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Subject: [Becker's ASC E-Weekly] CMS Proposes 3 Percent Increase in Outpatient Payment System; 2 More Arrested in $154 Million ASC Fraud Case; 6 Quality Measures ASCs May Report to CMS in 2009; How Do You Recruit Physicians to Your ASC?
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July 8, 2008
Latest News & Analysis

1. CMS Proposes 3 Percent Increase for Outpatient Services, Adding 9 Procedures to ASC List. Click Here button

2. More Charges, Indictments in $154 Million, Largest-Ever Insurance Fraud Scheme Involving ASC. Click Here button

3. David Shapiro, MD, Discusses the 6 Quality Measures ASCs May Be Reporting to CMS in 2009. Click Here button

4. Understanding IT's 4 Roles and Practical Applications in Quality Tracking and Benchmarking. Click Here button

5. Major Changes to Ambulatory National Patient Safety Goals for 2009 Include Central Line-Associated Bloodstream Infections, SSI.  Click Here button

6. Baptist Health Care to Acquire West Florida Hospital. Click Here button

7. Somerset CPAs Promotes Jeff Boomershine to Principal. Click Here button

8. MarCap Acquisition by Tygris Completed. Click Here button

9. Mednet Launches Inventory Management Application for the ASC Market. Click Here button

10. Serbin Surgery Center Billing Has Become the Exclusive Billing and Collections Sponsor for the October Conference; Learn More About SCB. Click Here button

11. Blue Chip Surgical Partners Has Become a Founding Sponsor for the Becker's Orthopedic and Spine Practice Review; Learn More About Blue Chip. Click Here button

12. 75 great topics to be presented at the ASC Communications / Ambulatory Surgery Foundation October conference, Improving Profitability, and Business, and Legal Issues for ASCs; download the full brochure: Click Here button register online: Click Here button

13. ASC Communications has added Jamie Maltman as a new account manager; for information on advertising or exhibiting with ASC Communications, call (800) 417-2035 or visit our site: Click Here button

Surgical Notes --
How Do You Recruit Physicians to Your ASC?

Physician recruitment in general is getting tougher and requiring more creativity, according to the recent according to the 2007 Retention Survey from the American Medical Group Association and Cejka Search, which conducted the survey of 43 physician groups representing 14,705 physicians.

What are you doing to recruit and retain physicians for practicing at your ASC? What is your best advice for recruiting physicians to buy into your ASC?

E-mail your thoughts to this question to Rob Kurtz at Be sure to include your name, title and business name. Shortly, we will publish a selection of the responses we receive and choose one response as our "featured answer."

3 Statistics on Knee Arthroscopy Procedures

This AAAHC Institute study gathered data from 31 organizations performing more than 17,800 procedures a year participated. Among the findings:

Forty-five percent of procedures were performed due to traumatic injury and 55 percent due to degenerative disease.

Average discharge time ranged from about 94 minutes for patients receiving epidural/spinal anesthesia to 66 minutes with local anesthesia and IV sedation.

Ninety-five percent of patients indicated they had begun walking within seven days of the procedure.

For more information about the AAAHC Institute, go here.

Schedule Surgery --
Safety and Accreditation Challenges for ASCs:
Q&A With the Joint Commission's Michael Kulczycki

1. What do you see as the top safety challenges facing ASCs today?

Michael Kulczycki: First, infection prevention, despite the fact that ASCs, historically, have had a very low infection rate. I think the last -report from the ASC Association's benchmarking has infection rates well under 1 percent. I think occurrences recently in Nevada and New York are raising a lot of visibility on that, and ASCs are going to see, potentially, some increased regulatory pressure about some very specific practices including guidelines around the use of multi-dose medications.

Longer-term, I think you're looking at the use of best practices regarding surgical infections - things like no hair-clipping, antibiotic use before surgery and then suspension of antibiotic medications are also going to get a lot more attention. It's likely CMS will adopt some of those best practices as part of its future requirements for reimbursement. A recent preliminary study showed that more than half of the organizations were already doing it but the industry will have to come a lot farther, a lot faster.

Also, the case in Florida just reminds people of the need to stay on top of malignant hyperthermia. The Malignant Hyperthermia Association of the United States is rich in resources about basic reminders of what you need to have on hand and just a reminder that this can affect everybody.

Read the rest of the story here.

Free Audio Conference for Paid Subscribers

For a limited time, subscribers have the opportunity to attend an audio conference free of charge: "Ambulatory Surgery Center Transactions: Successful Strategies for Mergers, Acquisitions, Divestitures and Restructuring." This offer is limited to 60 attendees. For more information on the audio conference, go here.

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10 Great Companies

1. Ambulatory Surgery Centers of America. ASCOA is a leader in the surgery center industry, achieving exceptional quality of care and outstanding financial results. Learn more about ASCOA.

2. Regent Surgical Health. As buyers, developers and managers of outpatient surgery centers and physician-owned hospitals around the country, Regent Surgical Health is an experienced developer and specialist in turnaround situations. Read more about Regent.

3. Marshall Erdman & Associates. As an integrated provider, Marshall Erdman & Associates offers service from facility conception to completion, including advance planning, development, design and construction. Read more about Erdman.

4. Woodrum/ASD. Woodrum is one of oldest continuing, national ASC companies in the U.S., having developed and managed ASCs in 46 states for over 20 years. Learn more about Woodrum.

5. Surgical Notes. Surgical notes is a nationwide provider of medical transcription, coding and other related value-added information technology services for ASCs. Learn more about Surgical Notes.

6. Source Medical Solutions. Source Medical is a leading provider of outpatient information solutions and services, collectively serving ASCs, rehabilitation clinics and diagnostic imaging centers. Learn more about Source Medical.

7. Amkai. Amkai is a software company with 20-plus years of experience delivering administrative and clinical solutions to ASCs, surgical hospitals and physician practices. Learn more about Amkai.

8. ProVation Medical. ProVation Medical has created ProVation EHR, an electronic health record designed for busy, cost-conscious ASCs. Read more about Provation.

9. Ion Healthcare. Ion Healthcare provides a turnkey solution for screening and management of patients with sleep apnea referred to your surgical center. Learn more about Ion.

10. Symbion. Headquartered in Nashville, Tenn., Symbion is a leading provider of high quality surgical services across many specialties. Read more about Symbion.

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