16 statistics on gastroenterology procedures, practices & GI salary

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Here are 24 benchmarks to know on gastroenterology procedures in ASCs, gastroenterologist salary and more from a collection of sources in the industry.

Surgery centers with more than two specialties accounted for 30 percent of ASCs billing Medicare in 2016, and single-specialty gastroenterology centers accounted for 22 percent, according to The Medicare Payment Advisory Commission's March 2018 report to Congress.

The report defines a "single-specialty ASC" as one with more than 67 percent of its Medicare claims in one clinical specialty and a "multispecialty ASC" as one with more than 67 percent of its Medicare claims in more than one clinical specialty. The sum of multispecialty percentages doesn't equal 100 the total due to rounding. Here's a breakdown on the specializations that billed Medicare in 2016.

1. Number of ASCs: 1,025
2. Share of all ASCs: 22 percent

Gastroenterology and ophthalmology
3. Number of ASCs: 179
4. Share of all ASCs: 4 percent

Here are statistics on ASC case mix by specialty from VMG Health's Multi-Specialty ASC Intellimarker 2018:

5. Mean: 34 percent
6. 25th percentile: 20 percent
7. Median: 31 percent
8. 75th percentile: 45 percent
9. 90th percentile: 60 percent

Net revenue per case:
10. Gastroenterology: $1,027

Merritt Hawkins released its 2018 Review of Physician and Advanced Practitioner Recruiting Incentives report documenting the salaries of several specialties. The consulting firm reviewed 3,045 physicians and advanced practitioner search assignments to compile its data. Here are 15 statistics on gastroenterologist starting salary from 2013 to 2018.

2017 to 2018
11. Low: $355,000
12. Average: $487,000
13. High: $725,000

2016 to 2017
14. Low: $300,000
15. Average: $492,000
16. High: $800,000

Note: The salary figures are base salaries only and do not include benefits.

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