Top 20 procedures performed in ASCs in 2017

Cataract surgery and upper GI endoscopy are two of the most frequently performed procedures in ASCs, according to MedPAC data from 2012 and 2017.

MedPAC analyzed physician and supplier files from CMS to rank procedures by how often they're performed.

The top 20 ASC procedures for 2017:

1. Cataract surgery w/ IOL insert, 1 stage
2. Upper GI endoscopy, biopsy
3. Colonoscopy and biopsy
4. Lesion removal colonoscopy (snare technique)
5. Inject foramen epidural: lumbar, sacral
6. After cataract laser surgery
7. Inject paravertebral: lumbar, sacral
8. Injection spine: lumber (caudal)
9. Colorectal screen, high risk individual
10. Diagnostic colonoscopy
11. Colorectal screen, not high-risk individual
12. Destroy lumbar/sacral facet joint
13. Cataract surgery, complex
14. Injection procedure for sacroiliac joint, anesthetic
*15 (23). Lesion removal colonoscopy (hot biopsy forceps)
16. Inject spine, cervical or thoracic
17. Cystoscopy
18. Upper GI endoscopy, diagnosis
19. Revision of upper eyelid
20. Upper GI endoscopy, insertion of guide wire

*Was ranked 15th in 2012, and 23rd in 2017. For the consistency of this list, it was placed in the 15th spot due to there not being a 15th item on the 2017 procedure list.

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