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Feb. 26, 2009
13 Articles From the February Special Issue of
Becker's ASC Review Are Now Online

Download the February Special Issue of Becker's ASC Review (pdf). Click Here

1. ASC Transactions - An Overview and Primer of Key Issues. Click Here

2. Evolution of ASC Ownership Models - Independent, Minority Partnership and Majority Partnership. Click Here

3. Publisher's Letter: Healthcare Reform; Uninsured Coverage; Obama's Appointments; ASC Transactions. Click Here

4. Results of 2009 HealthCare Appraisers Surgery Center Valuation Survey, by Todd Mello and Curtis Bernstein of HealthCare Appraisers. Click Here

5. Buyers More Prudent in ASC Acquisitions, But Pricing Remains High for the Right Opportunity. Click Here

6. Determining the Value of a Medical Practice, by Jonathan O'Sullivan and Thomas Warrington of VMG Health. Click Here

7. 11 Ways to Improve Efficiency, Quality and Profitability in Ophthalmology. Click Here

Learn More About Our Featured E-Weekly Advertisers:
VMG Health; ASCOA; and B. Braun.

8. 3 Eye Surgical Machines ASC Ophthalmologists Recommend. Click Here

9. 10 Interesting Stats About Ophthalmology and Cataract Surgery in ASCs. Click Here

10. 5 Major Trends Impacting the ASC Marketplace in 2009. Click Here

11. Growth of ASCs Outpace Number of Available ASC Physician-Owners. Click Here

12. 6 Factors Contributing to Increase in ASC Mergers and Acquisitions, by Jon Vick of ASCs Inc. Click Here

13. 3 Trends in Mergers and Acquisitions in the ASC Sector. Click Here

View these stories and download the entire issue. Click Here
B. Braun:
Register Today for 7th Annual Orthopedics, Pain Management and Spine Driven ASC Conference - Improving Profits, and Business & Legal Issues (June 11-13, Chicago)
Presented by ASC Communications, Ambulatory Surgery Foundation and ASC Association
Westin Hotel (Michigan Ave., Chicago)
June 11-13, 2009

Learn more about this conference by clicking here. Download the conference brochure (pdf).

There are four ways to register:
1. Register online by clicking here.
2. Call (703) 836-5904.
3. Print, fill-out and fax p. 6 of the conference brochure (pdf) to (703) 836-2090 or mail it to Ambulatory Surgery Foundation Meeting Registration, 1012 Cameron St., Alexandria, VA 22314. 
4. E-mail

Here are just five of the great topics on the program agenda:

The Evolution of Healthcare and the Impact on ASCs -- Uwe Reinhardt, James Madison Professor of Political Economy and Professor of Economics at Princeton University

2. Key Strategies for Controlling Implant Costs in ASCs and Surgical Hospitals -- Randi Pisko, CEO, North Carolina Specialty Hospital; and Richard F. Bruch, MD, Triangle Orthopaedic Associates

3. A Payor's View of Orthopedics, Spine and Pain Management -- Steven Stern, MD, VP Neuroscience, Orthopedics and Spine, United Healthcare

The 5 Best Ways to Improve Billings and Collections and to Improve Revenue Cycle Management -- Lisa Rock, President, National Medical Billing Services; and David Hamilton, President & CEO, MNET Collections

5. Turnarounds: Lessons of the Last Five Years, Expectations of the Next Five Years -- Bill Southwick, President and CEO, HealthMark Partners

Learn more about the 7th Annual Orthopedics, Pain Management and Spine Driven ASC Conference and download the conference brochure by clicking here.
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Contact us toll-free: (800) 417-2035

0211 ASCOA side:
10 Great Companies to Know

If you'd like more information about or an introduction to any of these companies, please e-mail Scott Becker.

Regent Surgical Health. As buyers, developers and managers of outpatient surgery centers and physician-owned hospitals around the country, Regent Surgical Health is an experienced developer and specialist in turnaround situations. Learn more about Regent.

JCB Laboratories. JCB Laboratories is a compounding pharmacy that serves the ASC market place and focuses exclusively on preparing sterile products. Learn more about JCB Labs.

McShane Medical Properties. McShane Medical Properties is an integrated design/build construction and real estate development firm offering comprehensive services for the healthcare industry. Read more about McShane.

VMG Health. VMG Health is recognized by leading healthcare providers as one of the most trusted valuation and transaction advisors in the United States. Learn more about VMG.

ASCOA. Since 1984, ASCOA's founders have helped physician-owners start and operate successful facilities; ASCOA currently owns and manages 34 facilities across the country with 14 others in development. Learn more about ASCOA.

B. Braun. For 150 years, B. Braun has developed a rich heritage of knowledge and expertise for delivering innovative healthcare products, medical devices and programs designed to improve both patient and health-professional safety. Learn more about B. Braun.

RMC MedStone Capital. RMC MedStone Capital is a company focused on acquiring ASCs and small hospitals, focused on surgery, in partnership with physicians. Learn more about RMC.

Alternate Medical Billing Systems. Alternate Medical Billing Systems provides a number of medical billing services including claim filing, billing statements, coding, payment posting, denials/rejections analysis and much more. Learn more about Alternate Medical Billing Systems.

TransMotion Medical. TransMotion Medical (TMM) designs, manufactures and distributes a line of specialty medical procedure chairs including the TMM3 Video Fluoroscopy Chair, TMM4 Multi-Purpose Treatment Chair and TMM5 Surgical Stretcher Chair. Learn more about TMM.

Amerinet As a leading national group purchasing organization, Amerinet strategically partners with healthcare providers to reduce costs and improve quality through its Total Spend Management solutions and operational performance improvement programs, tools and services. Learn more about Amerinet.

Upcoming ASC Events
The 7th Annual Orthopedics-, Pain Management- and Spine-Driven ASC Conference
June 11 to 13, 2009

The 16th Annual Improving Profits and Business and Legal Issues for ASCs
Oct. 8 to 10, 2009

For a complete list of upcoming events, click here
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