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June 24, 2008
15 Most Popular News & Analysis Articles

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Surgical Notes new for 17x run
Can a Physician Buy Equipment and Lease to an ASC?

Q: If there is a doctor, who is not an owner or part of the surgery center in any way, who would like to utilize our ASC wants to have equipment to use that the surgery center does not currently have, is it allowable for him to purchase the equipment himself and lease it to the surgery center?

A: "Yes, this is possible. However, it is strongly preferred to contract the reimbursement according to a fixed, fair market value arrangement and not as a per-click lease," says Scott Becker, JD, CPA.

For more guidance on Stark III and such arrangements, click here. For more information on per-click leases, see the upcoming July/Aug. issue of the Becker's ASC Review.

Note: Have a question? Submit it to Rob Kurtz at

Gross Charges and Net Revenue Per Case for
ENT, Ophthalmology and Urology

For ENT, ophthalmology and urology, here are the gross charges per case and net revenue per case:

1. ENT -- $5,182 and $1,776;
2. ophthalmology -- $4,367 and $1,276; and
3. urology -- $3,951 and $1,802.

This information is derived from the VMG Health Intellimarker, published in 2007. For more information, e-mail Greg Koonsman or e-mail Jon O'Sullivan. For more information on ENT, ophthalmology and urology issues, please see the July/Aug. issue of Becker's ASC Review.

Spring Group 2nd/4th through July
Save the Dates: Two Upcoming Audio Conferences

We have three excellent audio conferences scheduled for the upcoming months.

First, on July 24, we have an audio conference on ASC mergers and acquisitions featuring Sami Abbasi, CEO of National Surgical Care; Jon O'Sullivan, principal of VMG Health; and Tom Yerden, founder of TRY Health Care Solutions. For full program information, click here.

Second, on Aug. 6, we have an audio conference that will cover ASC benchmarking and case-costing. Presenting are two of the best in the business -- Susan Kizirian, RN, BSN, MBA, and Ann Geier, RN, MS, CNOR, CASC -- who are each senior-level people at ASCOA. More information will be posted at soon.

For information on audio conferences, please e-mail Rob Kurtz.

NovaMed (every other week/8 weeks)
ASC Review Seeks Nominations for Leader Lists

We are seeking nominations for the following lists:

1. 25 Physician Leaders in Ambulatory Surgery Centers
2. 25 Women Leaders in Ambulatory Surgery Centers
3. 10 Great Administrators Who Lead IT Implementation in Ambulatory Surgery Centers

Please e-mail Scott Becker with nominations.

Becker's ASC Review Subscriber Benefits

If you are a Becker's ASC Review subscriber, you are entitled to the following benefits: 1. Becker's ASC Review delivered to your door; 2. subscriber discounts on the audio conference registrations; 3. $100 off registration for the June conference; 4. $50 off registration for both the October conference; and 5. a free copy of the VMG Health Intellimarker benchmarking survey.

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Thank You to 10 Great Companies

1. National Surgical Care. National Surgical Care, a nationwide owner and operator of ambulatory surgical centers, focuses on addressing the needs and problems confronting surgery centers across the country. Learn more about NSC.

2. CIT Healthcare. CIT Healthcare offers a full spectrum of financing solutions and related advisory services to companies across the healthcare industry. Read more about CIT.

3. Ion Healthcare. Ion Healthcare provides a turnkey solution for screening and management of patients with sleep apnea referred to your surgical center. Learn more about Ion.

4. MedHQ. Based in suburban Chicago, MedHQ provides accounting, revenue cycle, human resources and credentialing services to clients in 10 states. Read more about MedHQ.

5. Prexus Health Partners. Prexus Health is a 100 percent physician-owned company that specializes in the development and management of multi-specialty, physician-owned ASCs and small hospitals. Learn more about Prexus.

6. Implantable Provider Group. Implantable Provider Group works with providers, facilities, manufacturers and commercial payors to fully manage all aspects of high-cost implantable medical devices. Read more about IPG.

7. zChart. zChart's EMR was developed by dozens of healthcare professionals -- administrators, office staff, nurses and physicians -- at multi-specialty ASCs for everyday use. Learn more about zChart.

8. McShane Construction Corporation. McShane Medical Properties is an integrated design/build construction and real estate development firm offering comprehensive services for the healthcare industry. Read more about McShane.

9. Physicians Capital. Loans for ASC buy-ins -- to help bring new physicians into a partnership -- are among the unique financing options offered by Physicians Capital. Learn more about Physicians Capital.

10. JCB Laboratories. JCB Laboratories is a compounding pharmacy that serves the ASC market place. Read more about JCB Labs.

Upcoming ASC Events
ASC Transactions: Successful Strategies for Mergers, Acquisitions, Divestitures and Restructuring
July 24, 2008
Audio Conference

ASC Benchmarking and Case-Costing
Aug. 6, 2006
Audio Conference

Physician/Hospital Integration Efforts
Sept. 25, 2006
Audio Conference

15th Improving Profitability, and Business, Strategic, Clinical and Legal Issues for ASCs
Oct. 23 to 25, 2008

For a complete list of upcoming events, click here
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