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June 12, 2008
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7 Steps to Adding New Ancillary Services; Excluded Providers Lose Monopoly Suit; Hospitals Auction Debt on Web; 6 Average Implant Cost Statistics

1. A Physician Practice Primer: Seven Steps to Profit from Adding New Ancillary Services. Read the complete story here

2. Excluded Providers Lose Monopolization Suit. For more, go here

3. 6 Statistics From Study of Average Implant Costs for Orthopedic and Cardiac Procedures in Hospitals. Read more here.

4. Hospitals Turning to Web to Auction Off Debt to Collection Agencies.  Click here to read more.

5. Amkai, GHN-Online Join to Provide Comprehensive Information Management, Claims Submission for ASC. Read more about the partnership.

6. Anesthesia Cost-Compare Web Site Launched. Learn more about the site.

7. McGuireWoods Expands Private Equity Practice in Chicago. For more information, click here.

Benchmarking Statistic: Multi-specialty ASC Hours Per Case

Q: What should a multi-specialty center aim for in terms of hours per case?

A: "I would generally suggest eight hours for ophthalmology or pain management, 12 hours for a multi-specialty ASC and 14 hours for orthopedics," says Tom Mallon, the CEO of Regent Surgical Health.

These numbers of hours would represent the total worked hours per case by the entire facility, which includes members of the business office, says Joyce Deno, the COO, Eastern region, for Regent Surgical Health.

The benchmarks for a multi-specialty facility will also depend heavily upon the case mix of the organization, says Ms. Deno.

If a center performs ophthalmology, GI and pain procedures, it should target eight hours per case, she suggests. If the specialty mix is orthopedics, gynecology, general surgery and ENT, the benchmark will be closer to 14 hours.

"What will dilute it to the 12 (hours) is if the center has one of the above high-volume specialties," such as GI endoscopy, ophthalmology and pain management, says Ms. Deno.

She also points out that one- or two-room facilities not operating at least 80 percent capacity will exceed benchmarks, particularly if they are orthopedic-driven facilities.

Learn more about Regent Surgical Health.

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NSC's Susan Hollander

Susan Hollander, an industry leader, vice president of operations with National Surgical Care, and beloved member of the NSC team died unexpectedly late last month.

"Susan was a wonderful person with the highest of integrity," says Sami Abbasi, chairman and CEO of NSC. "She was an integral part of our NSC team and a strong contributor to our successes. We are very saddened by her passing and will miss her dearly. Her numerous accomplishments within NSC and the significant impact she has made on the ASC industry will be remembered for many years to come."

In a release, the company said, "Susan was a truly cherished member of the ASC industry and the NSC team. We will miss her dearly."

Surgical Hospital Seeks MDs

Surgical specialty hospital seeks board certified physician candidates in the following specialties: gynecology, podiatry, orthopedics or neuro/spine, and pain management. Fully licensed acute-care hospital with adjacent medical office building is located in idyllic southwest-Colo. mountain town. Skiing, kayaking, mountain biking, great public schools and four-year liberal arts college. For inquiries, please contact Brett Gosney, CEO, Animas Surgical Hospital, at (970) 385-2360.

NovaMed (every other week/8 weeks)
Thank You to 10 Great Companies in the ASC Industry

1. VMG Health. VMG Health is recognized by leading healthcare providers as one of the most trusted valuation and transaction advisors in the United States; whether circumstances call for a comprehensive valuation, the sale or acquisition of a facility, or joint-venture development assistance, VMG Health offers a unique and in-depth understanding of the relationships, requirements and business issues that surround today's healthcare facilities. Read more about VMG.

2. Marshall Erdman & Associates. As an integrated provider, Marshall Erdman & Associates offers service from facility conception to completion, including advance planning, development, design and construction. Read more about Erdman.

3. Surgery Consultants of America and Surgery Center Billing. Surgery Consultants of America provides a comprehensive scope of services including turn-key ambulatory surgery center design, development, and management. Serbin Surgery Center Billing concentrates on the unique needs of surgery centers and provides expert and accurate coding, billing, collections, and managed care negotiations solely to the ASC industry. Learn more about SCA or SCB.

4. Surgical Notes. Surgical notes is a nationwide provider of medical transcription, coding and other related value-added information technology services for ASCs. Learn more about Surgical Notes.

5. Meridian Surgical Partners. Meridian, led by Kenny Hancock and Buddy Bacon, acquires interests in established physician-owned surgical facilities, as well as partners with physicians seeking to grow their businesses locally through the development of new surgical facilities. Read more about Meridian.

6. Symbion Healthcare. Symbion is a leading provider of high quality surgical services across many specialties; led by one of the industry's most experienced management teams, the company was founded in 1996 to acquire, develop and operate surgical facilities in partnership with physicians, hospitals and health systems. Learn more about Symbion.

7. Source Medical Solutions. SourceMedical is a leading provider of outpatient information solutions and services, collectively serving ASCs, rehabilitation clinics and diagnostic imaging centers. Learn more about Source Medical Solutions..

8. National Surgical Care. National Surgical Care, a nationwide owner and operator of ASCs, focuses on addressing the needs and problems confronting surgery centers across the country; NSC's experienced management team offers a high degree of knowledge, skill, understanding and strategic resources for its centers. Read more about NSC.

9. Pinnacle III. Pinnacle III specializes in the operational development, management, select management, and billing for ASCs; whether you are a physician group, hospital or hospital joint-venture, Pinnacle III delivers proven success in both single and multi- specialty ASCs throughout the country. Read more about Pinnacle III.

10. ProVation Medical. ProVation Medical has created ProVation EHR, the first electronic health record designed for busy, cost-conscious ASCs. ProVation EHR offers robust electronic documentation and document imaging for all elements of the patient encounter, from past records to procedure documentation to follow-up care. Learn more about ProVation Medical.

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