Jones of ASD Management.

5. 3 Factors That Can Increase the Value of ASCs to a Potential Corporate or Hospital Partner.
(ASC Transactions & Valuation Issues) Click Here Features insight from Jason Ruchaber of HealthCare Appraisers.

6. Lakeland (Fla.) Surgical & Diagnostic Center has performed more than 10,000 cases annually since 2001, and last year treated 19,300 cases, with projections to exceed 20,000 cases in 2010. Read about 19 other ASCs performing more than 10,000 cases annually. Click Here

7. 5 Quick Guidelines for Effective Insurance Verification. (ASC Coding, Billing and Collections) Click Here Features insight from Caryl Serbin of Serbin Surgery Center Billing.

8. Job opening: ASC Billing Expert in New Jersey (Montvale). Click Here

9. 3 Ways to Reduce Cost in a GI-Driven ASC.
(GI & Endoscopy-Driven ASCs) Click Here Features insight from Angela Wustner of Physicians Endoscopy.

10. 4 Tips for Preventing Infection in Your ASC.
(ASC Accreditation & Patient Safety) Click Here

11. 3 Ways to Improve Your ASC's Processes and Overall Efficiency: Anesthesiologists, Room Turnover and Cash Cycle
. (Anesthesia & Anesthesia-Related Issues) Click Here Features insight from Rajiv Chopra of The C/N Group.

12. Critical ASC Mistake: Failure to Regularly Audit Dictated Surgeons' Reports.
(ASC Coding, Billing & Collections) Click Here Features insight from Bill Gilbert and Brice Voithofer of AdvantEdge Healthcare Solutions.

13. Key Traits to Look for in ASC Nurses, Anesthesiologists and Medical Directors.
(ASC Turnarounds: Ideas to Improve Performance & Benchmarking) Click Here

14. 3 Ways a Young GI Center Reduced Costs: Gastrointestinal Associates Endoscopy Center.
(GI & Endoscopy-Driven ASCs) Click Here

15. Importance of Outlining Privileges: Q&A with Dr. Jack Egnatinsky of AAAHC.
(ASC Accreditation & Patient Safety) Click Here

Learn More About Our Featured E-Weekly Advertisers: Mtuitive, TriMedx, B. Braun and Surgical Notes.
17th Annual Improving Profitability, and Business and Legal Issues for ASCs Conference: Oct. 21-23, Chicago

The best business speakers present at the 17th Annual Improving Profitability, and Business and Legal Issues for ASCs Conference (Oct. 21-23, 2010; Chicago). Register by clicking here. This exclusive conference is focused on key business, financial, clinical and legal issues facing ASCs. It brings together ASC business and strategy leaders to discuss how to improve your organization and its bottom line in these challenging but opportunity-filled times.

Here are just five of the 123 terrific speakers:

1. Luke Lambert, CEO, Ambulatory Surgical Centers of America

2. Michael Weaver, VP Acquisitions & Development, Symbion

3. Robin Fowler, MD, Medical Director, Interventional Management Services

4. Kenny Hancock, President and Chief Development Officer, Meridian Surgical Partners

5. John Poisson, EVP & Strategic Partnerships Officer, Physicians Endoscopy

For more information about the program, please download the conference brochure (PDF), click here or call (703) 836-5904. There are four ways you can register:
  1. Online. Register through our secure Web site.
  2. Phone. Call (703) 836-5904 or (800) 417-2035.
  3. Fax. Print the conference brochure (PDF), fill-out the registration on p. 7 and fax it to (703) 836-2090.
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12. Becker's ASC Review / Becker's Hospital Review Names the 100 Best Places to Work - 2010
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