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August 12, 2008
Latest News & Analysis

1. Case Study: 6 Steps to Decrease On-Hand Inventory Days by Two-Thirds. Click Here button

2. 5 Accounts Receivable Benchmarks to Meet. Click Here button

3. Four More Concepts to Overcome Payor Challenges. Click Here button

4. Rick Kolsky, MS, PhD, professor of marketing at Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management, to Give Keynote Presentation at Oct. ASC Conference. Click Here button

5. Analysis: Medicare Improvement Act Imposes More Regulations on Imaging Services. Click Here button

6. Wage-Fixing Suit Alleges Facilities Conspired to Underpay Nurses Average of $6,000 Per Year. Click Here button

7. Becker's ASC Review is delighted to welcome Somnia, an outstanding anesthesia-management company, as a founding sponsor of The Hospital Review. Click Here button Becker's ASC Reviewalso welcomes Ambulatory Surgical Group as an advertiser. Click Here button ASC Communications welcomes GE Healthcare as an exhibitor. Click Here button

8. 10 Keys to Turning Around Financially Troubled ASCs. Click Here button

9. Surgical Specialty Satisfaction: Employed Versus Non-Employed Physicians. Click Here button

10. Physicians Report Their Top 5 Priorities for Hospital Administrators. Click Here button
Share Your Views on Primary Care Physician Relations, Employment by Hospital

How important are relations between your surgeons, the surgery center and primary care physicians to the success of your center?

Does the strategy of hospitals employing primary care physicians make sense?

E-mail your thoughts to this question to Rob Kurtz at Be sure to include your name, title and business name for confirmation purposes (you may request that we publish your answer anonymously).

Costs to Add a Retina Program to the ASC

Q: Our center is thinking about adding retina in order to take advantage of the increased CMS reimbursement rates and to increase utilization of our eye rooms. What are estimated capital and supply expenses for adding a retina program?

A: The minimum you can expect to spend on retina equipment is $125,000, according to Scott Baratta of Ascent Health Care Advisors. He breaks down the capital costs like this:

$50,000 for the average refurbished posterior segment vitrectomy machine, including light source;
$25,000 for the necessary microscope modification (for faster turnover, you may want to do this to two microscopes);
$25,000 for the laser;
$5,000 for filters;
$10,000 for surgical instruments; and
$10,000 for a cryo unit.

"You can easily be at $240,000 on capital costs [for retina] without blinking an eye," says Steven R. Blom, RN, MAHSM, CASC, administrator of the Specialty Surgery Center in San Antonio, Texas. To test out a retina program, "we're renting some of the equipment for a while. If it doesn't work out, then the cataract surgeons will have a fancy microscope."

Further, says Mr. Blom, supply costs are "terribly high - retina uses more expensive supplies. If you're not careful, you can easily be at supply costs of $750 or $800 and only $1,200 reimbursement. When you add in overhead and other costs, it might not be profitable."

Disposable packs containing laser probes, gas and oil will run you at least $320 to $650 per case, says Mr. Baratta.

For more guidance on adding retina to your ASC, click here.
Register Now for the ASC Event of the Year

15th Annual Improving Profits and Business and Legal Issues for ASCs
presented by ASC Communications and the Ambulatory Surgery Foundation
Sheraton Hotel and Towers, Chicago
Oct. 23 to 25

One of the many highlights of the program's agenda: Rick Kolsky, MS, PhD, professor of marketing at Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management, will present a keynote talk entitled "Building a Brand in the World of Healthcare."

Dr. Kolsky has an MS in engineering and economics from Brown University and a PhD in Economics from Yale University. He is a faculty member for many company-specific and Northwestern University executive education programs and has published numerous articles and has been keynote speaker for conferences on a range of subjects. Dr. Kolsky has also worked in the White House and has taught economics and consulted at Yale.

Here are five other great topics on the program agenda:

1. The Future of ASCs -- Marc Koch, MD, President and CEO, Somnia; Tom Mallon, CEO and Founder, Regent Surgical Health; Tony Taparo, Group President, Symbion

2. 3 Ways to Add Profits to an ASC -- Steve Burton, CEO, ION Healthcare; Bob Wood, VP of Strategic Planning, Acclarent

3. Current Strategies to Handle Out-of-Network and High Deductible Patients -- Cathy Weaver, Senior Manager, Somerset CPAs; John Seitz, CEO, Ambulatory Surgical Group

4. Effectively Managing a Board in Congruence With Physician Leadership -- Nap Gary, President, Eastern Region, Regent Surgical Health

5. Safe Harbors, Legal Question and Answer (and) Peace or War? What to Do When a Hospital Tries to Put Your ASC Out of Business -- Scott Becker, JD, CPA, Partner, McGuireWoods

To see the entire agenda, download the conference brochure (PDF).

There are four ways to register:

1. Fill out and mail or fax the registration form in the conference brochure.
2. Call (703) 836-5904 or (800) 417-2035.
3. Register online by clicking here.
4. E-mail

*           *           *
Contact us toll-free: (800) 417-2035

Thank You to 10 Great Companies

1. Ambulatory Surgical Group.
The principals of Ambulatory Surgical Group have directed the formation, syndication, development and management of some of the nation's leading ASCs. The company's ads will begin appearing in the E-Weekly shortly. Learn more about ASG.

2. Somnia. Somnia is a leading provider of anesthesia services to hospitals, ASCs and office-based surgical facilities nationwide. Read more about Somnia.

3. Facility Development and Management. Facility Development and Management provides consultative, developmental and managerial services for outpatient ambulatory surgical centers throughout the United States. Learn more about Facility Development and Management.

4. Healthcare Appraisers. HealthCare Appraisers is a nationally recognized valuation and consulting firm providing services, including fair market value opinions, business valuation, consulting and advisory services, and litigation support exclusively to the healthcare industry. Read more about Healthcare Appraisers.

5. Erdman (A Cogdell Spencer Company). As an integrated provider, Erdman offers service from facility conception to completion, including advance planning, development, design and construction. Read more about Erdman.

6. Surgical Notes. Surgical notes is a nationwide provider of medical transcription, coding and other related value-added information technology services for ASCs. Read more about Surgical Notes.

7. Meridian Surgical Partners. Meridian acquires interests in established physician-owned surgical facilities, as well as partners with physicians seeking to grow their businesses locally through the development of new surgical facilities. Learn more about Meridian.

8. Provation Medical. ProVation Medical has created ProVation EHR, an electronic health record designed for busy, cost-conscious ASCs. Learn more about Provation.

9. Symbion Healthcare. Head- quartered in Nashville, Tenn., Symbion is a leading provider of high quality surgical services across many specialties. Read more about Symbion.

10. SourceMedical Solutions. SourceMedical is the leading provider of outpatient information solutions and services, collectively serving ASCs and surgical hospitals. Learn more about SourceMedical.

Upcoming ASC Events
15th Improving Profitability, and Business, Strategic, Clinical and Legal Issues for ASCs
Oct. 23 to 25, 2008

Physician/Hospital Integration Efforts
Sept. 25, 2008
Audio Conference

For a complete list of upcoming events, click here
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