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  1. ASCA Foundation to fund One World Surgery medical mission scholarships: 4 things to know

    ASCA Foundation partnered with U.S.-based nonprofit One World Surgery to provide scholarships for nurses, surgical techs and scrub techs to participate in One World Surgery's medical mission in Honduras.  By Laura Dyrda -
  2. ASC supply chain tip of the day: track costs for better business management

    ASC managers should use technology to capture costs, which can inform business plans, according to Jeff Lawrence, vice president of business development at Inventory Optimization Solutions.  By Angie Stewart -
  3. Alabama revises workers' compensation fee schedule for ASCs — 4 notes

    The Alabama Department of Labor revised the 2018 workers' compensation fee schedule for ASCs.  By Angie Stewart -

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  1. UNC researchers: ASC procedures are viable for patients with severe conditions — 6 findings

    ASA Physical Status IV patients can be treated successfully on an outpatient basis, but they're twice as likely as healthier patients to need hospital admissions afterward, according to Anesthesiology News.  By Angie Stewart -
  2. 2 new joint venture ASCs — March/April 2018

    Here are two new joint venture ASCs announced or opened in the past couple months.  By Angie Stewart -
  3. 5 things to know about the newest specialist at Saratoga Surgery Center, Dr. Ramez Awwad

    Ramez Awwad, MD, joined the Saratoga Hospital Medical Group, Saratoga Today reports. Saratoga Hospital Medical Group provides services on the second floor of the Saratoga Surgery Center in Saratoga Springs, N.Y.  By Angie Stewart -
  4. Spine surgery in outpatient setting linked to fewer ER visits postoperative, study shows: 5 findings

    A study published in Spine examined the number of emergency room visits resulting from spine surgery performed at hospitals compared to outpatient settings.  By Mackenzie Garrity -

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  1. 5 things to know about Fujifilm

    Stamford, Conn.-based Fujifilm Medical Systems U.S.A. is the American branch of the global Japanese imaging and technology company Fujifilm. The U.S. division heads Fujifilm Endoscopy.  By Shayna Korol -
  2. MedPAC advises Congress to make ASC cost reporting mandatory — 8 takeaways

    The Medicare Payment Advisory Commission made two ASC-specific recommendations to Congress in its March 2018 report: that Medicare payment rates remain the same in 2019 and cost reporting be mandatory for participation in the Medicare program.  By Angie Stewart -
  3. Hospital visits after discharge from ASC — which specialty has the highest percentage?

    Cardiology reported the highest share of ASC cases with hospital visits within 7 days of discharge in 2014 and 2016, according to the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission's 2018 report to Congress.   By Angie Stewart -
  4. No surprises here: 3 highest paying physician specialties hold onto top spots in 2018

    The three top-earning physician specialties from 2017 are among the highest compensated this year, and the lowest-earning specialties this year are the same as those reported five years ago, according to Medscape's 2018 Physician Compensation Report.   By Angie Stewart -
  1. 10 statistics on ASC net operating revenue, employee salaries

    Here are 10 statistics on ASC net operating revenue and employee salaries from VMG Health's Multi-Specialty ASC Intellimarker 2018.  By Eric Oliver -
  2. Mississippi eye practice reopens — 3 insights

    Brooks Eye Center in Columbus, Miss., is reopening April 17, The Dispatch reports.  By Eric Oliver -
  3. These 15 states pay physicians the most & the least

    Medscape released its 2018 Physician Compensation Report examining compensation throughout the industry.  By Eric Oliver -
  4. National Medical Billing Services deploys 5 new ASC services

    National Medical Billing Services launched five technologies and service offerings for ASCs in response to client demand.  By Angie Stewart -
  5. 5 things to know about US Endoscopy Group

    Mentor, Ohio-based US Endoscopy develops gastroenterology product solutions.  By Shayna Korol -
  6. Copper Ridge Surgery Center awarded for patient care initiative — 5 highlights

    Traverse City, Mich.-based Copper Ridge Surgery Center won the Intalere Healthcare Achievement Award for its Patient Experience Initiative called "The Way We Work Together," the Record Eagle reports.  By Angie Stewart -
  7. Acrometis and PriceMDs bring bundled pricing to workers' comp space — 5 notes

    Acrometis is partnering with PriceMDs to contain the cost of surgical procedures.  By Angie Stewart -
  8. Humana expands orthopedic bundled payment model to 7 more states

    Humana more than doubled the number of states where it offers a bundled payment program for Medicare Advantage members undergoing total hip or knee joint replacement procedures. The model is now available in about 40 provider locations in 13 states.  By Angie Stewart -
  9. Improve your ASC's supply chain operations with these 5 executives' tips

    Supply chain executives working in the ambulatory and outpatient space shared key pieces of advice with Healthcare Purchasing News.  By Angie Stewart -

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