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June 16, 2009
Latest News & Analysis

Download the June Special Issue of Becker's ASC Review (pdf). Click Here

1. 17 Key Legal Issues of 2009. Click Here

2. ASC Lawyers Discuss Current Critical Legal Issues Facing Surgery Centers. Click Here

3. Mandatory Disclosure of Physician Ownership in ASCs Required by the Medicare Conditions for Coverage. Click Here

4. Publisher's Letter: New Medicare Conditions for Coverage for ASCs; Increased Scrutiny of Physician- Hospital Relationships. Click Here

16th Annual Improving the Profitability of and Establishing ASCs Conference (Oct. 8-10, Chicago) Brochure Now Available. Click Here 97 expert speakers and 74 sessions focused on improving profits and efficiency. See below for more highlights.

5. Checklist for the Changes in the ASC Medicare Conditions for Coverage. Click Here

Note: The original version of this column incorrectly stated that the H&P and physician assessment must be performed greater than 30 days before DOS. It should have stated that H&P and physician assessment must be performed not more than 30 days before DOS.

6. Conditions for Coverage Crosswalk. Click Here

7. The ASC Association: The Last 10 Years. Click Here

8. 15 Medicare/Medicaid Anti-Kickback and Fraud and Abuse Statute Cases Making Headlines in 2009. Click Here

9. A Practical Compliance Plan Approach for ASCs. Click Here

10. HHS' Inspector General Issues Advisory Opinion on Physician On-Call Coverage. Click Here

Learn More About Our Featured E-Weekly Advertisers:
ASCOA, Anesthesia Healthcare Partners, ProVation Medical and Meridian Surgical Partners.

11. Bart Walker of McGuireWoods Discusses 6 Issues Affecting Loan Closing Costs. Click Here

12. Protecting Your Facility and Physicians From Medicare Fraud Investigations: Q & A With Tom Pliura. Click Here

13. 11 Key Concepts From the Stark Law. Click Here

14. Will the Federal Government Shut Down Surgery Centers and Physician-Owned Hospitals? Click Here

15. Do Non-Procedural Sources of Income Apply to the One-Third Rule? Click Here

View these stories and download the entire issue. Click Here
5 Highlights of 16th Annual Improving the Profitability of and Establishing ASCs Conference (Oct. 8-10, Chicago): Learn More and Register Today

Here are just five highlights of the 16th Annual Improving the Profitability of and Establishing ASCs Conference:

97 expert speakers including outstanding keynote speakers such as author and GE advisor Bill Lane and election analyst and writer Norman Ornstein.

74 sessions focused on key business, financial, clinical and legal issues facing ASCs such as benchmarking, cost cutting, safe harbors, billing and coding, revenue growth and many more in specialties including orthopedics, GI, ophthalmology, spine, ENT and bariatrics.

3. Great practical guidance for surgeons, proceduralists, physician owners, administrators and ASC leadership that can improve profits and efficiency immediately.

Networking with peers and industry leaders.

Earn 14 CASC credits and 13.45 CME and CEU credits.

Learn more about the 16th Annual Improving the Profitability of and Establishing ASCs Conference and download the conference brochure by clicking here. To register online, click here or call (703) 836-5904.

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Anesthesia Healthcare Partners
10 Great Companies to Know

If you'd like more information about or an introduction to any of these companies, please e-mail Scott Becker.

National Medical Billing Services. NMBS specializes in freestanding outpatient surgery center coding and billing and providing ASCs with an outstanding opportunity to increase revenue through its cost-effective service, subject matter experts and integrity in business relationships. Learn more about NMBS.

Orion Medical Services. Orion Medical Services offers a turnkey approach to ASC development and management by covering all aspects of a project from financial feasibility analysis to site and operational development. Learn more about Orion.

Blue Chip Surgical Center Partners. Founded by ASC veteran Jeff Leland, Blue Chip holds an equity stake in its projects and also serves as a managing partner, with several highly profitable, physician-led centers in operation around the country and a number of projects in the works. Learn more about Blue Chip.

ASCOA. Since 1984, ASCOA's founders have helped physician-owners start and operate successful facilities; ASCOA currently owns and manages 34 facilities across the country with 14 others in development. Learn more about ASCOA.

Anesthesia Healthcare Partners. AHP provides ASCs, hospitals, or office-based practice with the choice of all-inclusive anesthesia service solutions or any combination of those distinct anesthesia service components, which include anesthesia billing, recruitment and practice management. Learn more about AHP.

ProVation Medical. ProVation Medical has created ProVation EHR, an electronic health record designed for busy, cost-conscious ASCs. Learn more about ProVation Medical.

Meridian Surgical Partners. Meridian aligns with physicians in the acquisition, development and management of multi-specialty ASCs and surgical facilities. Read more about Meridian.

Surgical Notes. Surgical notes is a nationwide provider of medical transcription, coding and other related value-added information technology services for ASCs. Read more about Surgical Notes.

Amerinet. As a leading national group purchasing organization, Amerinet strategically partners with healthcare providers to reduce costs and improve quality through its Total Spend Management solutions and operational performance improvement programs, tools and services. Learn more about Amerinet.

Implantable Provider Group. IPG works with providers, facilities, manufacturers and commercial payors to fully manage all aspects of high-cost implantable medical devices. Read more about IPG.

Upcoming ASC Events
The 16th Annual Improving Profits and Business and Legal Issues for ASCs
Oct. 8-10, 2009

The 8th Annual Orthopedic, Spine and Pain Management Driven ASC Conference
June 10-12, 2010

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