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August 7, 2008
Latest News & Analysis

1. 10 Interesting Statistics and Facts About Orthopedic Practices. Click Here button

2. NovaMed Announces Second Quarter Results; Same-Facility Net Revenue Growth of 3 Percent. (See average procedures and payment per procedure below.) Click Here button

3. 30 Orthopedic Procedures Added to Medicare ASC List in 2008 That Are Profitable to Perform in Your Facility. Click Here button

4. Peer Review Alone Not Enough for Hospital to Dismiss Physician, Court Rules. Click Here button

5. USPI Is Seeking an Administrator for a California ASC. Click Here button

6. Physician Satisfaction Ranked by Surgical Specialty; 12 of 14 Specialties Below Mean Physician Satisfaction Score. Click Here button

7. 10 States With the Most Hospitals. Click Here button

8. 127 People to Know in the ASC Industry. Click Here button

9. $33M Award to Cardiologist Overturned in Peer Review Case; Defendants Entitled to HCQIA Immunity. Click Here button

10. Global Pharmaceutical Solutions, a leading pharmacy benefit consulting company provides solutions and reduces pharmacy benefit cost for employers (retirees and active employees). For more information concerning Medicare Part D or PBM cost-saving strategies: Click Here button
Benchmarking Statistics: NovaMed Reports Average Quarterly and 6-Month Case Volume, Reimbursement Per Procedure

NovaMed recently reported its second-quarter results. Here are a few interesting average statistics for its 34 facilities.

  • 1,005 -- average number of procedures for the second quarter

  • 1,972 -- average number of procedures for first six months of 2008

  • $850 -- average net revenue per procedure for the second quarter

  • $843 -- average net revenue per procedure for the first six months of 2008

    Source: Novamed's second-quarter results. Learn more about Novamed.

  • Credit Corp of Amer begin 0608
    Physician Privileges and the Ability to Transfer Patients to a Hospital from the ASC

    Q: Does a physician doing surgery in an ASC have to be on staff at a hospital in the same state, and is there any mileage range? Does the physician have to be on staff to transfer to the hospital, or does he fall under the facility contract for transfer? Further, would the physician have to be available for "call" for the hospital?

    -- Anonymous

    Scott Becker, JD, CPA, responds:

    Generally, a physician must either have privileges within what has generally been 30 minutes of the ASC, or the ASC must have a transfer agreement with the hospital.

    If the physician doesn't have privileges and relies on the transfer agreement of the hospital, he probably has to make sure there is an adequate means of follow-up and proper treatment for the patient if he cannot follow through with the patient himself.

    Call is generally required only of physicians who have privileges at the hospital.

    How Important Are Relations With Primary Care Physicians? Does it Make Sense for Hospitals to Employ Them?

    How important are relations between your surgeons, the surgery center and primary care physicians to the success of your center?

    Does the strategy of hospitals employing primary care physicians make sense?

    E-mail your thoughts to this question to Rob Kurtz at Be sure to include your name, title and business name for confirmation purposes (you may request that we publish your answer anonymously).

    AAAHC --
    Don't Miss the ASC Event of the Year

    15th Annual Improving Profits and Business and Legal Issues for ASCs
    presented by ASC Communications and the Ambulatory Surgery Foundation
    Sheraton Hotel and Towers, Chicago
    Oct. 23 to 25

    One of the many highlights of the program's agenda is Luke Lambert, CEO of ASCOA, discussing "Assessing the Profitability of Different Specialties in ASCs."

    Mr. Lambert has an MBA from Columbia University and an AB in Economics from Harvard College. Prior to joining ASCOA as its CFO in 1997, Mr. Lambert worked in equity research for Smith Barney. Additionally, Mr. Lambert has management consulting experience with Booz, Allen & Hamilton and Ernst & Young LLP. Mr. Lambert has received the CASC designation.

    Here are five other great topics on the program agenda:

    1. How to Recruit High-Quality and Productive Surgeons to Work at Your ASC -- Rob Carrera, CEO, Pinnacle III

    2. The Best Opportunities for ASCs Now -- Larry Taylor, President and CEO, Practice Partners in Healthcare

    3. Core Tips and Strategies to Succeed with Orthopedics and Neurosurgery in ASCs -- Mike Lipomi, MSHA, President, RMC Medstone

    4.Creative Restructuring of a Physician-Hospital Joint-Venture ASC - A Win-Win-Win Solution -- Jeff Leland, Managing Partner, Blue Chip Surgical Partners; Mark Beaugard, MD, and George Trajtenberg, MD, Turks Head Surgery Center

    5. Controlling Implant Costs, Staffing Costs and Supply Costs - Strategies for Success -- Larry Teuber, MD, President, Medical Facilities Corp.; Scott Jackson, VP, Surgery Center Division, McKesson Surgical

    To see the entire agenda, download the conference brochure (PDF).

    There are four ways to register:

    1. Fill out and mail or fax the registration form in the conference brochure.
    2. Call (703) 836-5904 or (800) 417-2035.
    3. Register online by clicking here.
    4. E-mail

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    Contact us toll-free: (800) 417-2035

    Thank You to 10 Great Companies

    1. MediGain. MediGain helps healthcare providers to preserve profitability with improved and low cost back-office processes. Read more about MediGain.

    2. Ambulatory Surgical Group. The principals of Ambulatory Surgical Group have directed the formation, syndication, development and management of some of the nation's leading ASCs. The company's ads will begin appearing in the E-Weekly shortly. Learn more about ASG.

    3. Serbin Surgery Center Billing. Serbin Surgery Center Billing concentrates on the unique needs of surgery centers and provides expert and accurate coding, billing, collections, and managed care negotiations solely to the ASC industry. Learn more about SCB.

    4. Credentialing Corporation of America. Credentialing Corporation of America (CCA) is a credentials verification organization (CVO) that provides ongoing credentialing services for ambulatory surgery centers and other healthcare entities. Read more about CCA.

    5. MedHQ. MedHQ provides accounting, revenue cycle, human resources and credentialing services to hospitals, surgery centers, imaging centers and physician practices nationwide. Learn more about MedHQ.

    6. JCB Laboratories. JCB Laboratories is a compounding pharmacy that serves the ASC market place, focusing exclusively on preparing sterile products in order to provide exceptional safety, consistency and pricing. Read more about JCB Labs.

    7. Somerset CPAs. Somerset prepares feasibility studies, valuation of ASC and specialty hospital ownership interests, operations reviews, accreditation, revenue cycle assessment, benchmarking and succession/strategic planning. Learn more about Somerset CPAs.

    8. Key Health. Key Health is a leader in providing unique financial solutions to healthcare facilities, healthcare providers and attorneys, and it funds medical services on a lien/letter of protection basis on behalf of injured patients. Read more about Key Health.

    9. The Coding Network. The Coding Network is committed to provide cost effective state-of-the-industry procedural and diagnostic coding support to medical groups, academic practice plans, hospitals, ASCs and billing companies nationwide. Learn more about The Coding Network.

    10. National Medical Billing Services. National Medical Billing Services specializes in freestanding outpatient surgery center coding and billing. Read more about NMBS.

    Upcoming ASC Events
    15th Improving Profitability, and Business, Strategic, Clinical and Legal Issues for ASCs
    Oct. 23 to 25, 2008

    Physician/Hospital Integration Efforts
    Sept. 25, 2008
    Audio Conference

    For a complete list of upcoming events, click here
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