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Jan. 27, 2009
Latest News & Analysis

1. 10 Top ASC Stories of 2008. Click Here 

2. 5 Top Surgery Centers Performing More Than 10,000 Cases Per Year. Click Here

3. Surgery Center Success With Orthopedics Not a Guarantee in Every State, with Luke Lambert of ASCOA. Click Here

4. The premier issue of Becker's Orthopedic & Spine Practice Review is now online. Feature articles include 10 Knee Specialists to Know; 10 Interesting Statistics and Facts About Orthopedic Practices; 5 Business Challenges Orthopedic Practices Face; and many more.  Click Here

5. Consumerization and Transparency in Healthcare Outpace Reform, by Jane Keller, CEO of the Indiana Orthopaedic Hospital in Indianapolis. Click Here

6. CMS Outlines Roadmap to Reshape Fee-For-Service Program. Click Here

7. HHS Issues Final ICD-10 Code Sets. Click Here 

8. Learn More About Our Featured E-Weekly Advertisers:
ASCOA; Mnet Financial and VMG Health.

9. Highmark, Independence Blue Cross Scuttle Pennsylvania Merger. Click Here

10. Wall Street Journal Reports on SCHIP Bill and the Impact on Physician-Owned Hospitals. Click Here

11. ASC Communications is seeking a full-time junior writer-editor who is smart and has great writing and online skills. The person must also have the motivation and capacity to grow into an editor of one of the three core publications. If you know of someone, please contact Scott Becker ( or Rob Kurtz (

12. Reader Question: Federal guidelines state "at least one-third of the physician's medical practice income from all sources for the previous fiscal year or previous 12-month period must be derived from the physician's performance of procedures." Does this exclude income derived from a "non-procedural" source?  An example would be ophthalmologists who own their own eye glasses shop. They receive a considerable income from the sale of eyeglasses, which adds up to more than one-third of their overall income. Are they not out of compliance with the federal guidelines as an owner of an ASC?

Look for the answer in Thursday's Becker's ASC Review E-weekly. Submit your own questions by e-mailing Scott Becker at or replying to the E-weekly.

Becker's ASC Review E-weekly is called "the best resource I have found for up-to-date and accurate information for our industry" by Greg McGaw of Quorum Medical Equities. See what else Mr. McGaw had to say about the E-weekly. Click Here
Uwe Reinhardt, PhD, to Present Keynote Speech at June ASC Conference

Uwe Reinhardt, PhD, who was ranked No. 32 on Modern Healthcare's list of the most powerful people in healthcare, will present the keynote speech at the 7th Annual Orthopedics, Spine and Pain Management-Focused ASC Conference held June 11-13, 2009, in Chicago.

There are less than 30 exhibit booths and only a few sponsorship opportunities still available for this conference.

To learn more about this conference and exhibiting/sponsorships, click here, or contact Scott Becker at, Jessica Cole at or call (800) 417-2035

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Contact us toll-free: (800) 417-2035
10 Great Companies to Know

If you'd like more information about or an introduction to any of these companies, please e-mail Scott Becker.

Blue Chip Surgical Center Partners. Founded by ASC veteran Jeff Leland, Blue Chip holds an equity stake in its projects and also serves as a managing partner, with several highly profitable, physician-led centers in operation around the country and a number of projects in the works. Learn more about Blue Chip.

Somerset CPAs. Somerset prepares feasibility studies, valuation of ASC and specialty hospital ownership interests, operations reviews, accreditation, revenue cycle assessment, benchmarking and succession/strategic planning, among other services, for healthcare clients nationwide. Read more about Somerset.

ProVation Medical. ProVation Medical has created ProVation EHR, an electronic health record designed for busy, cost-conscious ASCs. Learn more about ProVation Medical.

ASCOA. Since 1984, ASCOA's founders have helped physician-owners start and operate successful facilities; ASCOA currently owns and manages 34 facilities across the country with 14 others in development. Learn more about ASCOA.

Mnet Collection Agency. Mnet Financial, the preferred collection agency service vendor to United Surgical Partners and Health Inventures, is a receivables management company offering cost effective ways to increase cash flow and reduce debt for professional services. Learn more about Mnet Financial.

VMG Health. VMG Health is recognized by leading healthcare providers as one of the most trusted valuation and transaction advisors in the United States. Learn more about VMG.

Cirrus Health. Cirrus Health is a health services organization, specializing in the development and acquisition of ASCs, short-stay and community hospitals, serving local communities by partnering with physicians and other healthcare providers to deliver excellence in patient care in effective, caring environments. Read more about Cirrus Health.

SourceMedical. SourceMedical is the leading provider of outpatient information solutions and services, collectively serving ASCs and surgical hospitals. Learn more about SourceMedical.

Amkai. Amkai is a software company with 20-plus years of experience delivering administrative and clinical solutions to ASCs, surgical hospitals and physician practices. Read more about Amkai.

Woodrum/Ambulatory Systems Development. Woodrum reorganizes, performs financial turnarounds and develops new ASCs; its strength is in growing ASC businesses with innovative programs and adding new surgeons. Read more about Woodrum.

Upcoming ASC Events
The 7th Annual Orthopedics-, Pain Management- and Spine-Driven ASC Conference
June 11 to 13, 2009

The 16th Annual Improving Profits and Business and Legal Issues for ASCs
Oct. 8 to 10, 2009

For a complete list of upcoming events, click here
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