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June 25, 2009
20 of the Most Popular Articles on

1. 15 Medicare/Medicaid Anti-Kickback and Fraud and Abuse Statute Cases Making Headlines in 2009. Click Here

2. Oklahoma Surgery Center Settles Fraudulent Billing Claims for $3.5M. Click Here

3. Mandatory Disclosure of Physician Ownership in ASCs Required by the Medicare Conditions for Coverage. Click Here

4. Surgery Centers File Lawsuit Against BCBS of Georgia for Out-of-Network Practices. Click Here

Come Hear Dr. Scott Glaser Discuss "Pain Management in ASCs: Clinical and Business Issues" at the 16th Annual Improving Profitability, and Business and Legal Issues for ASCs, from Oct. 8-10 in Chicago. Learn more. Click Here

5. Gastroenterology in ASCs: 10 Fast Facts. Click Here

6. Eye Surgeon Facing Medicare Fraud Accusations Found Dead in Apparent Suicide. Click Here  

7. 17 Key Legal Issues of 2009. Click Here

Learn More About Our Featured E-Weekly Advertisers: ASCOA, VMG Health, JCB Laboratories and Surgical Notes.

8. A Practical Compliance Plan Approach for ASCs. Click Here

9. Medicare Announces Conditions for Coverage Exception for Same-Day Scheduling of Surgery. Click Here

10. Anesthesiologist Involvement in an ASC: Q&A With Howard Balkenbusch of Associated Anesthesiologists of Fort Wayne. Click Here

11. Kathy Bryant of the ASC Association Discusses Critical Regulatory Issues. Click Here

12. 10 Questions and Answers About Measuring Your Accounts Receivable. Click Here

13. ASC Lawyers Discuss Current Critical Legal Issues Facing Surgery Centers. Click Here

14. Four Cornerstones to Strategic Planning for ASCs. Click Here

15. Best Practices for Maximizing the Efficiency of Pain Management in Your ASC. Click Here

16. Improving and Maintaining Profitability in Orthopedic and Spine Practices: 12 Areas of Focus. Click Here

17. Case Study: Creating a State-of-the-Art Surgery Center. Click Here

18. Conditions for Coverage Rules Concerning Discharge to an Adult. Click Here

19. Horizon Blue Cross Files Two Lawsuits Against New Jersey Hospitals for Out-of-Network, Fraudulent Billing Practices. Click Here

20. Dr. Laxmaiah Manchikanti Discusses Current Trends in Interventional Pain Management. Click Here
Practical Guidance to Improve Your ASC Immediately: 16th Annual Improving Profitability, and Business and Legal Issues for ASCs: Oct. 8-10, Chicago

Five of the great topics on the program agenda:

Internal Controls That are Necessary to Prevent Fraud at Your ASC: A Real Life Experience -- Sam Rice, MD, Treasurer, Doctors' Surgery Center of Apple Valley

2. Calculating the Possible Impacts of Healthcare Reform -- Thomas Ealey, CPA, Associate Professor, ALMA College

3. Documentation and Coding for Increased Revenues, and Maximize Workflow Efficiencies -- Rebecca Craig, CASC, Administrator, Harmony Surgery Center and Cindy Hall, Administrator, Borland Groover Clinic

4. Digging in Deeper: Finding New and Old Ways to Increase Surgical Volume -- Gary Rippberger and Judy Bell, Hawthorn Surgery Center

5. Key Steps to Maximizing Patient Satisfaction -- Margaret Acker, CEO, Blake Woods Surgery Center

Learn more about the 16th Annual Improving Profitability, and Business and Legal Issues for ASCs, and download the conference brochure by clicking here. To register online, click here or call (703) 836-5904.

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10 Great Companies to Know

If you'd like more information about or an introduction to any of these companies, please e-mail Scott Becker.

Somerset CPAs. Somerset prepares feasibility studies, valuation of ASC and specialty hospital ownership interests, operations reviews, accreditation, revenue cycle assessment, benchmarking and succession/strategic planning, among other services, for healthcare clients nationwide. Read more about Somerset.

Woodrum/Ambulatory Systems Development. Woodrum reorganizes, performs financial turnarounds and develops new ASCs; its strength is in growing ASC businesses with innovative programs and adding new surgeons. Read more about Woodrum.

ASCs Inc. ASCs Inc. helps physician-owners of ASCs form strategic relationships with leading ASC management companies and hospitals, and also represents physician-owners of ASCs and medical office building real estate. Learn more about ASCs Inc.

ASCOA. Since 1984, ASCOA's founders have helped physician-owners start and operate successful facilities; ASCOA currently owns and manages 34 facilities across the country with 14 others in development. Learn more about ASCOA.

VMG Health. VMG Health is recognized by leading healthcare providers as one of the most trusted valuation and transaction advisors in the United States. Learn more about VMG.

JCB Laboratories. JCB Laboratories is a compounding pharmacy that serves the ASC market place and focuses exclusively on preparing sterile products. Learn more about JCB Labs.

Surgical Notes. Surgical Notes is a nationwide provider of medical transcription, coding and other related value-added information technology services for ASCs. Read more about Surgical Notes.

HealthMark Partners. HealthMark Partners owns and operates single and multi-specialty ambulatory surgery centers throughout the United States by creating joint-ventures with physicians or physicians and hospitals. Read more about HealthMark.

Access MediQuip. Access MediQuip is one of the largest and most experienced providers of outsourced implantable device management solutions to the healthcare industry. Learn more about Access MediQuip.

Meridian Surgical Partners. Meridian aligns with physicians in the acquisition, development and management of multi-specialty ASCs and surgical facilities. Read more about Meridian.

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16th Annual Improving Profitability, and Business and Legal Issues for ASCs
Oct. 8-10, 2009

The 8th Annual Orthopedic, Spine and Pain Management Driven ASC Conference
June 10-12, 2010

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