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July 22, 2008
Latest News & Analysis

1. Top 5 Hospital and Top 4 Physician Services With Overpayments. Click Here button

2. Is Block Leasing in Trouble? Concise Review and Analysis. Click Here button

3. CMS Proposes Stark Exception for Gain-Sharing and Other Payments to Physicians. Click Here button

4. $700 Million in Improper Medicare Payments Saved by CMS Recovery Audit Contractor Program. Click Here button

5. Final Day to Register for Complimentary Audio Conference for ASC Review Subscribers: ASC Transactions - Should You Sell; What is the Value and Process; Can a Merger Help. Hear Sami Abbasi, CEO of National Surgical Care; Jon O'Sullivan, principal and founder of VMG Health; and Tom Yerden, founder of TRY Health Care Solutions. Click Here button 

6. Service-Specific Example of an Overpayment Identified by Recovery Audit Contractors. Click Here button  

7. Physicians Receive 0.5 Percent Pay Raise When Congress Overrides Presidential Veto. Click Here button

8. In-Office Imaging Services Drove $14 Billion in Medicare Imaging Spending in 2006, Says GAO. Click Here button

9. Hospital Physician Specialists: To Hire or Not to Hire. Click Here button

10. From the Archives: Four Cornerstones to Strategic Planning for ASCs. Click Here button

11. We would like to thank ASCs, Inc. and Jon Vick for renewing their advertising for a full year of the ASC Review; B. Braun, which also renewed; Eveia Health Consulting & Management Company and Naya Kehayes for, once again, sponsoring the badge lanyards for our exciting October conference; QSE Technologies and Marion Jenkins for sponsoring the cyber cafe; and MediGain, a new exhibitor at the conference. Learn more about the conference. Click Here button

Schedule Surgery --
How Does Your Facility Handle Surgery Cancellations?

A reader asks: What do you do to decrease high surgical cancellation rates? How do you approach the physician? The patient?

E-mail your thoughts to this question to Rob Kurtz at Be sure to include your name, title and business name. Shortly, we will publish a selection of the responses we receive and choose one response as our "featured answer."

Proper Management of Defective Medication or Device
Q: What are our responsibilities when we detect a medication or medical device that is defective and/or an unanticipated adverse reaction to a drug?

Sheldon S. Sones, RPh, FASCP: Behind many national recalls is often a facility like yours that participated in the FDA's MedWatch program. Just a few weeks ago, at two separate facilities in Massachusetts, I was alerted to "floaters" or "coring" that appeared in propofol 20 ml. vials manufactured by a prominent company.

Read the rest of the answer by clicking here.
Credit Corp of Amer begin 0608
ASC Communications & Ambulatory Surgery Foundation Fall Conference and Becker's ASC Review

15th Annual Improving Profits and Business and Legal Issues for ASCs
Presented by ASC Communications, Inc. & ASC Association
Sheraton Hotel and Towers, Chicago
Oct. 23 to 25

Five Great Sample Topics:

1. Making Urology a Success in Your ASC -- Bill Mobley, MD, Urological Associates; Herb
Riemenschneider, MD, Knightsbridge Surgery Center

2. Ophthalmology and ENT in ASCs - How to Succeed with Eyes and ENT -- Steve Blom,
Specialty Surgery Center in San Antonio, NSC; Doug Hoisington, DO

3. The 10 Key Statistics You Should Look at Each Week and Month -- Boyd Faust, CPA,
Chief Financial Officer, Titan Health

4. Key Practical Tips to Improving an ASC's Coding Efforts -- Stephanie Ellis, RN, CPC,
President, Ellis Medical Consulting

5. How to Recruit High-Quality and Productive Surgeons to Work at Your ASC -- Rob Carrera, CEO, Pinnacle III

To see the entire agenda, download the conference brochure (PDF).

There are four ways to register:

1. Fill out and mail or fax the registration form in the conference brochure.
2. Call (703) 836-5904 or (800) 417-2035
3. Register online by clicking here.
4. E-mail

*           *           *
Contact us:
(800) 417-2035

Thank You to 10 Great Companies

1. JCB Laboratories. JCB Laboratories is a compounding pharmacy that serves the ASC marketplace and focuses exclusively on preparing sterile products. Read more about JCB Labs.

2. McKesson Medical-Surgical. McKesson Medical-Surgical, based in Richmond, Va., is a leading distributor of medical supplies and equipment to physician practices, surgery centers, home care and extended care facilities. Read more about McKesson.

3. Titan Health. Titan is a nationwide surgery center development, acquisition and management company that partners with hospitals and physicians to develop successful, multi-specialty ASCs. Learn more about Titan.

4. CareCredit. CareCredit lets patients pay in full, while your center gets paid in two business days with no responsibility if the patient delays or defaults. Learn more about CareCredit.

5. QSE Technologies. QSE Technologies is a premiere IT systems integrator, managing all aspects of IT infrastructure design, configuration, installation and ongoing tech support, for new and existing ASCs. Read more about QSE.

6. Physicians Capital. Loans for ASC buy-ins -- to help bring new physicians into a partnership -- are among the unique financing options offered by Physicians Capital. Learn more about Physicians Capital.  

7. Regent Surgical Health. As buyers, developers and managers of outpatient surgery centers and physician-owned hospitals around the country, Regent Surgical Health is an experienced developer and specialist in turnaround situations. Read more about Regent.

8. Affinity Insurance Services. Affinity Insurance Services is a part of Aon Corporation, a Fortune 250 Corporation and the No. 1 global insurance broker. Learn more about Affinity.

9. National Surgical Care. National Surgical Care, a nationwide owner and operator of ambulatory surgical centers, focuses on addressing the needs and problems confronting surgery centers across the country. Learn more about NSC.

10. Woodrum/ASD. Woodrum is one of oldest continuing, national ASC companies in the U.S., having developed and managed ASCs in 46 states for over 20 years. Learn more about Woodrum.

Upcoming ASC Events
ASC Transactions: Successful Strategies for Mergers, Acquisitions, Divestitures and Restructuring
July 24, 2008
Audio Conference

ASC Benchmarking and Case-Costing
Aug. 6, 2006
Audio Conference

Physician/Hospital Integration Efforts
Sept. 25, 2006
Audio Conference

15th Improving Profitability, and Business, Strategic, Clinical and Legal Issues for ASCs
Oct. 23 to 25, 2008

For a complete list of upcoming events, click here
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